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List of Social Computing Strategists and Community Managers for Enterprise Corporations 2008 –Social Media Jobs and Professionals


If you’re interested in jobs for this space, please read the “on the move” posts.

Understanding how companies staff, organize, and prepare for social media/computing is one of my top interests personally and professionally. Having been a former Online Community Manager at Hitachi Data Systems, I want to make sure companies do it right. I’m often asked which companies have one of the two emerging roles, (companies love to benchmark against their peers) so I’ve decided to start a list, not only to back my research, but also for those wanting to show to their companies “hey this is starting to happen for real”.

The first role is the Social Computing Strategist, the second is the Community Manager, although the titles vary, and sometimes it’s a part-time function, there’s clearly a trend as corporations staff.

It’s important to note, that in the end, these skills (the ability to communicate online) will disperse and grow to many employees. Generation Y comes to us with these abilities built it as a “digital natives”– yet the need to organize will still occur, it’s a knee jerk reaction to every corporation.

This list, which I realize is going to be a lot of work, will be an ongoing index of these professionals, I will only do this for a limited time (probably till end of 2008, or until I can’t scale).

Unlike a wiki, I will be vetting this list to ensure quality. Kindly leave a comment but first read the requirements:

1) This is your full time (and current) job even if you have a variation on the title –you are not a consultant. Sure, you do more than social media alone, but the organization realizes you’re on point as the expert.
2) You’re at a large corporation, in fact, a Fortune 5000 company, or you’ve over 1,000 employees. I can easily list out thousands of community managers at startups, but I’m trying to demonstrate how large corporations are moving forward.
3) Provide reference: You must provide your title, and a link to your blog/profile/linkedin that indicates your role and title, perhaps a post that announced your title or intentions.
4) Indicate which role you are, a Strategist (inward focused) Community Manager (externally focused), or Research of Product focused (developing a social media product/service for sale)
5) This is primarily for external efforts with customers and prospects –not internal
6) If you do not meet the requirements to meet this list, you can create your own, and I’ll prominently link to it. Update: April 2009, Ted has created a list for community managers that focus on internal communities.

I’ve you’re a social media professional (at a smaller company, agency, startup) I’ve a list for everyone on my “on the move” posts.

Ongoing List of Social Computing Strategists at Enterprise Corporations
The Social Media Strategist, whose job is to lead the internal charge, develops the program, gains resources, convinces management, and measures success.

Key differentiator for this group? They are primarily internally focused program managers.


  • Ken Kaplan, Broadcast and New Media Manager, Global Communications Group at Intel Corporation
  • Bob Pearson, Vice President, Communities & Conversations at Dell
  • Chris James’s Experience, Social Media & Community Strategist, Advanced Micro Devices
  • Gunjan Rawal, Worldwide marketing manager at Intel Software Network
  • Adam Christensen, Social Media Manager, IBM Corporation
  • Bryan Rhoads, Sr. Digital Strategist at Intel Corporation
  • Brian Ellefritz, Sr. Mgr, Social Media Marketing at Cisco Systems
  • Todd Watson, Social Media and Search Marketing Manager, IBM Software Group
  • Rawn Shaw, CoE Lead – Social Software Programs & Enablement at IBM
  • Vanina Delobelle, Global Product Director, Monster
  • Jeanette Gibson, Director of New Media, Cisco Systems
  • Karen Snyder, New Media Program Manager, Verisign
  • Marc Sirkin, Sr. Marketing Manager – The Microsoft CIO Network at Microsoft
  • LaSandra Brill, Manager, Web & Social Media Marketing at Cisco Systems
  • Tac Anderson, Social Media – CRM – Search, HP
  • Adam Gartenberg, Team Lead, Social Marketing Initiatives at IBM
  • Christopher Haro’s Experience, Social Media Manager, Premiere Global Services
  • Justin Kestelyn, OTN Editor-in-Chief, Oracle
  • Richard Binhammer, Senior Manager, Dell
  • Deanna Bell, New Media Program Manager, Cisco
  • Dave Mastronardi, Program Manager / Implementation Architect at Raytheon
  • Jamie Pappas, Social Media Strategist, Evangelist, and Enterprise Community Manager, EMC
  • Michael Brito, Global Social Media Manager, Intel
  • Annie Rodkins, Social Media Manager, Intel
  • Lorna Li, Web Marketing Manager , Social Networking & Social Media, SalesForce
  • Kelly Colgan, Media Relations Specialist, Schneider Electric
  • Dan Schawbel, Social Media Specialist, EMC
  • Bob Duffy, Senior Social Media Strategist, Intel
  • Mark Yolton, Senior Vice President, SAP Community Network, SAP
  • Steve Mann, GVP, Social Media & Customer Experience Strategy, SAP
  • Bob Duffy, Senior Social Media Strategist, Intel
  • Fred “Fritz” Alberti, Senior Manager of Social Media, Salem Communications
  • Tilly McLain, Community Manager, MyBlogLog, Yahoo
  • Diane Davidson, Sr. Manager of Customer Success and Community Program, Cisco, the WebEx Technology group
  • Rick Reich, Sr. Mgr, Social Media & Technologies, Citrix Systems
  • Rachel Makool, Sr. Director, Community Development, eBay
  • Electronics

