Future of PR: When Agencies Represent Communities –Not Brands

We continue to see that communities will continue to gain more and more power as they lean on each other to make decisions, support each other, and share their lifestyle. What happens to agencies that traditionally serve brands? Seem far fetched? Not really. We’re already starting to see bits of this: I’ve seen user innovation in car forums, Facebook groups, and networks of mommy bloggers. Or take for example UserVoice , GetSatisfaction or Ideastorms that allow communities to define what features they want with products. Imagine for a second that these communities, say bike-enthusiasts, or young mothers, or even home-theater-fans could start to define using organized innovation tools what products and features they want. What if Doc Searls vision for … Continue readingFuture of PR: When Agencies Represent Communities –Not Brands

Social Network Humor: Friendster, MySpace, and Facebook

I grew up on watching Three’s Company the San Diego sitcom, and got a real kick out of this funny video. For some reason, Friendster reminds me of one of my college roommates. Caution, this is one of those videos that you may want to watch at home as it has some borderline adult humor, may not be safe for work. Buy hey, since it’s Saturday, that shouldn’t be a problem, right? If you like this video, I’ve been collecting them and tagging them here.

Weekly Digest of the Social Networking Space: March 26, 2009

I’m respecting your limited time by publishing this weekly digest on the Social Networking space, which I cover as an industry analyst. By creating this digest (I started this over a year ago) it really helps me to stay on top of the space I cover. I’ve created a new category called Digest (view archives). Start with the Web Strategy Summary, then quickly scan the succinct and categorized headlines, read text for my take, and click link to dive in for more. Subscribe to this blog in your feedreader, or use the email subscription box in the right column. Or you can subscribe to this digest tag only and not receive my other posts. Web Strategy Summary Facebook undergoes user … Continue readingWeekly Digest of the Social Networking Space: March 26, 2009

Orlando Tweetup on April 22, Forrester Marketing Conference April 23-24

I’ll be in Orlando at Forrester’s Marketing Conference April 23 and 24th, live blogging (maybe some live streaming), meeting clients, and listening and learning from Marty St. George, SVP of Marketing for JetBlue, Greg Clayman, EVP of Digital Distribution for MTV, and Annis Lyles, VP of Media and Interactive for Coca-Cola North America. We’re offering discounts to those that are headed out, as well as a night off the hotel rooms. Even if you’re not attending the conference, the Tweetup on the night before is wide open for anyone to attend, hope to see you there. The Tweetup is on Wed, followed by the conference on Thursday and Friday, leaving the weekend open for you and your family to head … Continue readingOrlando Tweetup on April 22, Forrester Marketing Conference April 23-24

Sponsored Aggregation: Impacts to Twitter, Federated Media, Microsoft, and the Community

My job is to dissect new and moving parts into ways that business decision makers can understand, I hope to do just that: Web Strategy Summary Twitter is finally monetizing. Working with social media marketing vendor Federated Media, Microsoft has sponsored an aggregation tool that collects all the voices and tweets of executives. While none of the executives were paid, and it’s not influencing their editorial, these public tweets are being monetized by the brands involved. (Added this previous sentence, thanks to Dom in the comments) It’s featured from the Twitter homepage (top right column) this program called ExecTweet gives exposure to the voices of executives and promotes Microsoft’s campaign. Getting the Facts I just got off the phone with … Continue readingSponsored Aggregation: Impacts to Twitter, Federated Media, Microsoft, and the Community