I’m Jeremiah Owyang. I’m a founder of Catalyst Companies, industry analyst, speaker, and family man.

My career mission is to help corporations connect with customers using web technologies.  I do this by researching the way disruptive technologies are changing the customer relationship, by speaking at many conferences and events, and by serving as a frequent source for the media.

Since 2006, this blog has been the place where I share insights from my research and what it means for business of the future.

I live at the edge of technology but map it back to what it means for businesses. This has led me to early thinking in the realms of customer experience, social business, interactive marketing, and now the collaborative economy.

In addition to this blog, my team and I have published numerous research reports focused on social business and the collaborative economy. They focus on topics like how products, services, and markets have changed with the collaborative economy; how businesses manage complex, scaled social media programs; and the career path of the new social strategist. The reports are open research, and can be accessed by anyone here.

Employment History

Positions held, learn more on my LinkedIn account.

  • Kaleido Insights | Founder |  Launched in Fall 2017, to help big companies digital strategy.
  • Catalyst Companies | Founder |  Launched in Dec 2013, to help big companies with Corporate Innovation.
  • Altimeter Group | Industry Analyst and Founding Partner | Research Analyst focused on customer strategy of emerging technologies
  • Forrester Research | Senior Analyst | Advised and researched on social computing for the interactive marketer
  • PodTech Network | Director of Corporate Media Strategy | Educated and advised corporations on social media, business development
  • Hitachi Data Systems | Online Community Marketing Manager | Launched and managed integrated social media program: blogs, wiki, forum, rss, podcasts, real world events. Managed global enterprise intranet and customer extranet
  • World Savings (now Wells Fargo) | Intranet Architect | Aligned disparate enterprise intranet
  • Cable and Wireless | User Interface Designer | Designed customer extranet portal
  • Exodus Communications | User Interface Designer | Designed enterprise intranet, light development, and production

Honors and Accolades

Over the years, I’ve a small collection of interesting and proud achievements, including:


Bachelors Degree, San Francisco State University, Focus on Marketing. Featured in Alumni Journal, 2010.


I’m a young generation X who grew up with computers but not the internet. I can relate to both those that are born with the internet (natives) and those that have to learn it (immigrants). This makes my experience much more rich, as I can be the bridge between both of these worlds.

I’m a fifth generation Chinese-American, my Grandfather’s Grandfather came to the United States in the 1880s, (read story) and we’ve stayed ever since. There’s some info about my unique last name here and here.

I’m often asked how to pronounce my last name. I prefer if you pronounce my last name “Ow-Yang” and not the Irish variation, although I won’t mind if you do.

I’m often surprised, (and you would be too) that my small white dog, Rumba, is tweeting.

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