  • Mark Squires, Head of Social Media Communications, Nokia
  • Marcie Cohen, Sr. PR Manager, Sony Electronics
  • Hospitality

  • Cassandra Jeyaram, Social Marketing Manager for InterContinental Hotels Group
  • Automotive

  • Chris Barger, Director, Global Communications Technology, General Motors
  • Scott Monty, Digital & Multimedia Communications Manager, Ford Motor Company
  • Christopher Barger, GM Director of Global Communications Technology, General Motors
  • Sylvia Marino, Executive Director Community & Social Media Operations, Inc.
  • Airline

  • Paula Berg, Public relations specialist, Nuts about Southwest Blog, Southwest Airlines
  • Brian Lusk, Manager Customer Communication, Nuts about Southwest Blog, Southwest Airlines
  • Morgan Johnston, Manager Corporate Communication, JetBlue Airways
  • Alma Dayawon, Electronic Communications Manager, The Boeing Company
  • Aerospace

  • Ariel Waldman, NASA CoLab program coordinator
  • Finance and Insurance

  • Ed Terpening, VP of Social Media Marketing at Wells Fargo
  • Matthew Anchin, Vice President, Online Communications, American Express
  • Christine Morrison, Social Media Marketing Manager at Intuit’s Consumer Group
  • Scott Wilder, GM – Online Communities at Small Business Division, Intuit
  • Paula Drum, Vice President, Marketing, H&R Block
  • Alan Edgett, Sr. Director of Advanced Marketing Systems, Experian Interactive
  • Justin Gibbs, Online Marketing Strategist, Manager, Experian Consumer Direct
  • Annalie Killian, Director of Collaboration, Intranet, Communication and Innovation at AMP
  • Shawn Morton, Senior Consultant for Social Media at Nationwide Insurance
  • Matt Anchin, Vice President, Online Communications, American Express
  • Matthew Lehman ,Web Experience Director, Progressive Insurance
  • Consumer Products

  • Jim Deitzel, Sr. eMarketing Manager at Newell Rubbermaid
  • Lindsay Lebresco, Public Relations & Social Media Manager at Graco Children’s Products/Newell Rubbermaid
  • Bert DuMars, Vice President E-Business & Interactive Marketing, Newell Rubbermaid
  • Retail

  • Todd Feldman, Sr Manager, Emerging Marketing Channels, Circuit City Stores, Inc.
  • Stephanie Pike, Manager, Content and Community, Circuit City Stores, Inc.
  • Gary Koelling, Sr Mgr Social Technology, Best Buy
  • Steve Bendt Sr. Manager of Social Technology, Best Buy
  • Denise Garciano, Online Content & Community Specialist, PacSun
  • John Andrews Emerging Media Sr. Manager at Wal-Mart Stores, Inc
  • Research

  • Yemil Martinez, Director, New Media Marketing and Web Strategy, Institute for International Research (IIR) a subdivision of Informa
  • Michele Frost, Director, Web Marketing at Forrester Research
  • Heathcare

  • Marcus Frank, UX Strategist & Creative Director, National Cancer Institute
  • Burt Lum, Business Relationship Manager, HMSA
  • Shwen Gwee, Lead Business Analyst, Health Informatics and New Media at Vertex Pharmaceuticals
  • Media Gaming and Entertainment

