Audio: How Nike’s Jordan team leans on Social Media

Jennifer Jones
, who hosts one of the top ongoing social media marketing podcasts, interviews Emmanuel Brown of Nike Jordan. I saw Emmanuel at the last Marketing Forum in L.A. he told us that employees are encouraged to work out a couple of hours every day. Actually, it’s more than encouraged, it’s mandatory. He discusses their Breakfast Club interactive program, which helps customers track and improve their daily sports routine, and recently won a Groundswell award for their efforts.

They aren’t the only sports brand leaning on social media to reach customers. New Balance has a ‘studio’ type site, and Nike has launched an online community platform.

Update: Forrester has published a video of Emmanuel Brown at his recent presentation at the Marketing Forum, including other videos. (a quick registration is required)

  • “…employees are encouraged to work out a couple of hours every day.”

    Interesting. I find that I get lots of great ideas at the gym. Its just uber hard to record them. Perhaps I should use Jott or Utterz or something else.

  • Patagonia also encourages its employees to stay active–it’s not uncommon for them to participate in after-lunch yoga or aerobics class free of charge, or take off and go surfing. That’s why it’s got 600 applicants for every one job!

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  • Here’s another approach…gave up my car last year. End up walking 2-4 miles per day ( between downtown SF appointments) and taking mass transit. Benefit? Easier to Tweet while walking!

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  • Very interesting stuff. I imagine they’re relying on it more these days than ever (I realize this article is 3 years old).

  • Im sure they’re using it these days more than they ever did 3 years ago.

  • Some really great posts.Very interesting. I hadn’t thought of some of these things before. Thanks.