A Sense of Scale: Social Networking By The Numbers (Video)

JESS3 / The State of The Internet from Jesse Thomas on Vimeo. Numbers are powerful, but only if they provide context to the changes in our life. This above embedded video (if you don’t see it, click here to the blog post) has been created by agency Jess3 and was embedded on Technorati’s blog. They give a comparison of the sheer volume of content created on email systems and social networks, which I’ve stated in the past are going to end up being intertwined. For the most part these stats are accurate, but being one who tracks them carefully, I know that the FB stats are already out of date, the space is moving too quick for anyone to really … Continue readingA Sense of Scale: Social Networking By The Numbers (Video)

Developing a Social Strategy: Slides and Webinar Recording –Share It

Yesterday, we had the second in a three part webinar series about social strategy. The first, which you should listen to, focuses on understanding customers though socialgraphics. The following slides and recorded webinar (a bit faint, so be sure turn it up) are intended to be the foundation for companies of all sizes to develop a strategy based on business objectives –not the latest technology. We believe in Open Research and encourage our knowledge to become the foundation for growth of ideas, and encourage you to learn, share on your blog, and put into educational materials. Those that offer social services or technologies, should consider embedding this on their site, and using to quickly educate prospects and clients –furthering the … Continue readingDeveloping a Social Strategy: Slides and Webinar Recording –Share It

People on the Move in the Social Media Industry: Feb 24, 2010

Lots of changes, in particular, many of my former colleagues from the Forrester Research interactive marketing and marketing leadership teams that I used to work closely with have moved on. Forrester hires top minds, so when I run across an alum, it’s like a reunion of graduating class at a university. There’s a strong camaraderie stemming from common way of thinking, writing, and approaching tough problems.   Forrester attracts and breeds excellent thinkers, and I wish my former colleagues best of luck as they return to the field. In an effort to recognize the changes in the social media space, I’ve started this post series (see archives) to both track and congratulate folks who get promoted, move, or accept new … Continue readingPeople on the Move in the Social Media Industry: Feb 24, 2010

When Mobile and Social Merge –Welcome Michael Gartenberg

What happens when the social web and mobile devices become synonymous? Customers will be able to access their friends opinions in real time, make decisions on the fly, and will never have an excuse to make a poor buying decision. [As mobile and the social web become one –customers are empowered to make confident buying decisions, wherever they go] Earlier this year, I was deliberate in my mentioning of investing in two key areas, Social CRM, and Mobile Social Networks. While Ray and I are nearly ready to publish our report on SCRM, I’m pleased to announce we’ve a new partner here at the Altimeteter Group focused on devices, mobile, and the intersection of social technologies. Michael Gartenberg, who stems … Continue readingWhen Mobile and Social Merge –Welcome Michael Gartenberg

Matrix: Impacts to Alumni Organizations In A World of Social Networks

I’m here in Phoenix Arizona as a keynote speaker to the Council of Alumni Associations Executives, these are the fine folks that manage alumni orginizations where you may have gone to college.  The reason I’ve been invited to speak as a professional speaker is their world, like many other industries, is being severely impacted by the social web. All middlemen and aggregators are being impacted by social. Take for example, brokers, associations, sales people, classified listings, journalists, music labels, encyclopedias, and even analysts are feeling the threats of these simple –yet interruptive technologies. Now, college grads may use social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn to connect with each other –without being part of fee based alumni organizations. Connecting directly to … Continue readingMatrix: Impacts to Alumni Organizations In A World of Social Networks

Social Technology Buyers Matrix: Broad vs Specialized vs Do It Yourself

Low Cost Innovation Confuses Buyers With Excess Choices As a Web Strategist, you seek to balance the three spheres of business, technology and community.  Perhaps a challenging one is the ‘technology’ sphere as you’re faced with the decision of build vs buy, specialized vs broad, cheap vs expensive.  The choices are staggering –there are over 100 community platform vendors, thousands of Facebook developers, iPhone apps, and Twitter apps being created each year.  Despite the proliferation of innovation, one thing remains constant: the economics and strategy of buying doesn’t change.  As a result, the web strategist must first understand their strategy, develop the right parameters for buying and recognize the strengths –and weakness of each type of partner. First, Buyers Must … Continue readingSocial Technology Buyers Matrix: Broad vs Specialized vs Do It Yourself