  • Jessica Baker, Marketing Manager, Interactive Media, American Greetings Interactive
  • Michael Hall, Community Product manager,
  • Charles Miller, Director, Inbound E-mail Operations and Blog Outreach, DIRECTV, Inc.
  • Eby Ghafarian, Manager, Product Engagement & Community Development at Hachette Filipacchi Media (,,
  • Jean Fahmy Director, Director, Digital strategies, Transcontintental Media
  • Jason Richman, Director, Digital Product Strategy, NBC Universal
  • Daniel Thornton, Community Marketing Manager at Bauer Consumer Media
  • Charles E. Miller, Director, Inbound E-mail Operations and Blog Outreach, DIRECTV, Inc.
  • Agency

  • Shiv Singh, Vice President, Social Media & Global Strategic Initiatives, Avenue A Razorfish
  • Brad Mays, Senior Vice President (Social Media), Fleishman-Hillard
  • Jon Burg, Emerging Channels Specialist with Digitas
  • Services

  • James Davidson, Web Strategist, Creative Services & Branding, Manpower

  • Ongoing List of Community Managers at Enterprise Corporations
    The Community Manager, who’s job is to primarily be a community advocate is a social media user, and is externally focused, they are primarily the face to the online community. As companies scale, I expect to see these types or roles appear often for each product group at larger companies, they often report directly to the strategist or at least have a dotted line.

    Key differentiator for this group? They are primarily an externally (customer/community) facing role.


  • Lionel Menchaca, Community Manager, Dell
  • Anton Chiang, Web Communities Manager, Juniper Networks
  • Lacy Kemp, Social Media Communications Specialist at RealNetworks
  • Stephen Spector, Sr. Program Manager, Community, Citrix
  • Michael Sandoval, Global Communities Manager, Texas Instruments
  • Vishal Ganeriwala, Sr. Manager of Citrix Developer Network, Citrix
  • Amie Paxton, Channel Community Manager, Dell
  • Angela LoSasso, Community & blogs strategist, HP
  • Tom Diederich, Social Media/Web Community Manager, Cadence Systems
  • Bill Pearson Bill, Manager, Intel Software Network, Intel
  • Josh Hilliker, Community Manager of the vPro Expert Center, Intel
  • Robyn Tippins, Community Manager, Yahoo! Developer Network at Yahoo!
  • John Summers, Community Manager at NetApp
  • Mario Sundar, Community Evangelist at LinkedIn
  • Tom Ablewhite, Community Manager, Thomson Reuters
  • Craig Cmehil, Community Manager for the SAP Developer Network
  • Lou Ordorica, Social Media Producer at Sun Microsystems
  • John Earnhardt, Senior manager, media relations and blogger in chief, Cisco Systems
  • Deirdre Walsh, Community Manager at National Instruments
  • Rachel Luxemburg, Community Manager at Adobe
  • Aaron Tersteeg, Software Developer Community, Intel
  • Josh Bancroft, Software Developer Community, Intel
  • Jeff Moriarty, Software Developer Community, Intel
  • Cathy Ma, Yahoo Community Manager, Yahoo Europe
  • Shashi Bellamkonda, Social Media Swami , Network Solutions
  • Ian Kennedy, Product Guy, MyBlogLog, Community Manager, Yahoo
  • David Kim, Manager, Online Marketing and Communities at Symantec
  • Marilyn Pratt, Community Evangelist, SAP Labs
  • Scott Jones, Community Manager and Content Strategist, SDN at SAP Labs
  • Badsah Mukherji, Sr. Community Manager at VMware
  • Jon Mountjoy, Community Manager & Editor-In-Chief at Salesforce
  • Senior Director, OTN & Developer Programs Oracle
  • Jake Kuramoto, Oracle Apps Labs, Oracle USA
  • Kelly Feller, Web Marketing Manager leading the IT Community site Open Port, Intel
  • Erica Kuhl, Sr. Producer & Community Manager, Community
  • Aaron Tersteeg, Community Manager (Multi-core Development) Intel Software Network, Intel
  • Jeff Moriarty, Community Manager (mobility) for the Intel Software Network, Intel
  • Alison Bolen Editor, Sascom voices blog, SAS
  • Melissa Daniels, Community Manager for All-Star group for Yahoo! Messenger, Yahoo!
  • Amy Barton, Strategic Programs Manager, Intel Software Network, Intel
  • Holly Valdez, Community Manager, Cisco, the WebEx Technology group
  • Electronics

  • Ray Haddow, Blogger Outreach, Nokia
  • Charlie Schick, Lead on Nokia corporate blog, Nokia
  • Media, Gaming, Entertainment

  • Kellie Parker, Online Community Manager at Sega
  • Kristopher Shaw, Community Manager at MTV Networks UK
  • EM Stock, Senior Community Manager at Sony Online Entertainment
  • Katie Hamlin, Community Manager,, Random House
  • Justin Korthof, Community Manager at Microsoft
  • David Cushman, Digital Development Director, Bauer Consumer Media UK
  • Laurent Courtines, Community Manager at AOL
  • Research

  • John Cass, Online Community Manager, Forrester Research
  • Finance

  • Scott Moore, Senior Online Community Manager at Schwab Learning
  • Jose Antonio Gallego, Community Manager at BBVA (Spain)
  • Amy Worley, Director, Marketing Manager, HR Block
  • Fran Sansalone, Community Manager for the Open Calais Web Service, Thomson Reuters
  • Automotive

  • Karen Spiegler, Community Manager,, Inc.
  • Alicia Dorset, Blog editor, General Motors
  • Retail

  • Slaton Carter, Online Community Development Manager, Whole Foods Market
  • Winnie Hsia, Online Community Moderator, Whole Foods Market
  • Consumer Goods

  • Jennifer Cisney, Chief Blogger, Kodak
  • Agriculture

  • Christopher Paton, Social Media Team Lead, Monsanto

  • Ongoing List of Social Media Researchers and Social Media Product Managers
    It’s become evident there are other roles within large enterprises that focus on Social Computing, in fact, these folks are researchers, analyzing online behavior or creating specs for future products. Expect large enterprise software companies to offer these features in their product suites in the coming future.

    Key differentiator for this group? They are researching or building social media products that will be brought to market.


  • Jonathan Grudin, Principal Researcher, focused on the adoption of emerging (social computing) at Microsoft
  • Marc Davis, Social Media Guru, Yahoo! Corporation
  • Kingsley Joseph, Sr. Manager, & IdeaExchange, SalesForce
  • Jamie Greenly, Product Line Director Salesforce Ideas at
  • Lawrence Liu, Senior Technical Product Manager for Social Computing, Microsoft SharePoint
  • Frank Gruber, Principal Product Manager for AOL in the social networking & platforms group, AOL
  • Alan Lepofsky, Senior Strategist at Socialtext
  • Filiberto Selvas, Social Media Strategy Director at Avenue A Razorfish
  • Marty Collins, Sr Product Marketing Manager, Social Media Strategist Windows/Windows Live, Microsoft
  • Matthias Zeller, Group Product Manager, Project Genesis, Adobe Systems
  • Moz Hussain, Director of Product Management, Unified Communications Group, Microsoft Corporation
  • Suzanne Minassian, Product Manager for IBM Lotus Connections, IBM
  • Steven Tedjamulia, Sr. Business Product Manager at Vignette Corporation
  • Dan Truax, General Manager for the Microsoft Server and Tools Online (STO) group, Microsoft
  • Dick Costolo, Social Media, Google

  • Related Resources
    I’ve kick started this list with a few that I know, please be detailed in the comments, as I’ll be reviewing to ensure accuracy. If you’re seeking a job, or wanting to hire folks, start with my “on the move” series of posts. Also see the New PR Wiki list of CEO blog. Shel Israel’s Global Survey of interviews on text and video have stories of many of these folks. Mario Sundar has a list of community mangers of all industries and sizes. Connie Benson left this list of community managers on twitter.

    What and How to Submit
    First, read the requirements stated above. Then submit Name, Title, Company, Which category (see descriptions), URL to bio that describes body of work. I prefer a link to your LinkedIn account that shows your role, as well as description of social media program or project.

    If you’re shy, send me an email at, subject line should be “social media role” (I get hundreds of emails every day)

    Update June 24: Bear with me, this is a major undertaking and I’m reviewing each entry. I also found quite a few comments being withheld by wordpress, I approved the ones I could find (using keywords to filter 25,000 spam comments). Please, carefully read the requirements before submitting, some I cannot add due to volume. If you wanted to create a list for SMB or internal folks, I’m happy to link to it.

