List of Corporate Social Media Strategists, Corporate Community Managers in 2010

Update Jan 7, 2011: I am no longer updating this list, instead, find the more updated list for 2011 for Corporate Social Strategists. As an industry watcher, I look at trends, data, spending, technologies, yet what’s really important is watching the trend of professionals as they grow into these roles managing disruptive technologies.  Update: Brian Hayashi has created a spreadsheet of this with additional info –like Twitter handles. We’re staying coordinated so the data is matched, follow Brian on Twitter. [Connecting with customers using social technologies is deceptively challenging, as most outsiders don’t recognize the leadership to change internal cultural. Now, in public, let’s recognize those who are paving the way] Methodology: About this List This 2010 list is an … Continue readingList of Corporate Social Media Strategists, Corporate Community Managers in 2010

O’Reilly Webcast Social Business: Taking “Social” to the Core of Your Organization

A few weeks ago, I was invited to join a discussion with Joshua-Michéle Ross (O’Reilly ), Stowe Boyd, thought leader, and Peter Kim (former colleague at Forrester, now at Dachis Group) on the topic of social business.  Listen in, as there’s not really a lot of content on the slides to focus on, while you go about your work, driving, or workout.

Expect Rapid Evolution of the Branded Support Community

Companies With Support Communities Not Ready For Changes To Come For over a decade, with simple BBS systems to community platforms, support communities haven’t undergone much innovation.  Often a silo and tucked away in a website, these communities are going to take center stage.  With social technologies appearing on every webpage, and more existing systems starting to connect, expect to see interesting use cases evolve.   Support focused communities will evolve to touch marketing, sales, channel partners,  CRM systems, and even become a thriving platform in the next few years.  Let’s explore the rapid changes coming together. A Support Community, Defined. Take a look at Microsoft’s media centric Channel 9, VMware communities, or even AAA’s travel tips. These branded communities are offered … Continue readingExpect Rapid Evolution of the Branded Support Community

Growth at Altimeter Group: Supply Chain Management, Government Innovation

Two Key Additions In Growth Areas: Lora Cecere, Alan Webber We’re pleased to announce that we’re expanding two new partners Lora Cecere (full bio), Supply Chain Management and Alan Webber (full bio), Government Innovation. Founding partner, coauthor of Groundswell, Charlene Li discusses the hires and the changes in the market. At the Altimeter Group, we’re not forced into limited topic areas, but instead look at the intersection of major themes.  Each partner has a unique perspective, and we are constantly talking, sharing, and pushing our ideas by collaborating, you’re starting to see this manifest as Ray (CRM) and (Social) converge on Social CRM. We know that customers demand a holistic experience, so organizations will follow suit, here’s how our world of … Continue readingGrowth at Altimeter Group: Supply Chain Management, Government Innovation

Community Manager Appreciation Day #CMAD (Every 4th Monday of Jan)

Every fourth Monday of January, let’s take the time to pause, recognize, and celebrate the efforts community managers around the world to improve customer experiences. Passionate About Customers The title matters not, whether it’s online customer advocate, online customer support, company evangelist, disgruntled customer handler. Instead, focus on what they do: A customer advocate willing to help regardless of where they are online. Learn more by reading the Four Tenants of Community Managers. Yet, Community Managers Don’t Have it Easy Yet despite their admirable intentions, we know they face several uphill challenges: Many challenges are internal: Most companies want to hide customer issues, and shuffle them into existing support systems. Additionally, measuring ROI in new media when a company wants … Continue readingCommunity Manager Appreciation Day #CMAD (Every 4th Monday of Jan)

Slides: Four Social Media Trends for Business in 2010

Companies Must Approach Social Programs In A Coordinated Effort Many companies are enthralled by the opportunity to use social technologies to connect with customers, yet many lack a plan or coordinated effort. Additionally, things are going to get more difficult as they don’t realize that as consumers and employees rapidly adopt these tools the level of complexity increases across the organization. While it’s easy to get caught up on the specific new technologies that are constantly emerging, companies should focused on business trends and themes in 2010. In particular, companies must develop a business strategy based on customer understanding, put the baseline resources in place to get your company ready, deliver a holistic experience to customers –and build advocacy programs … Continue readingSlides: Four Social Media Trends for Business in 2010