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Ustream launches the “Black Book Series” Episode 1 with Guy Kawasaki


I’m at the Ustream headquarters in Palo Alto with the team, (I’m an adviser to the company) and they just launched the Black Book Series, an idea I suggested to Johnny and Brad the founders.

The way the show works is that different guests are interviewed on this show, and there are pre-created questions as well as (most importantly) questions from the audience. The first guest? Guy Kawasaki!

The audience is part of the show, as they can guide the questions, talk to each other, and engage in side commentary.

Awesome first show with Guy, the way it works is that he has recommended 3 author guests to appear, you’ll never know who’s going to show up, so subscribe to the show.

Want to find out about future black book shows? Subscribe to the Black Book Series on their twitter profile.

Picture 876Guy has a sandal with a storage area for liquidsJohnny manages the chat room, and fields questionsPicture 865

Guy Kawasaki to Ustream this Thursday launching the “Black Book Series”


What’s Ustream’s black book series? I should know, since it was my idea! You’ll have to tune-in and find out. Guy Kawasaki will be making an appearance, so be sure to tune in at 2pm PST for this special show, here’s what Guy had to say.

“Ustream interviews the most fascinating people in Silicon Valley, and asks them to open their own “black books” to suggest who should be interviewed next. The goal is to create a chain of live interview events featuring the Valley’s biggest personalities.”

You probally remember the fun I had with Ustream at the web 2.0 expo, since then, I’ve had more fun as an adviser to the company.

So, What will you ask Guy in the chat rooms? He may respond live to your questions!

Predictions about Google and Online Video


For a variety of reasons, I’m watching the online video space very closely, I see the web moving this direction: Richer media, near-real time, and content being amorphous, and ubiquitous (mobile).

I don’t have any insider information, but here’s my predictions for where Google will be headed for the online video market.

Predictions about Google and Online Video

1) Contextual Advertising
As I understand it, Google makes 80% of it’s revenue from the Search Marketing space, this is not going away. Google will apply a similiar model to Video over the coming year. Here’s how they’ll do it:

A) Contextual Video
If you haven’t noticed already, Google has been experimenting with a new player design. Just like the slick Apple OS, when a user puts the mouse over the video, other contextual videos will show up. This is contextual delivery of content. Just like text based Adsense, this will be offered to marketers who want to connect their videos with an existing channel or content creator. It’s mini-sponsorship.

B) Embedded Ads
In addition to just sponsoring contextually, Google (I predict) will acquire one of the companies that allows dynamic, embedded pre and post roll advertisements. What’s that? This means that a video can have a short and sweet advertisement, before, during, or after a video plays. The trick will to make it as fast as possible. The other way is to include text right on the video, making it clickable, see example.

C) Incentives

What’s in it for the content creator? Just like web managers who deploy adsense, They get a cut of the money.

2) Video Previews on Search
We already know this is coming, see my live conference notes, it was announced that Google will allow video previews in Google results. I’ve got tons of session minutes from the recent Searchnomics conference.

3) Live Streaming
If you’ve been under a rock, then you’ve not heard of companies that provide live video web streaming like Ustream (I advise them) Blog TV, Justin TV, or I predict that Google will launch or acquire a live video streaming service on Nov 18th. Why then? It’s one week before all the families of the world will want to start connecting before the Holiday season. (The week after is Thanksgiving, an American Holiday) The world becomes more connected with free online live video streaming. This tool will evolve to a ‘capture’ tool that will feed into the Web Editor.

4) Free Video Editing Software
Just like Yahoo already has Jumpcut, a webbased video editor, Google will introduce a similiar basic Video editor. Coupled with Google docs, spreadsheet, and other tools, it may be an online or even desktop application that lets users quickly create video edits. This tool will work well with live video streaming as well as archived video. The true video prosumer emerges.

5) Video Search
Not news either, Marissa Mayer told us at Searchnomics that Google is already experimenting with voice to text search ability, as well as scraping closed captions (CC). So in addition to metadata, video content will start to get analyzed for better search and ad results.

6) Measurement
This is the most critical. Advertising dollars don’t shift until measurement is in place. Google is already measuring their YouTube investment and it will continue. Social Media is different than other traditional broadcast methods, as users can interact with the content, talk aobut it, and then share it with others –it’s multi-dimensional. I expect Google to acquire one of these companies that measure online video. Oh yeah, has anyone heard what happened to Measuremap? which was acquired quite a while ago?

So there, that’s what I’ve been thinking about over the last few weeks, I see Google making some strong movements into this space, and here’s how I predict it will happen.

If you’d like to to talk to me further about this, (perhaps for an article) please leave a comment or email me

Live Streaming changes Communication: Financial Times and Ustream CEO


I had a nice conversation with Chris Nutall, who’s reporting from the Financial Times on Live Video Streaming: “Website founder gets everything but the girl“, he asked me for an Analyst Perspective of the budding industry, an area that I’m watching very carefully. Actually, I wouldn’t mind doing some detailed analysis on this industry, I just don’t have the time at the moment.

He quoted me in the article, I see three things happening:

1) The web is moving from asynchronous to real-time
2) Content is being created everywhere and consumed everywhere –it’s ubiqutous
3) Content is being mashed into new formats, it’s constantly changing as it’s amorphous

Why are finance communities paying attention to what’s happening on the web? Everyone wants to invest in the next Google or the company that will be acquired by them. It’s really a crab shoot right now, there are so many players in each space, how to choose? I recommend staying close to the bloggers, who are early indicators of trends, and influence usage.

By the way, I started a media and press page that keeps track of my ‘clippings’, for some reason my family are more impressed by that than a link from an A-lister blogger. meh, go figure.

Update: Chris Yeh the Ustream CEO is on Marketing Voices, he talks about how live streaming provides deeper brand engagement, see below. You’ll learn about the Chris Pirillo’s “open source show”, Chris Dodd’s presidential campaign, and how zooomr turned a failure into a success.

Live Video enhances Video Blogging


Jason Calacanis made some history last night by creating a video blog by using multiple video streamers in his programmed show. He had one the A list of presenters which included:

“Special guests will include Jay Adelson (Digg CEO),Kent Nichols (AskANinja), Ted Murphy (Payperpost), Robert Scoble, Steve Gillmor, and Loren Feldman (1938 Media) plus a special cameo by Toro the bulldog among others…”

Live video streaming is taking off, in fact I started the master list of companies that are providing these live video streaming free services.

While some video blogging purists believe in the highly edited and produced shows there’s some value in seeing things happen raw and real. So which one is going to matter the most? The answer? both.

I personally think that Toro the dog should get his own show.

Live Video Streaming goes crazy, meet one of Asia’s top Video Streamers: Kevin Lim


I attended Supernova last year, I’m not able to attend this year as I’m in Singapore.

I’m seeing that the Supernova conference is going absolutely nuts with live streaming, there are so many different individuals and companies that are doing this now, I’m sure it will spread to other parts of the world. Also, Ryan Ozawa is getting to be known as Hawaii’s top live streamer.

Do you have a bad memory? Or maybe just too much media to consume? Kevin Lim is aiming to fix that. Last night I had the pleasure of spending a few minutes talking to Kevin Lim who is one of the top mobile video stars. He has an incredible bag of hardware, he’s getting life content, retrieving it for future use. Although he’s in Singapore, he’s going to school in New York, where he’s pursuing how to work in this life capturing technology into something greater.

Video: I quick tour of Kevin Lim’s Social Cyborg armament.