    Also, someone I respect suggested that this list is ‘outing’ those that may not want to be bombarded by vendors, most of these are submissions, and all records are public and found on LinkedIn. The kickoff list was a handful of people that were cited in public reports, who blog, or were in books. If you don’t want you name on here, simple email me and I’ll have it removed.

    July 30th: Over a month since I started this list, it continues to grow and grow. I think we’ve gotten past the major influx, and now just a trickle of users are being added.

    Please Welcome John Cass, Forrester’s Online Community Manager


    (Left: New analyst, Steven Noble and John Cass, Online Community Manager, stroll with me in Cambridge after work)

    A while ago, I mentioned a public call for resumes for Forrester’s Community Manager role, we even heard from the hiring manager, Michele Frost, who is our ‘web strategist’ responsible for our corporate website.

    I’m pleased to introduce you to John Cass, who’s in Boston, has a long background with SNCR, has done research (making him a good fit for the culture) and is an all around nice guy. I enjoyed having him in my recent social computing workshop class in Boston, then went to dinner with him and our new Australian analyst Steven Noble (also focused on marketing with a focus on social computing).

    Read from John himself why he chose to join Forrester, and how he’s going to use these tools to connect with our customers, so we can provide more value to our clients. You can also find him on Twitter.

    If you wanted to learn more about community managers, read all my posts tagged community manager, or if you seeking to become one, or hire one, start here at On the Move.

    Lastly, thanks to all who submitted resumes, I wish you the best of luck going forward.

    The Need For the Social Media Manager


    Update: Constantin has created a new wiki of Social Media Managers and Strategists at the New PR Wiki.

    I stand by my research, personal experience, and industry monitoring that the need for social media managers will continue to be in demand for the foreseeable future.

    This post is a direct response, refuting and correcting Steve’s post that the Social Media Manager will go extinct.

    While I enjoy Steve’s predictions (as well as a peer) that the Social Media Manager will be extinct, I’m here to respectfully correct him and leaning on my research findings from my recent Forrester report: How to Staff for Social Computing. In fact, we’ve found that there are two roles to be found in corporations serious about online communities.

    Steve comes from the PR agency perspective and from his view, this makes sense. Yet, I come from where demand actually happens: in corporate enterprise marketing, where I was a social media manager at Hitachi.

    Currently, in large corporations, specialized marketing managers, are found often sorted by industries, but also sorted by mediums and channels. For example, there are corporate marketers that focus on Web Marketing (my background) Advertising, Direct Marketing (email, mail) Search Marketing, Event Marketing, and even Print Marketing.

    While I agree that social media skills will eventually become a normal bullet point in nearly every marketing resume in the future, today, and the foreseeable, we’re needed specializing for the following two reasons: 1) The specific duties are foreign to most other marketers 2) Online communities (like the support team) require a dedicated role.

    In our recent report, we indicated that there are two distinct roles appearing within corporations, the social media strategist (I gave the example of VP of Social Media, Ed Terpening at Wells Fargo) and the community manager, who is responsible for being an online face to the community (Lionel Menchaca is a great example).

    So, until the roles of medium based marketers (like direct marketer, web marketer, event marketer) go extinct or this skillset completely normalizes or the role of communities (another way of saying customers) go by the wayside, we’ll continue to see the growth of these dedicated and specialized roles.

    Steve is wise to assert that the blur between social media and traditional media as we know it is correct –from a PR perspective. But when it comes to corporate communities, developing social media programs, these are skills that the majority of traditional marketers have –nor understand.

    As an analyst, many of my clients (at Fortune 5000 companies) consult with us for social media guidance, I’m increasingly on more and more concalls where these individuals have a dedicated role in this new medium.

    Lastly, to drive my point home, I’ve been publishing a series of blog posts called “On the move” that list out (in groups of 5-6) individuals that have been hired to fulfill this specific job. If you notice, the rate has been increasing, not decreasing over the past weeks. Looking at actual job movements is a more accurate –and telling—way of looking at social media jobs than keywords from a job site.

    Where Do Community Managers Come From?


    Recently, I published a report called How to Hire for Social Computing, it indicates what management should look for, how to manage them, and how they should think about compensating them.

    Just over a week ago, I put out a call to the industry that we were hiring a Community Manager. Because I was a Community Manager and write about it frequently, I received an above normal response rate, 19 Resumes were submitted. Keep in mind, that some of these folks are not community managers, but they’ve all aspired to be in the role.

