Video: Guy Kawasaki: Future of Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Truemors, Twitter, and Hockey (4:42)

One of Silicon Valley’s most elite Marketer, Evangelist, Blogger, and VC is Guy Kawasaki.

Many know him for his evangelism at Apple, speaking, companies he’s funded, the 8 books he’s been involved with, or the sharing he does from his blog (although he told me over lunch that he’s shared almost everything he can). I met Guy at the local ice rink, where he spends lunches playing hockey. He asked me where I wanted to shoot the video, and I said down by the ice, I had on a jacket, and turtleneck, but he braved the interview for me in just a t-shirt.

Guy shares with me some of his predictions for Marketers in 2008, companies he’s interested in investing with, answers “is entrepreneurship born or bred” (a question from David Wescott in Twitter), about Twitter and it’s impacts to Truemors (from Yama-sami). Oh and here’s the site Guy was raving about, PopURLs. Most recently he’s launched his passion Truemors, which as many of you are seeing in Twitter.

Thanks Guy for taking the time out.

  • Really well done, Jeremiah! Loved the location. Great questions.

    2008 will be a very interesting year for marketers… I’m eager to see how Facebook evolves as more professionals come on board. Hopefully we’ll see more apps to advance business and productivity.

  • Nice interview Jeremiah; I like Guy’s insights into entrepreneurship.

    He is likely referring, largely, to me about complaints he overuses Twitter to promote Truemors (interesting he brought that up, unsolicited): I still maintain he does.

    And he’s right, I can block him, and this is America. Well put Guy. Thanks for that great interview Jeremiah. VB

  • Thanks Mari

    Vince, I told him at lunch (before the interview) that some folks in Twitter said Truemors was a bit excessive. But as Guy suggests, folks can simply stop following.

  • Greg

    You can post to Truemors using the Shareaholic firefox extension. Check it out at !

  • Thanks for the video Jeremiah, another reason why I like Guy is because he has the best birthday of the entire year; August 30. Yes, my birthday too! 🙂

  • It’s interesting you asked the entrepreneur question. An entrepreneur can conceive of a way to make money, and then act on it. At what point is the entrepreneur an ‘entrepreneur’. Is someone creative an entrepreneur? I’m sure the guys from Whose Line Is It Anyways could probably come out with some really creative ideas. Someone who can act on it and persist thru whatever difficulties is what really lays the tracks to become an entrepreneur.

    It’s really a mindset and a lifestyle, and its permissive due to our surroundings. Certain genetic talents could aid in better usage of the entrepreneurial environment (things like temperament etc. which are inherited).

    so you really can’t ask if it is born or bred. Its an inspiration like anything else. Just like one may be inspired to be entrepreneurial, one may be inspired to go out and fight crime at night. It’s those that can somehow play this game of uncertainty and win. There’s no set algorithms right now that could help with that.

    Hey is there a shortened version of Jeremiah that can be used? It’s a cool name but for some reason I picture a domineering town leader with a beard when I type it, leading to goosebumps. hehe

  • MAYBE entrepreneurship can be learned – I’m willing to be convinced. However, I think early adoption (selling GirlScout cookies, raking leaves, shoveling snow, etc) are pretty good indicators of later endeavors.
    Do something today you don’t think you can do.

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  • Loved his answers. Also love his story. Very inspirational speaker on top of all of his success. Wonder how much he got for Truemors and whether or not he is looking to eventually sell Alltop? Thank you for posting.

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