Silicon Valley Sightings (Special Edition): New York’s Tech Scene

Flat Iron Building
(Above: The Flat Iron Building [map], in New York’s Silicon Alley)

I usually reserve this tag for the interesting places I see in Silicon Valley, but am traipsing around New York for a few days.

I’m camping at the office of Bricabox, as a guest of CEO Nate Westheimer in a small thin incubator building with quite a few startups. We’re across the street from Madison Square Park, where there’s several social media, interactive firms in the area. Before lunch I had a briefing from James Gross of Federated Media, learning about a recent social network marketing campaign I’ll share with you later.

Now I’m told that the original Silicon Alley was actually in Soho, but there’s quite a few folks popping up in this general area, VCs included. I twittered I was having lunch at Shake Shack in the park, and a total of 7 of us joined up, great discussions yet in the cold (by my Californian standards). I met Ryan Anderson from Fuel Industries (he’s a Forrester client) and Matt Zarzecki from CafeMom a social network for mothers.

Silicon Valley is very insular, we don’t know much of what happens outside of 408 650 415 and it’s really fascinating to see different communities of the tech industry.

Here’s a list of NY Tech events, Allen Stern has a list of events this week, and Bricabox (I unique content system) has this list of NY Tech Organizations.

Ryan Anderson of Fuel IndustriesShake ShackNate and Kyle of Bricabox031720083270317200833303172008335View from Hilton Times Square 48th floor, early morning

(Silicon Valley Sightings is an ongoing PhotoBlog that captures the intersection of Tech Culture in the San Francisco Silicon Valley Bay Area, check out the archives (which now showcase some tech areas in Asia). All photos by Jeremiah Owyang)

  • VK

    That thin building may be the flatiron building but either way you are seconds away from the place that inspired the “first truly national fad expression” 23 skidoo. While not Silicon Alley, the place has it’s own history. Check it out J.

  • That’s pretty much where we started DoubleClick in late 1995 a couple of buildings down, 2nd floor on 23th street. Five guys in a room on a mission to change the Advertising world! We had this grand dream that some day Internet Advertising would reach $1B/yr.

    We were so wrong!

    Let’s try again. Social Community and Engagement management will some day reach $1B/yr.

    I’m probably off by a factor of 25 again. 😉

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  • I love Shake Shack. Associated Content use to be in that area also. But we have grown so much that we are now in midtown in a huge office space. It’s so much fun to see the growth of a company like this one.

  • This is not far from our main office building in USA. Is this the Flatiron building?

    Victoria Serviced Offices