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Enterprise Infrastructure Industry to up Business Offering, giving CIOs more Sleep


What’s happening
Just last week, I was present and documented how the emerging Web industry is being sought after by Enterprise IT companies, now this latest ploy is starting to flip over as Social Media features integrate into existing enterprise environments.

Social Networking is nearly present in all communities, we know that as the groups fragment by age group (and there will be more niches and fragmentations over time) that for the fores sable future, that logging on and getting instant access to existing and new friends is satisfying our human needs to connect with each other and belong. While there’s an excess of White Label Social Networking sites out there although Cisco decided to buy Five Across.

Benefits of new web tools emerging

Having spent most of my career in Enterprise IT type companies as a web professionals (four enterprise Intranets and two enterprise Extranets), I could easily make the conclusion that Cisco is entering the “Enterprise 2.0” Market. Which when broken down into human terms suggests that they will deliver to their established customer base a pre-packaged suite of productivity tools for the Intranet and Extranet. The sell actually won’t be too difficult, as there’s productivity benefits according to commentary from the folks at ConnectBeam where I’m an Advisor. In his analysis, those that are well connected are actually highly productive. Looking forward, we all know the Internet is going to be the platform for the next TV, other rich media, and the connective tissue for networked gaming that these infrastructures are moving Cisco up the platform into the business space –Where I know that other ERP systems may already sit.

If you want to learn more, as fate would have it, yesterday James Durbin and I had a lengthy conversation around Social Networking Analysis, an emerging industry to measure the benefits of how these networks are impacting individual productivity, velocity, and information emerges. He recommended I subscribe to Network Weaving, Connectedness, Networks, Complexity, and Relatedness, and Centrality.

Getting ahead of the Enterprise Web “Islands”
For much of my career as an Enterprise Intranet Manager many of my projects were cleaning up all the disparate sources of rotting data, processes and finding tools that can seamlessly improve the user experience –it’s going to happen all over again. Enterprise IT Dennis McDonald, discusses how the risks of the open information age needs responsibility. None of this is really new to Dennis or I, we wrote a forward looking white paper on how Social Media “Web 2.0” will hit the Enterprise Intranet over a year ago. It was our conclusion that IT departments need to get ahead of business groups that can deploy social media programs without the aid of IT, and I believe that Cisco and other companies are going to enable just that.

This morning, my discussion with Dennis revolved around on our predictions of why enterprise companies are headed this way, he emphasis on actual implementation as the real cruz over any turn-key solution:

“By beefing up their offerings in the collaboration and social networking space, they are following in the footsteps of Microsoft and IBM who have also been rolling out “Web 2.0 enabled” enterprise infrastructure components. The proof of the pudding will be the skills of their business partners, resellers, and integrators. Those are the people on the front line with customers who are still undecided about so much of what we in the enterprise 2.0 area have been talking about.”Dennis McDonald

Intranet adoptions will be interesting
I can already imagine how the Information Architect community, who is just getting settled into their roles after years of proving their worth will be introduced to user created taxonomies, amorphous content structures, and the shifting and moving of data out of their control. I’m the moderator for the Intranet User Experience group, a working group that will have to deal with this.

Bigger Picture

I get it. It’s more than an Intranet play or an Extranet play. Enterprise tech companies that can successfully introduce a platform that’s tied to existing corporate directory and identity systems, provide security, handle the load, and deliver measurement and metrics have a strong chance for being a successful deployment. The bigger sale is to help those worrysome CIOs to get ahead of business groups who will downloadable blogs, networks, and systems from being deployed in a disparate. It’s also about looking at digital media, they make that clear from their push on the Human Network, you can hear from the CEO directly.

[When the CEO figures out his kids are all over Facebook and MySpace, it’s just a matter of time before his next meeting with the CIO/CMO where he asks for some exploration. Embedded and established IT infrastructure companies who have a turn-key solution make the logical choice in deployment]

Delivered correctly, IT Infrastructure companies that move upward into employee productivity have a larger play in the game; productivity, reduction in future cost, lock-in to the enterprise Intranet, and hard statistics and measurement to employee communication and productivity, it’s much more than just MySpace for the Intranet.

Over the next few months, I’ll keep an eye on marketing collateral aimed at this market, let’s see how close my predictions are.

[Disclosure: Cisco is one of the 30 something clients of my employer, PodTech Network. I’m on the Advisory Board for ConnectBeam. These are my opinions only]

High Definition at the Scoble Pad


Robert with his 60" HDTV

Last night, Robert showed his 60″ Sony High Def projection LCD while enjoying a glass of red to Shel our wives and I. Of course, Shel and I used this is a springboard to convince our wives how our lives are somehow incomplete without one. The clarity of the image is just amazing. Interesting to note that Robert has a Polk speaker setup (as do I).

We were watching Mark Cuban’s HDTV channel on Direct TV, Mark’s recently been discussing what should lead, Internet or TV. At one point the AVN footage came up from Vegas, since we were waaay to busy working at Bloghaus, it was interesting to watch from afar. Yes, really interesting. Not to worry, our wives were there to kick, pinch, slap us.

