Video: I get schooled by Guy Kawasaki “The Young and the Old Samurai”

Jennifer Jones the host of Marketing Voices continues to improve in quality, with her strong background in broadcast TV, she continues to bring professionalism by interviewing the top leaders in the marketing industry.

Her latest guest, who needs no introduction is famed Guy Kawasaki. Featuring his latest project Alltop a preset bookmarking service organized by verticals.

Every day, I’m seeing new companies that are pushing technology to meet business needs, and in my honest review, I gave Guy a great review on the marketing of his services, but a less than steller review on innovation.

Initially, when I did that review, there were only a few sites available (egos, sports, etc) recently, he’s launched one that may have more value to my focus area called social media. I’m taking the ‘Kellogg’ challenge and am starting each day with this site, to see if it can enhance my information collecting, so far, so good.

In a fun and metaphorical way, Guy gives me a real good lesson that I’m going to take to heart, and positions me as the young, naive samurai.

Damn, I guess I need to buy Jennifer a new table.