Video: Microsoft’s Community Leader Sean O’Driscoll on Satisfaction, Loyalty, & Affinity (4:15)

Sean O’Driscoll, the General Manager of Microsoft’s MVP program shares with me the three different layers and levels of community. Sean has served the program for 15 years, and had just announced he’s planning to leave Microsoft to try some exciting things (we’ll be hearing from him soon). Thanks Sean for sharing with us and with your community.

Find out: 1) What the three stages of communities are: Satisfaction, Loyalty, Affinity 2) How to find key advocates 3) How to thank/reward them 4) How to engage with them.

Folks have been asking what my life is like and how we do research, I interviewed Sean for over half an hour, and was taking furious notes. It was a great warmup for this video, so in many ways you’re coming with me to the research interviews.

Sean, good luck on your new ventures!