Quite a bit of Robert’s content is being recorded in High Definition, and with IPTV slowly peeking it’s beak out, I know good things will come. I’m predicting a marriage of the Internet and TV into some new type of tool that will have the benefits of all.

Of course, I teased Robert a bit about his post yesterday, I told him he had so many updates he “should have just published a wiki” so everyone could correct him.

I must add that Maryam is a wonderful hostess and cook, excellent salmon and chicken! I told her that her latest post was pretty funny. Shel brought a very nice bottle 2001 Cab over from Silver Oak winery, it was a great wine, had a smoky woodsy taste to it. The interesting thing is, he had stocked up on a few of those bottles before they became popular or expensive. This man knows potential when he sees it. We were also expecting the Citizens but they couldn’t make it, next time for sure.

Maryam, Robert, thanks for being great hosts, Shel, Paula, wonderful wine and brownies. It seems like we all run into each other quite a bit. I’ll be in Miami with Shel in two week at the WeMedia conference, we’re hosting yet another blogger dinner.

(I owe an apology to someone! I was not able to make another event, and I feel pretty bad. Sorry man, I’ll make it up to you next time!)

get a roomShel Israel on RedPicture 510

Picture 505Picture 502

Update: Funny Conversation

I just ‘casually’ asked my wife:
“Since Robert has an HD, and since we do so much video at PodTech we should probally get one for home. don’t you think?”

She said:
“Tell John to get you one”

Dang, I never win, ha!

TV continues to spiral


Shel Israel points me to this interesting article from Richard Edelman who is analyzing the change and removal of TV in the average consumption diet.

“The number of people watching network TV evening news is down from 60 million to 30 million in the past two decades, with viewers at an average age of 60.”

Most folks my age and younger get their news not from the TV, but from the web, word of mouth, or perhaps even radio. It’s not just TV, but Richard reflects that Subscription based content (like Cable and PPV) will increase and Ad media will diminish.  The same could be true on the internet, websites that allow downloading of media will continue to explore and eventually grow.
“Some of the change is attributable to the rise of subscription media, gradually taking share from advertising supported media. The Veronis Suhler study of media forecasts that in the next decade, subscription media will grow at an average rate of 9% per year, while ad supported media will decline at 3% per year. Subscription media would include cable and satellite TV, print content behind a pay wall (NY Times Select or or pay per view.” 

Yahoo! TV Beta Launches: Community around your TV


I’m carefully watching how the TV and Internet will merge into the next generation of something new. This isn’t it but it’s a start.

I had an interesting conversation with folks over lunch about how the old Media is being pushed over the new Social Media tools. A few meager benefits include time shifting, and place shifting were the differentiators. I commented that communities are still forming around these ‘one-way’ mediums like TV shows and Movies and Radio. Seems like Yahoo gets it with their launch of Yahoo TV, let’s see if people stick around.  Here’s what they launched:

“…Yahoo! TV, unveiled tonight, places a much bigger emphasis on community and letting you have your say about what’s worth getting addicted to. Bring on the social media!

There’s something so powerful about unleashing your inner Ebert and posting ratings and reviews for all to read. Yahoo! Local, Yahoo! Music, Yahoo! Movies, and similar products have all had tremendous success engaging their respective communities so thousands of people can weigh in on this movie or that song.

In the new Yahoo! TV, you’ll get a chance to rate any show or individual episode (new or in re-run) as well as write your own review. We’ve also teamed with Television Without Pity to integrate their fan forums for popular shows, so you can debate to your heart’s content which season of “Desperate Housewives” had the best hairstyles.

Seems like there’s a couple of features that will spur on interactive debates in this living breathing TV Guide:

  • Ability to watch shows (not sure of how many, or how often)
  • Members can rate shows using Yahoo! login.
  • Read expert reviews of professional critics
  • Members can write their own critic, and respond to others
  • Interactive TV guide
  • Supplemental show material: Behind the scenes, photos, whatever else.
  • I can think of quite a few other features to integrate, there’s a whole user generated portion that’s missing from this equation, the audience can do more than just type back.

If you read the comments on this page, it doesn’t seem like folks are too happy with this new service, including Dave Winer who thinks they broke it, ouch! Thanks Steve Wilhelm for this links.

How will Yahoo! respond to GoogTube? (Vote in the comments)


How could Yahoo! respond to the Google acquisition of YouTube, the 10th most visited website in the internet? A few scenarios:

  1. Resist the acquisition, call in the Fed to suggest that a monopoly between Google Video and YouTube will dominate the landscape?
  2. Outbid Google for YouTube?
  3. Partner with Blip, Revver, or other video sites?
  4. Enhance or start uber-marketing the Yahoo Video site?
  5. Move away from being the upload portal and build out Jumpcut to be the creation portal?
  6. Establish working partnership with iTunes for deliver of content?
  7. Serve up TV shows with traditional TV and Movie Media Networks?
  8. Focus on something else?
  9. Other (Leave a comment)

In the comments below, tell me what you think (leave the #s that you may think or suggest your own). More thoughts from Arrington.

Note: I’m a shareholder of Yahoo stock, have friends there, and use several of their products.

Update: Google has purchased YouTube for 1.65 bil.
Update: YouTube talks with Universal, Sony and CBS for content deal.