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Tokyo Blogger Dinner: Oct 22


My colleague Johnathan Browne has posted on his blog (and in Japanese) that we’re organizing a blogger dinner in Tokyo when I came out in a few weeks, if you’re in the area, please spread the word. I’ll be in Tokyo speaking at some events (including Zdnet) and advising clients, and getting some time to spend in this amazing city.

Forrester Blogger’s Dinner in Tokyo
Date & Time : Wednesday, October 22nd, 19:00-21:00
6-3-2 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03.5485.2283
Cost: 4,000JPY for Asian Tapas dishes and nomihodai.

Attendees: 20-25 bloggers

19:00-19:20 Jeremiah’s welcome speech
19:20-21:00 Q&A + free discussion

The tag blog posts, images, and tweets for the event will be #ForrTokyo

If you are interested in attending, please contact Ritsuko Tague at / 03.5532.7684 with your name, company’s name, email address and your blog’s URL by October 3rd.

Here’s some pics from my last time in Japan, and riding the bullet train (video), I’m really excited to come back.

A Gathering: Tampa Blogger Dinner


I’m on a quest to meet and greet bloggers all over the world! When you finally meet someone face to face, the relationship bonds stronger than any trackback, comment, or picture can do. Nothing beats face to face meetups, where you hear their voice, listen to inflections, and get a feel from body language of someone’s real persona.

Last night was no exception, it was great to meet the several Tampa bloggers last night, nearly half of them were professional (mainly full time) bloggers that benefiting from working in a fantastic city, not slaving away in Silicon Valley! I’m starting to meet more and more professional bloggers, that either work for blog networks, or have found their own niche and have been making money from adsense, banner ad sales, or sponsored marketing.

As I visit more and more cities for business, time permitting, I kick off blogger dinners, more often than not, the bloggers in any local city rarely meet up, (despite them interacting online) and often comment; “why does it take someone from out of town, to kick start us to meet”. I’m not sure of the answer, but it’s a great feeling knowing that folks connect, communicate and bond way after the dinner –tis a community thang.

It was interesting to talk to the real estate bloggers, some were realtors and others were helping realtors with marketing, they found their efforts to be profitable, giving a leg up from other realtors in a very competitive market.

  • Josh, (@SIGEPJEDI)who just bought (after I encouraged him to do a fun project)
  • David Riseley who runs PCMech (@davidriseley)
  • Robert Nelson (@robertnelson)
  • Robert Payne (@rpayne)
  • Tony Katz (@tonykatz) who is moving out to L.A.
  • Tara who writes Marketing Artfully (@TARAdactyl)
  • Sarah Perez, (@sarahintampa) who actually writes for RWW, yet has never met her teammates
  • Real estate blogger Cyndee Haydon (@cyndeehaydon), notice how she integrates video for customer testimonials, smart.
  • If I missed anyone, please let me know.
  • I mistakingly had John Novak @LVRealEstat on the list, he wasn’t there, but we wish he was.

    Lastly, I was fortunate not to spot any “Dweeting” at the dinner (Drunk Tweeting), a truly responsible group.

    Update: Video captures calamari with Dave, and it was deemed successful.


    Video: Meeting Oahu’s Top Bloggers


    On my last night of official ‘work’ before going offline, I was able to meetup with Hawaii’s top bloggers, access this post directly (if you’re seeing this in a feedreader) to watch video.

    Whenever I travel to a new city for business, I try to meet the local bloggers at a community dinner, I’ve now friends all over the world, and we connect on twitter, blogs, and social networks to keep track of each other. Ryan Ozawa (who has the only Hawaii licence plate “Blog”, see pic below), the community leader and early technology adopter helped organize this dinner of Oahu’s top bloggers. About 15 of us assembled at a local joint (I was the only tourist) and we had authentic food –minus the luau, dancing, or fire spinning. Believe me, this was a real treat for me. I’m not even going to link to the restaurant website as I don’t want to spoil it for the locals, but if you’re a smart web hunter, you’ll figure it out.

    I spent some time with Welton, who lives in Waikiki, he took me to some local bars after dinner, (Ryan’s) and gave me the low down of life in Honolulu from a local’s perspective. Some of the guys were live streaming the dinner from their phone, a bit grainy, but you can follow in from this player. Check out the coverage from Ryan Ozawa.

    Truly one of the most friendliest groups I have ever met, the Aloha spirit was really there, including receiving a gorgeous flower lei from Xapa.

