Action Requested: Take the Web Strategy Survey

Update: Edelman’s Jonny Bentwood comments on the survey results, which I provided to him. As the year winds down, I want to take a moment to breathe, recollect, and refocus on 2010. In an effort to continually improve, I’m launching a survey to find out more about you, what you find useful, and what can be improved for the web strategy blog.  Frequently, I’ve taken the community’s feedback to factor into blog designs, and have taken in feedback from a survey we conducted about this blog in May 2008 (read part 1, and 2, ). Although we’ll keep your name, email and other personal information private, I plan on sharing the high level findings (just as I did before), so we can … Continue readingAction Requested: Take the Web Strategy Survey

People on the Move in the Social Media Industry: Nov 24, 2009

In an effort to recognize the changes in the social media space, I’ve started this post series (see archives) to both track and congratulate folks who get promoted, move, or accept new exciting positions. Please help me congratulate the following folks: Respected technology commentator and friend of mine, Louis Gray joins Paladin Advisors Group as the Managing Director of New Media. Louis is one of the leading voices in technology, and a fine human being, congrats. Brian Ellefritz leaves Cisco and joins SAP as the Senior Director of Web 2.0 Marketing, I’ve worked with Brian on a handful of occasions and expect him to continue leading programs at technology corporations. Stephanie Fuerniss is Capella’s new Managing Editor for Online Communities … Continue readingPeople on the Move in the Social Media Industry: Nov 24, 2009

FirstTake: Extend LinkedIn’s Community To Your Website

I was briefed as an analyst by Adam Nash, LinkedIn’s Vice President, Search & Platform Products to learn about today’s announcement around opening their network as a platform. Announcement: Access LinkedIn Data From Other Locations Using The LinkedIn Platform Starting today, developers worldwide can integrate LinkedIn into their business applications and Web sites. They’ve announced that OAuth os now available at  Like Facebook Connect, this means that any website or any web application can allow users to login from their LinkedIn account on a third party site, and even publish information back to their LinkedIn profile and network from that third party site. What It Means To Business: Connect the Affluent, Educated, and Active Community To Your Site The stats … Continue readingFirstTake: Extend LinkedIn’s Community To Your Website

Social Technology Impacts Every Customer Touchpoint

Forbes CMO Network, An Insightful Resource For Marketing Leaders I’m serving CMOs by teaming up with the Forbes as a regular contributor. My goal? To guide marketing leadership on how to leverage disruptive technologies and meet business goals.   At a more detailed level, this blog will continue to aim at providing nitty-gritty breakdowns, frameworks, and insights.  Use these two resources in tandem to both develop strategies, and then implement best practices across the organization. [Companies Must Develop A Holistic Strategy, As Social Technologies Impact Every Customer Touchpoint] Social Technologies are a Horizontal –Not A Vertical Approach It continues to amaze the market that such simple social technologies can impact the entire organization.  In fact, social technologies, at the core, … Continue readingSocial Technology Impacts Every Customer Touchpoint

Matrix: The Four Social Support Strategies

At the Altimeter Group, I cover Customer Strategy, which encompasses not only marketing, but also support, expect our discussion to grow as social technologies impact the whole enterprise. The Social Support movement is afoot (see opportunities), and more companies will be connecting existing marketing and support systems with the social web. Many companies, like Comcast, Wells Fargo, Intel, BestBuy, JetBLue are responding to customers and in some cases, supporting them in near real time. The challenge is that these teams are unable to scale, even a support team of ten full time folks at Comcast will have a hard time responding to all customers in all social channels. As a result, expect companies to resort to scalable ways to respond … Continue readingMatrix: The Four Social Support Strategies

Breakdown: Lego’s “Digital Box”, an Augmented Reality Kiosk

Augmented Reality provides brands with an engaging experience that merges both the digital and the real world. This 30 second video shows how a 3D animation on the product box enabled me to understand the assembled product. Lego’s “Digital Box” Provides Customers with an Interactive 3D Digital Experience This weekend, I went to the local Lego store here in Silicon Valley (Hillsdale) to see a practical version of Augmented Reality. I was previously briefed by Metaio, the technology vendor that empowers the software for the Augmented Reality kiosks called, Digital Box. This store, outfitted with a kiosk with a screen and webcam gives instructions on how to show the contents of any box assembled in real time.   Not all of … Continue readingBreakdown: Lego’s “Digital Box”, an Augmented Reality Kiosk