    I promised to protect everyone’s identity, (as many of them are currently employed) but here are the high level findings at average:

    A Persona of the Community Manager (based on 19 resumes)

    Years of Work Experience
    An average of 10.61 Years

    Current roles
    A majority are working in Marketing or are currently social media position (community manager or social media strategist)

    What Industries did they come from?
    Most are in tech or media or PR. A handful working in education, religious or non-profit (makes sense as these inexpensive tools have great reach)

    Most have a BA or BS, followed by many with MBAs and a handful without a degree.

    I think I’m in one of the most rare positions in the industry to have my hands on so many Community Manager resumes in one place, especially so early in the industry

    Interesting, I fit almost exactly into that persona: 9 years exp, Marketing exp, from Tech, and Bachelor degree.

    Online Community Best Practices Slideshare and Zero Cost Publishing


    I’ve been presenting in public at conferences or webinars my high level findings from my recent research on Online Community Best Practices, the detailed version is on the Forrester site. I interviewed 17 companies and leaned on my experience launching the social media programs at previous companies. You can view the powerpoint on Slideshare.

    The next time I’m presenting this is in Mountain View on March 25 (yes it’s open to men too), discount code for $50 off for Web Strategy readers is SNC325.

    It seems counter-intuitive for me to share these presentations on the web as I’m often hired to present these to clients or at conferences, or hired for advisory, but in today’s social media world, my presentation has already been filmed, blogged, and talked about around the industry. The real value comes from the explanations and and insight from a researcher presenting their findings.

    I’ve noticed an influx of the $100 Flip cameras (many received them free as giveaways), I spotted 1-3 of them in every panel I spoke at at SXSW, as well as half a dozen in the bloghaus. Cell phones have on board video, and can upload to the web in seconds. See, even analyst firms are impacted by changes that social media tools bring us. Information can’t be hidden, it simply hasn’t been published online.

    The key is to learn to let go to gain more, learn how to offer additional value that a .PPT or a YouTube video can never fulfill. I look forward to presenting at your event!

    Update: I forgot to include “Forum One Networks” as one of the companies included in the report. I can’t update this version (I tried on slideshare) and since it’s already being spread, I’m not going to update it, but for future iterations it will be updated.

    Guest Post: Forrester’s Web Strategist Michele Frost “On Hiring the Community Manager”


    I write for the web strategist (web decision makers at companies) and was really pleased that we got a top notch professional here at named Michele Frost here at Forrester Research.

    A few weeks ago, I announced that Forrester is seeking a Community Manager, and wow did we get a response, over 20 resumes!

    I offered her the opportunity to guest post, and she’s decided to take me up on the offer, she shares her experience building the right team, esp in the world of social media

    Guest Post from Michele Frost, Director, Web Marketing at Forrester Research

    The custody battle is over! After much debate, I’m thrilled to say that Forrester’s newly created position of Online Community Manager will be part of the Web Marketing team. We’re plugged into the business and work online, so it’s a solid starting point.

    With Jeremiah’s input, we drafted a job description and spread the word. Now comes the hard part: We need to hire.

    My first hiring experience was my worst: It came to a crashing conclusion with my new employee leaving the office via a stretcher within two weeks. She left behind extensive literature on how to collect workers compensation. Lesson learned.

    My methods have since improved, which is lucky for me, my employer, and my new employees. Recent new hires have even been quoted as saying that their job matches the job description outlined during the hiring process. Progress.

    But with this newly created Online Community Manager hire, I feel like I’m starting from the beginning. During my agency days at Critical Mass, I developed, sold, and managed community projects. But my team and clients majored in something else and minored in community “things.”

    Everything is different in this 2.0 pond. How do you quantify Facebook friends and LinkedIn connections? The personal and professional line is blurred on candidates’ sites and I end up knowing more than I should (or care to) about candidates’ positions on religion, gay marriage, reproductive rights, and music.

    Later today, I meet with Forrester’s recruiter: We’ll see how current hiring and legal counsel from Strategic Growth maps with the times.

    Fingers crossed.

    Jeremiah: It’s interesting that Michele learns a 360 view of candidates online lives, not just the resume that they put forth, truly a sign of the times.

    For those that applied, this is a good example of how we’re trying to be transparent, we’re real live people, as we expect you to demonstrate to our customers and clients.

    And I can promise you, we’ll do everything we can to make sure no one leaves on a stretcher!