Video: I get schooled by Guy Kawasaki “The Young and the Old Samurai”

Jennifer Jones the host of Marketing Voices continues to improve in quality, with her strong background in broadcast TV, she continues to bring professionalism by interviewing the top leaders in the marketing industry.

Her latest guest, who needs no introduction is famed Guy Kawasaki. Featuring his latest project Alltop a preset bookmarking service organized by verticals.

Every day, I’m seeing new companies that are pushing technology to meet business needs, and in my honest review, I gave Guy a great review on the marketing of his services, but a less than steller review on innovation.

Initially, when I did that review, there were only a few sites available (egos, sports, etc) recently, he’s launched one that may have more value to my focus area called social media. I’m taking the ‘Kellogg’ challenge and am starting each day with this site, to see if it can enhance my information collecting, so far, so good.

In a fun and metaphorical way, Guy gives me a real good lesson that I’m going to take to heart, and positions me as the young, naive samurai.

Damn, I guess I need to buy Jennifer a new table.

  • I guess the A-list isn’t dead, nor will it ever be. However, it does change and the cream continues to rise to the top (the “Alltop” that is).

  • Jeremiah, thanks for the kind words. Hey I will front you the cash for the new table. BTW, Vera Yu edited the piece along with Brian Pendergast, and Chris Caceres recorded the sound for the samurai battle. All are employess of PodTech and I have them to thank for their hard work on the piece.

  • Chad Jackson

    Guy’s “samurai” analogy was a poor way to deflect the fact that your assessment of Alltop was spot on. Three dollars a month in web hosting, an open source feed parser like SimplePie, 30 lines of CSS and javascript, and any fifteen year old could put a site like Alltop together. In addition, the clever Alltop branding strip that floats above the content provides a negative user experience (the fifteen year old wouldn’t have it). At minimum give the user the option of removing it. This appears to be arrogance on the side of Guy. It’s an abused, copied idea. He believes that his popularity alone will drive home some short-run advertising revenue. It’s nice to see smart people solving difficult problems.

  • Albert

    While popurls has developed a real brand around single page aggregation alltop is just a poor clone by a guy who is regarded a thought leader… Same shit as truemors.

  • so i guess the lesson here is…

    those who can’t analyse?!

  • It’s great that you could take this in good humor, Jeremiah.

    I have to say that Alltop does a good job of collecting the small business sites (although, sniff sniff, I almost missed mine because it was down near the bottom of the list). Hmmmmmm. but aside from that, I thought it was useful. Kind of a new type of blog directory.


  • Anita and all

    I’ve a lot to learn from Guy, he’s a good guy, with a tremendous amount of experience.

  • Nina.Gan

    SORRY, who can tell me :what is “Marketing vOICE”?:(

  • I dont think you can call alltop a “bookmarking service” and thats exactly the problem with it.. If you call.. “Guy bookmarks the feeds and the crowd follows” a bookmark service then yes it is. The reader has no voice in choosing who gets to see and where… but gotta hand it to Guy Kawasaki to have already generated some buzz around this lame idea… Back to Google reader…

  • Nina, Marketing Voices is an ongoing podcast by Jennifer Jones on the topic of social media + marketing.

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  • Nina, I close the show Marketing Voices saying, may all the voices you hear be marketing voices. This is a play on the expression: “I hear voices in my head”. So instead of hearing just voices…they hear Marketing Voices…If you have never heard anyone say this expression, then it makes no sense. It confuses some people, but I have kept the tagline for fun. I know some people hate it and some like it, as we all find out when we do anything in life.

  • Hi Jeremiah,

    I haven’t commented here for a while. But I wanted to let you (and Guy) know that I enjoyed watching this video. And the one you interviewed him at the ice rink few months back?

    I like how you two are such good sports about it and continues to learn from each other and make the web a better place 🙂

    Now, let’s see if we can fix that table or just buy a new once (like you said).

    Thanks again!

  • Thomas

    Glad to hear from you, thanks for commenting again.

  • I still think it’s a waste, Jeremiah. And that has nothing to do with being young or old, but rather I prefer to discover my own voices and there are better blogs than he has chosen for all the verticals.

    To me, it’s more of the circle jerk that’s not needed.

  • Jeremiah,
    Sometimes you gotta take on the older samurais. In societies where you can’t voice your opinion, you never really get to taste the argumentative spirit.
    With a thesis there should be an antithesis, so synthesis can be achieved. Society progresses from resolving conflicts. Though I’m not discussing this specific scenario, it’s not about older samurai vs younger samurai. It’s about both samurai’s vs the world. The latest TIME mag discusses Obama and how scientists show experience may be overrated.

    I can see people chastising Guy, but money is money. PEOPLE are out there trying to get money. What’s wrong with him making a less than stellar product? What’s wrong with him using his popularity to market this product?

    What’s the difference between someone who works really hard to achieve credibility and then uses that to promote a product as opposed to someone who works really hard to become an awesome product developer and doesn’t have much outreach?

    Hard work is put in either way. I guess people assume the mantra ‘with power comes great responsibility’ to be universal.

  • Guy weighs in on the Samurai discussion here: