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Detailed Guide for Download: How To Successfully Produce A Professional Grade Webinar, Webcast, or Teleconference (The Ten P’s)


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Above: Click image to download the Webinar Checklist Sheet on Slideshare.

Webinars continue to be an important way companies connect to customers for education, marketing, sales, and customer support purposes.  Yet most companies relegate these tasks to junior staff at the last minute, forgetting a key number of crucial steps and increase risk.  While tools like Cisco’s Webex, GoToMeeting, Adobe Connect, and Microsoft LiveMeeting and Slideshare Zipcast, (Or Virtual events with On24, INXPO, Unisfair ) offer a variety of technologies, they don’t provide a strategy or a comprehensive checklist on the many components needed.

Get to know the Ten P’s
Master the Ten P’s, and notice that steps one through seven are actually before the actual webinar performance. The Ten Ps include: 1) Philosophy, 2) Purpose, 3) Planning, 4) Professionals, 5) Programming of Content, 6) Promotion, 7) Preparation and Practice, 8> Performance “Showtime”, 9) Pursuit, 10) Post Mortem

Detailed Guide for Download:  How To Successfully Produce A Professional Grade Webinar, Webcast, or Teleconference

  1. Download this excel sheet from slideshare by clicking on the embed below.
  2. Review with your team, then assign team members and dates
  3. Place this document in a central location so all team members can see, and conduct regular meetings to complete checklist

If you’re in the marketing or sales arena, the 9th P is crucial. Remember, once the event ends, your job is just starting and you must focus on “Pursuit” for sales followups, don’t just throw a lead least over the transom to sales.

If you enjoyed this document, please see How to Successfully Moderate A Conference Panel, or consider me as a professional speaker for your real world and online event. On a side note, I try not to put up any barriers up for lead generation (registration forms, sales call), I let as much go as possible, and make it opt-in. If they want you, they know how to contact you in today’s hyper-connected world.

People on the Move in the Social Business Industry: May 20, 2011


Over the past few years, I’ve been managing these hire mentions, they started out as slow, then moved to monthly, however the industry is picking up and I’m publishing twice a month as this space continues to accelerate forward.

The hires in the social business space continue to heat up, in fact the market research data (read the report) shows that hiring is the top spend in 2011. Expect there to be more hires over coming quarters.

Both the submissions on this job announcement board, as well as available social media positions at corporations continue to pour in.

In this continued digest of job changes, I like to salute those that continue to join the industry in roles focused on social media, see the archives, which I’ve been tracking since Q4, 2007.


People on the Move in the Social Business Industry:

  • Former Forrester colleague, Peter Kim, has been promoted at the Dachis Group as Chief Strategy Officer
  • Mitch Canter joins Bridgestone of America to help with an Environmental Project Website as a Designer/Developer
  • Our own Susan Etlinger at Altimeter Group has been promoted to Industry Analyst, focused on analytics.
  • Joe Barbagallo (blog, twitter) is now Social Media Manager at Volvo.
  • Jaclyn Raineri, Social Media Community Manager at Volvo
  • Alex Tripi, Social Media Community Manager, at Volvo
  • Brad Kenney joins Dachis Group as Client Partner Manage social business intelligence programs
  • Kelly Colgan joins Identity Theft 911 as Social Media Marketing Manager and will be responsible for the strategy and implementation of all social media plans, policies and activities, as well as creating a measurement system to track and monitor progress.
  • Corbin Pendleton joins BBDO Atlanta as Social Media Associate Oversee the social media properties and strategies for their client, AT&T.
  • Mallory Hartline joins BBDO Atlanta as Senior Social Media Manager Oversee the social media properties and strategies for their client, AT&T.
  • David B. Thomas joins Radian6 as Director of Social Strategy Creating social media adoption roadmaps and sharing best practices with Radian6 customers and the community.
  • Phil Gerbyshak joins Turning Minds as Marketing Technology Strategist Telling the right stories to the right audience using the right tools for the right reasons
  • Edward O’Meara joins KBM Group as Senior Vice President, Group Director Mobile Practice head for subsciber analytics and predictive modeling for mobile industry
  • Keith Bates joins uber seo Manchester as SEO consultant Seo analysis and link building
  • Scott Burkey joins Macquarium as User Experience Strategist Responsivle for guiding clients through the use of social media from their users’ perspectives.
  • Joe Gallagher joins Jun Group as Chief Revenue Officer will lead Jun Group’s sales and marketing strategy, manage its growing sales force, and oversee relationships with brand, media, and entertainment clients.
  • Shane Barnhill joins Honeywell Aerospace as Digital Strategy Manager Responsible for directing Honeywell Aerospace’s digital strategy – including social media, mobile applications, online advertising and other digital programs – to achieve business goals.
  • Cory O’Brien joins Heat as Social Media Strategist Director of an in-house, five-person Social Media Marketing Practice.
  • Tech Mentro joins Tech Mentro as IT Training Institute or Center IT Training
  • Chris Bucholtz joins SugarCRM as Editor, CRM Outsiders Chris will be the new Editor of CRM Outsiders

Submit a new hire:

Seeking a job?

  1. See the Web Strategy Job Board, which includes paid submissions from the top brands in the world.
  2. Community Manager jobs by Jake McKee
  3. Social Media Jobs by Chris Heuer
  4. Social Media jobs, filtered by SimplyHired
  5. Social Media Job Network by James Durbin
  6. 25 places to find social media jobs by Deb Ng

Additional Resources:

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Keynote: How to Develop a Mobile Strategy (Video and Slides)


Last week, I had the honor of keynoting the Mobile Marketing Strategies Summit in San Francisco, to provide a strategic perspective of how mobile –and social technologies work together for today’s top brands. Sadly, we found that most companies are developing mobile tactics. That’s right, tactics. Why? As the latest technology came around, companies would prescribe towards them in a haphazard way, or rely on their agencies to select the app to appease a ‘mobile solution, quickly’.

Instead, companies should evaluate how their customers use mobile technologies across their entire life and brand process. Working closely with the research team here at Altimeter, we were able to structure a mobile strategy based on the customer life process –not just on features and functions, and found quite a few examples of companies spanning the gap.

If you’re seeking a strategic perspective, please watch the video below –and see slides. Caveat: My primary focus is social so you’ll see some crossover between my perspective and how mobile connects. Also, we’re hiring a mobile analyst (and other roles) that will be primarily focused and go deeper than I will have time to, while I’ll continue to focus on customer strategy across many platforms.

Customer Hourglass: Pre, and Post-Purchase.
Above: Customer Hourglass Framework. Build your mobile strategy based on the entire customer experience –not just on the technologies on hand.

Above: YouTube video of 45 min keynote

Developing a Mobile Strategy

View more presentations from Jeremiah Owyang

Above: Slides from preso so you can follow along

Event Rollup: Gamification Discussion At Altimeter Roundtable


Last night, Altimeter hosted a first in many public roundtables on disruptive technologies. Twenty highly engaged folks that ranged form skeptics, brands, gamification vendor provider (Empire Avenue, Badgeville, Zynga, Gigya) to players of these games. The 1.5 hour discussion discussed how these platforms work, explored business models, how brands can get engaged, risks and challenges, and discussed how case examples are emerging. We had a mixture of Altimeter Roundtables are designed for everyone to participate and explore, challenge, expose risk, and discuss the future of disruptive technologies, and we did just that, below are the event highlights:

Above: Lively discussion on the topic of Gamification for consumers, brands, startups at Altimeter’s HQ, The Hangar

Altimeter's Christine Tran greets guests photo myself with Dups photo
photo photo photo The WikiWall calls for ideas, challenges, and predictions

While we were able to live stream for attendees (Scoble, Chris Pirillo, Jim watched and tweeted and called in) we were not able to record the session, you can see some of the tweets tagged #EAshare, and here’s some of the highlights:

Opportunities Abound –But Benefits Not Clear
I lead an interactive Q&A with Empire Avenue (my take here) CEO, Dups, kicking off the event, and the primary focus of the roundtable, and we discussed how the platform works, and his vision. However, we quickly invited Ali from Intel up to share his needs from a brand perspective which were to engage with customers, focusing on reach and advocacy. We explored other potential use cases involving branded goods, couponing, and use brands like Coke as examples of companies that would want to get engaged. Of course, it was important to discuss what’s in it for the users of these tools, stemming from entertainment, connecting with others, or even increasing visiblity and repuation as we heard from Chris Salazar. Dups announced that their second iteration of the API will be released in a few weeks and that Ford will be offering branded virtual goods soon on the platform.

Concerns on Platform Interoperability
We explored head on some of the challenges and concerns, and Kristie Wells brought up requests for reputation and influence (even points and potentially badges) should be shared cross platform, but we could sense that could create business model conflict unless Badgeville or Gigya cut deals with Empire Avenue for brands like Intel to make these reputation pieces portable. I suggested that influence and repuation is already portable, even if the data is not transferrable and suggested that Scoble shifted his blog influence to Twitter, and then Twitter influence to Empire Avenue just by shifting his community. Teens in Tech founder Daniel Bru pointed out there are new startups emerging that allow for the transfer of these virtual goods, like Klip that will soon emerge.

Skepticism: Questioning on Burnout and User Desire
A few curious attendees indicated that they were skeptical but attended in order to learn new points of view, which we embrace. There were some vocalized concerns that if gamificaiton platforms don’t quickly shift reputation, points or badges to a transfered value like coupons, premium content, or other real world tangible ability some of these platforms would die out. One of the key findings is that the gamification of influence (like Empire Ave) isn’t for everyone, and many people are not driven by reputation and badges –they just want to connect with others and communicate.

Experimentation for Early Adopter Brands Will Yield Case Studies By Years End
We’re in the early days, I’ve only started to hear about this space about 6 months ago from Esther Lim (she’s been on the speaking circuit on the gamification topic), although reputation features in social media have been around as early as Technorati started to track blogs. Many interactive marketers and media professionals see the opportunity for brand engagement, loyalty, and eventually advocacy, there are still a lot of questions if the investment makes sense –it’s not clear to most if it increases consideration or moves revenue needles forward. We’re already seeing brands that are already socially engaged jumping into the gamification jungle, and we’ll see experimentation in 2011 and a few case studies of success, although most experiments will not win. Expect that CPG, consumer electronics, and retail/hospitality to be the first industries to move into this space, although B2B tech has already deployed gamification for internal learning purposes, like Cisco’s sales team at sales events.

See the first ever branded good in Empire Avenue: The “Altimeter”
We’re intrigued to the be the *first* company to have a branded good on this emerging platform, and will use this experiment to learn how other brands can apply this tactic. Physical attendees received the first ever branded virtual item inside of Empire Avenue, the Altimeter, which you can see on my Jowyang Empire Avenue profile, (or if you’re not on the game see this screenshot). Aside from branded affiliation the virtual Altimeter provides Net Wealth Increase of 50.00/day –adding value beyond just a badge.

First Branded Good in Empire Avenue: The Altimeter

This was the first in our ongoing series of Roundtables, we want to sponsor community conversations to advance the industry, and our research efforts for our clients. Want to attend an Altimeter Roundtable in the future? We’ll hold these every few months at our San Mateo office, The Hangar, follow our Altimeter Group Twitter account to stay informed.