Product Reviews

Part of my role as an analyst is to be test and review products that apply to my coverage. As such, companies that manufacture social media input and output services provide me with demo units to try.

Here are my guidelines:

1) I will disclose when they are provided by a company that I am testing, likely I will point to this page.
2) I will not keep these products, but instead give them away when I’ve completed testing.
3) Abide by the ethical guidelines set forth by the FTC.

Current Product Reviews

Flip HD
Currently experimenting with, provided by Cisco, owners of Flip.

Former review products I no longer own:

Jambox (given away)
Tested then gave it away,  I liked it so much I bought my own with my own money

N95 (2008)
Disabled, giving away, I’ve found someone to give it to, but have just not had enough time to do so.

Nespresso Machine
I’ve found someone to give this to, will do so by Feb 20th, 2010, like it so much, I bought my own

Brunton Solar Charger and External Battery
I’ve given this to a child of a colleague

N810 Wifi Tablet
Blog contest: sent to Andrew Finkle

Flip Video Camera
From MySpace, which I gave to Josh Bernoff who ground it up into a pile of dust (see video)

Nokia N95
From fellow analyst who received from Nokia: Gave away to John W in San Mateo

Currently reviewing, from Chumby Corporation: Gave to Zach Hofer-Shall, mobile researcher at Forrester Research

iPod Touch
Currently reviewing from mDialog, no longer own. (stolen actually)

Given away.

Tchotchkes, Books, and Events
Companies frequently send me all kinds of items (with my permission and sometimes without) such as tchotchkes (pens, brochures, t-shirts) books, christmas cards, and invite me to their events. I often wear the cool T-shirts, read and flickr the books, smile at the cards, and go to their events. Some of this is normal for any business person, but I’d rather be more upfront about my disclosure as I hope you trust me more.