    The one thing I noticed is that when I’ve visited HK, Singapore, Portland, and now Hawaii for blogger dinners, the local tech community doesn’t get together as much in real life, they often need someone to trigger it forward. I certainly hope that this Oahu group can start meeting more frequently, and to grow their community. (Ryan Ozawa left a comment with more color around this, please read that below)

    Ryan left his thoughts on his blog, and took a roll call of those who attended:

  • Burt Lum (@bytemarks)
  • Cathy
  • Chris (@techustle)
  • Dave Zuls (@hawaiiseo)
  • Ian Kitajima (@ikitajima)
  • Jennifer Ozawa (@kilinahe)
  • Jeremiah Owyang (@jowyang)
  • Joe Philipson (@jphilipson)
  • Jonathan Wong (@hawyn316)
  • Kara Baker (@xapa)
  • Lianne Kitajima (@lkitajima)
  • Neenz Faleafine (@infinitypro)
  • Roberto (@88hawaii)
  • Ryan Ozawa (@hawaii)
  • Welton (@welton)
  • 04102008498License Plate "BLOG"04102008502Ryan Ozawa at Family TempleAuthentic Hawaiian food041020085050410200850704102008508041020085090410200849704102008495

    Heading back to Barcelona, Blogger Dinner?


    Update: Signup on the wiki for the Barcelona Blogger Dinner

    From Nov 14-17th I’ll be in Barcelona speaking at Forrester’s Consumer Forum event being held at Hotel Rey Juan Carlos. I’ll be presenting on Social Media Strategies, and I’ll be discussing how integration is key (a theme you hear from me frequently) to Europe’s top marketing community.

    According to Google Analytics, Spain is the third most visited country to my blog, nearly 10,000 visitors in the last month.

    If someone knows of any existing tech events on Thur or Friday nights maybe we could schedule a meetup, or even a blogger lunch in Barcelona on Sat. I’d LOVE to meet you.

    If someone can suggest a venue that’s easily accessible, it would be great to meetup. I’ll drag along colleague Peter Kim for the festivities.

    I’ve had meetups in Boston, Singapore, Hong Kong, Seattle, Portland, and would be excited to have one in Europe.

    Barcelona holds a special place in our heart, as that’s where we had our honeymoon, here’s some pictures:

    Picture 721Picture 051Picture 074Picture 052Picture 734ConfectionBarcelona

    EMC hosts web community; Boston comes alive


    If you attended the event, please tag your posts and photos with Bloggerdinnerbostonoct07 (just link to that Technorati page)

    Last night was the much anticipated Web/Blogger/Social Media/Live Web community dinner, (see guest list of about 100 attendees) the energy was high. Len Devanna of EMC volunteered to be the sponsor and did a fantastic job of hosting and organizing the event. A company whose brand is built on information recognizes the importance of how this ‘unstructured web data’ impacts storage, networking, brands, management, and knowledge can change traditional information. I have a long history of watching EMC from the sidelines, it was great to meet folks face to face.

    The room was buzzing with bloggers, podcasters, videobloggers, marketers, inventors, entrepreneurs, students from MIT, and even internet uncle Doc Searls came forward to meet and greet.

    I had so many fantastic conversations, and finally met some of the EMC bloggers (or employees who work at EMC and happen to blog, as one business card states) and had a quick conversation with social media practitioner and thought leader Beth Kanter. My new friend, and future co-speaker Chris Brogan was present, he’s one of the kindest souls in the industry. Who came the farthest? Mark, also known as Storagezilla, flew in from Ireland for this event.

    What really helped Boston come alive? Local team Red Sox wins 7-1.

    I found a quiet corner and video interviewed at least half a dozen folks, you’ll see these appear over the coming weeks. Below you’ll get a sense for the event, see all photos tagged bloggerdinnerbostonoct07, feel free to tag the photos of people you know.

    Picture 1076Picture 1105Picture 1087Picture 1091Picture 1093Picture 1094Picture 1095Jeremiah Owyang, Emmit HigdonPicture 1099Picture 1104Picture 1111Picture 1109Picture 1114Picture 1119Picture 1120Picture 1080

    Hong Kong Web Community Converges Sept 18th, 2007


    Picture 406

    The Hong Kong web community came together in the central district (an area known for great bars and restaurants) at Prive’, on scenic Wyndham street. Of the 70 who showed up, there was a wide range of internet professionals. Outblaze, a white label communications company was the host, and we really appreciate them giving to the community, great job Ibrahim and Yusaf. See the full roster on the sign up page.

    I took the time to speak to as many people as I could, collecting business cards and asking them about what they did and how’s the HK’s web community. After talking to dozens, most would agree that the web community is still nasenct, only a few companies have emerged as HK’s largest focus is on Finance, Investment and Real Estate. The morning newspaper delivered to my door, as well as TV channels show an emphasis on Finance, and there’s not even a tech section in the newspaper. I believe that Singapore’s web community is just a little bit farther on.

    I encouraged everyone to try to continue to meet on a regular basis, and asked all the bloggers to raise their hands, look around at others and try to synch, same with Marketers (who I suggested should start a Social Media Club) and corporate folks (who should consider hosting a Lunch 2.0). These are ongoing community events that are designed to bolster the industry from networking, sharing, and collaboration.

    I did a handful of 2 minute video interviews, you’ll start to see a few of those published over the coming weeks, so I hope you subscribe.

    What I learned talking to HK’s web community:

  • I met Victor Isaac Cheung of CNETS asia blog team.
  • Aaron Farr of Jadetower says the open source movement slowly grows in China, there’s an event tonight at 4pm
  • Warren Wong of Typhoon Games tells me that the largest area of the gaming industry is in Shanghai.
  • JiJiJa provides network based recommendations, I’ve added them to my industry index.
  • Rita at A8 offers a variety of internet marketing services.
  • Vivien Chan of PCCW is pushing Video on Demand, they’ve a new feature called “Move”.
  • Marcel of SynergySynq is a project management company for the web community.
  • I met Theo who broadcasts the only Technology Radio Show in HK, on channel 94.8 and 96.4
  • I met the founder of Asia’s version of SimplyHired.
  • I met Ian Fong who’s an internet marketing professional at TTAsia
  • Napoleon is helping to organize a local BarCamp, and he’s the founder of Web Wednesday, a first-of-the-month get together.
  • Edmund Wong has an interesting blog in Chinese called Lifesterblog
  • Eddie Wong at Sanrio Digital has a thriving community around their brand, see Sanrio Town
  • Kay Bayliss who is a digital marketing association Director.
  • PK Chan launched EditGrid, an Office 2.0 spreadsheet application
  • Leon Ho has some great productivity tips, he runs Lifehack
  • Leonard is a college lecturer at the HK University
  • I saw my Singaporean friend Melvin Yuan, he just happened to be in town, how very serendipitous.
  • Craig Jackson of the Priory is a wonderful host, he gave me directions to the right place, thanks.
  • To my surprise, Sidekick is not a guy, but a very charming lady, who introduced me to many
  • In HK, instead of business card, they call it “name cards”.
  • The tag for this event is HKBloggerSept07. (copy that Technorati code to you blog, and tag photos please.

    I take great joy in seeing the web industry grow outside of Silicon Valley, thank you HK for coming out!

    Update: There’s a few posts coming out, they are:

    Outblaze blog
    Yusaf of Outblaze
    HongKong Phooey (CNET)
    Jacky’s Flickr photos

    Picture 409Picture 410Picture 411Picture 412Picture 413Picture 415It's not a taserPicture 421Picture 419Picture 422Picture 426Picture 427

    You’ve never had spicy until you’ve had authentic Szechuan
    Think you’ve had spicy food? Guess again! After the event, a few of us went out to dinner to enjoy authentic Szechuan cuisine (learn more).

    Yes, that’s a bowl full of peppers, somewhere in there is some chicken bits. It was unlike any type of spice I’ve had before, it was aromatic and made my mouth feel numb, almost like an anesthetic. Normal beer tasted sweet like sugar after eating just one small piece of chicken.

    Rebbecca MacKinnon, a Professor at HK University, citizen journalist, former CNN reporter has spent much of ther time in China, and speaks fluently, she put me to shame as she gulped down the spicy peppers and food.

    I could barely handle it, it was tough, thankfully, I’m not paying for it the next day, what an experience!

    Oh, and if you’re on business in China, here’s a cultural tip I learned on previous times here in HK, if you want to pay for the dinner, then you have to be sneaky, and slip out to the bathroom and pay when no one is looking. Chinese culture mandates a fight (can get violent) for hosts to pay for dinner, I’ve been cornered by one team while trying to wrestle the bill away from others, it’s a funny and entertaining experience in Chinese culture.

    Pics below: More chili peppers were served than meat! (expand the first two photos)

    Schezuan Pepper ChickenSchezuan Chili Beef StewSchezuan Roasted Chili
    Schezuan Roasted ChiliVisual indicators the food is spicy (lobby signs)Enjoying Schezuan Cuisine