Report: Blockchain + Internet of Things = Trusted Automation

Download the full Kaleido Insights report.

Our latest report is out, led by my colleague¬†Jessica Groopman and building off prior blockchain research I’ve conducted. Beyond the cryptocurrency hype, how will Blockchain actually impact business models? When it’s combined with IoT technology, it will give a rise to autonomous systems working strongly.

Here’s the report “The Internet of Trusted Things: Blockchain as the Foundation for Autonomous Products & Ecosystem Services” where we outline specific business use cases, and how it can impact supply chain, IoT network management, end user authentication, on-demand asset sharing networks, and finally, smart contracts.

This report is for forward-thinking executives and innovation leaders interested in exploring how distributed ledger technologies support IoT and automation strategies





  • TheBindApp

    Hi Jeremiah,

    Excellent report! Very insightful and comprehensive.

    I can’t help to wonder about the entropy management that this kind of initiatives would trigger, specially in the socio-cultural side of things. So much automation and independence from human activity would create a chasm of actual human sustainability (job fronts, companies relying on autonomous machines and interactions to thrive in business rather than workforce, and alike).

    What do you think?

    Not being an expert, maybe a patch to this leak is to strengthen the new sharing interactions of people in collaborative consumption, to enable the general public of more and more “freelancing” work for themselves. Enlarging the gig network might be the way for continuous community sustainability?