A Definition of Marketing in Nine Words

In business schools, we were force fed many comprehensive, yet meaningless definitions of marketing –and were then forced to recite, write, and regurgitate it. Two days ago, Chris Kenton asked the community roundtable for their definition of marketing, I coughed up mine:

[Marketing is the act of connecting customers to products]

Usually, I’m very thorough in my blog posts, but this time, I’ll keep it simple. Submit your definitions below, or critique mine.

  • Mark

    the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

  • mark

    very understandable definition

  • mark

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  • sasha

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  • claire

    thnx a lot for sharing. was really helpful for my business studies presentation in school.=)

  • gemma

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  • Marcela Sanhueza

    you don`t’ create needs, you identify them and then create satisfactors for such needs. How sophisticated, appealing or profitable the satisfactor are depends on marketing.

  • rola

    one of the very good definitions of marketing Jeremiah. i would change only 1 letter of it: “Marketing is the art of connecting customers to products”

  • usman sial

    goood dear

  • usman sial

    try to seling any thing is called marketing

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  • Dalal

    Marketing is the art of satisfying and keeping your customers happy to deal with you . also its the art od making your product’s consumers to loyal customers .

  • saurabh sisodiya

    marketing is an tool in which that help to advertise the product and fulfill the customer needs.And maximize the profit of organisation