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People on the Move in the Social Business Industry, May 11, 2012


Both the submissions on this job announcement board, as well as available social media positions at corporations continue to pour in. In this continued digest of job changes, I like to salute those that continue to join the industry in roles focused on social media, see the archives, which I’ve been tracking since Q4, 2007.


People on the Move in the Social Business Industry:

  • Although I’m a few months behind this, first of all, congrats to Mia Dand (twitter, linkedin) is Director, Global Social Media at Symantec, focused on building and leading social media strategy for Symantec’s Consumer Business. Includes content, campaigns, analytics, social commerce, and COE.  I’ve worked with her at her prior employer HP and excited to watch her continued growth.
  • Kelby Johnson joins Banyan Branch as Sr. Account Director Social marketing strategy, I’ve worked with Kelby on projects for years, and consider him a friend, congrats to both.
  • TechCrunch’s gets New COO, Veteran Exec And Entrepreneur Ned Desmond.
  • Patrick Cunanan joins thismoment as Team Lead, Brand Programs. He will lead the Brand Program team and production of all DEC (Distributed Engagement Channel) deployments.
  • Brian Snyder joins GolinHarris as Director of Digital Directing interactive campaigns for clients in the midwest
  • Rachel Medina joins UnitedHealth Group as Senior Communications Specialist – Social Media focusing on day-to-day social media channel management, measurement and analysis of UnitedHealth Group social media initiatives and assistance with social media strategy development.
  • Qais Roussan joins The Online Project as COO. The COO is responsible for leading the financial and operational teams at The Online Project. He is responsible for developing new structures to make the operations more profitable and scalable, allowing The Online Project to effectively serve more high profile clients in the Middle East.
  • Bill Robb is promoted at SAP as Sr. Director, Social Media Strategy. Bill has been promoted and continues to run the brand channels and social programs for SAP across our many properties.
  • Dana Dillehunt joins Market America/ as Social Media Writer Primary content contributor for and Market America social media.
  • Amanda LaRiviere joins Market America/ as Social Media Manager Managing Market America and’s social media properties.
  • Patti Sellman joins LiveWorld as West Coast Sales Director Working with marketers on scaling their social efforts through moderation, community programming and insight
  • Keith Wiegold joins LiveWorld as Midwest Sales Director Working with marketers on scaling their social efforts through moderation, community programming and insight
  • Rita Yampolsky joins thismoment as Director of Operations, Studios Handling managing the operations of the thismoment studios team, including scoping, project estimation and resourcing for custom work at thismoment.
  • Laura Burns joins The Institutes (AICPCU) as Community Manager Responsible for The Institutes Community management and coordinating digital marketing strategies, ensuring active and engaged communities.
  • Adam Monago joins ThoughtWorks Studios as VP of Marketing Social strategy, customer engagement and product evangelism
  • Cameron Uganec joins HootSuite Media, Inc. as Director, Marketing & Communications Cameron is responsible for growing the brand, through the development of an agile Marketing and Communications team that crafts compelling content and stories.
  • Brian Bailard joins HootSuite Media, Inc. as VP Global Strategic Accounts Brian is responsible for growing HootSuite’s presence in the very largest corporate and government organizations globally.
  • Joeline Hackman joins Strutta as Director of Marketing responsible for helping clients build stronger relationships with their customers.
  • Patrick Searle joins Social@Ogilvy as Head of Social, Indonesia Accelerate the adoption of social business solutions by Ogilvy’s Indonesian clients.
  • Zena Weist joins Expion as Vice President Strategy As Vice President of Strategy, Zena will work with our clients and demonstrate how Expion’s platform can be utilized as a solution to specific organizational and market challenges they face today.  It’s been great watching Zena’s career continue to skyrocket!
  • Rick Corteville joins LUXUS as Chief Executive Officer, Rick will lead all US operations and focus on building on Luxus’s strength as an international digital agency that’s known for creating beautiful work with a laser focus on ROI. Additionally, he will closely collaborate with the management teams in Helsinki and Singapore to further build global momentum for Luxus and its international clients.
  • Bob Stanke joins Minnesota Timberwolves as Director, Interactive Services Oversees the strategic direction of the web and social media components for one of the NBA’s up-and-coming franchises, the Minnesota Timberwolves.
  • Jeff Peters joins The Halo Group as Social Media Specialist. Jeff is a social media advocate for Halo and their clients; a generator of buzz, awareness and conversation. He is a thought leader and a creative thinker who pushes the boundaries of marketing and communications.
  • Clément Chapillon joins We Are Social France as Account Director Responsibility for developing and driving forward existing business, building and developing client relationships

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A New Category Defined: Social Performance Software


A new software category has emerged to bring performance marketing to social channels.

After interviewing over 10 software companies and 10 agencies, a new trend has emerged that will change the social business landscape. What is this trend? The marketing performance techniques to refine TV, Radio, SEO and other marketing mediums are now moving to the social space.   Read my definitive post on Mashable to learn how this impacts not only brands, but also Facebook and my long term predictions on how this will play out.

Market Needs
Companies are struggling to scale to keep up with all the conversations in this space, secondly, the noise is becoming deafening with everyone from consumers to brands all shouting in social that targeting is needed to cut through the noise. Those that deploy volume quickly find they’re part of the noise, and get cast by the wayside.  As a result, we’re seeing a new category emerge, called Social Performance Software.

Social Performance Software Defined
Software tools and methods that analyze, plan, deliver, and measure media such as ads, content, and conversations published in social channels. For example, they will analyze the conversations of your followers, then suggest which content and media to publish, then determine when to publish, on which channel, and to whom. As a result, content will reach the intended audiences and result in higher resonation, or higher call to action rates

List of Vendors focused on Social Performance
Here’s a list of the vendors, if you know of others, leave a comment below. Please note that this category stretches across a number of product lines, as this will be a horizontal feature set spanning nearly every social software company.

  • Adobe Social, which includes multiple acquisitions including Omniture and Context Optional.
  • BuddyMedia, offers both campaign platform marketing tools along with social ads with their Brighter Option acquisition.
  • Bazaarvoice, now has turned their earned content from ratings and reviews into a new social ad unit –even outside of FB.
  • Crowdbooster, analyzes, measures and then optimizes when content should publish.
  • Prosodic, which analyzes the who, what, where, and aids publishers.
  • Shoutlet, focused on larger scale companies can help with complicated publishing needs, at scale.
  • SocialFlow, analyzes your current socialgraph activity, guides users on content creation, then publishes at highest resonation.
  • Tigerlily, focuses on publishing content by theme, audience and location, increasing relevance.
  • UberVU, who first mines and analyzes data, then optimizes when content will publish.
  • Webtrends Social, tracks content and ads, and measures performance across these multiple locations.
  • Wildfire, a campaign platform marketing company has recently partnered with Adaptly to provide social ads and more

I’ve written other posts discussed why this trend will be important, one major industry force is that with Facebook and Twitter now offering ads (and new ad networks will emerge off FB and Twitter) we’ll continue to see social media agencies turn to advertising. I’ll be writing more about this space in the coming quarters, such as benefits and downsides of automation, and where this future will head.

Update: This is on the official Altimeter blog, and CMS Wire.