SF Blogger Dinner on Tuesday, March 25th. Are you coming?

SF Blogger Dinner on Tuesday, March 25th

I’m getting the word about about a SF Blogger Dinner on Tuesday, March 25th. We’re welcoming Josh Bernoff to town, Charlene’s co-author.

It’s pretty normal at blogger dinners that everyone pay their own way, and in the spirit of community blogger dinners, we’d ask that you chip in $30 for dinner and we’ll all buy each other drinks. Register here.

The current list includes, Beth Blecherman, Ben Metcalfe, Christopher Heuer, Jennifer Jones, Josh Bernoff, Charlene Li, and Josh Bernoff. We only have room for 50, so please sign up.

SF Blogger Dinner on Tuesday, March 25th

Cocktail style, with a buffet of appetizers (pizzas, crispy calamari, spring rolls, chicken and beef satays, endive spears).

21st Amendment, 563 Second Street, San Francisco, phone: 415-369-0900

Tuesday, March 25th


$30 for dinner

Closest on 2nd Street just north of Townsend.

Here’s a few other blogger dinners that I’ve organized, promoted, or attended, I really love meeting those I interact with online.
Hong Kong

  • Hi Jeremiah,

    When is the DC/MD?VA dinner that we can organize when you come here?


  • Nina

    and when will in shanghai

  • I’m there Jeremiah

  • I’m up for it; SNAP chats make me hungry. 🙂

  • Shashi, I’m not sure when I’ll be out that way, but I’d love to do a blogger dinner,

    Nina, I’d love an invite, perhaps there’s a speaking gig you know of? I’ve been to Shanghai once and would love to come

  • Hey there Jeremiah,

    Very cool – I’ll be there too. Can’t wait! Yippee!


    Lorna Li

  • Just registered. Looking forward to it!

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  • adamgollam

    A dinner it is always welcomed I looke forward to it.Good food, great company The best way to spend a beautiful night.

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