Reflections on the Twitter Storm (Audio)

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Update: David Armano has excellent analysis on what happened on Twitter Tuesday, which partially nods to Eric Rice saying I only talk about business now. He’s right, but the lines of passion and work are so blurred for me, over zealous? perhaps.

  • Interesting test indeed. Brings up Digg-abuse like concerns. Can people be responsive for long if folks who DON’T deserve a following (unlike yourself) start trying to gather Twitter contacts, having heard third-hand of your experience?

  • Jeremiah, the growth of the fabric you speak of is really interesting to watch. The people and opportunities were there before, but having someone simply bring the topic of growing the fabric or network to the forefront made a huge difference.

    Thanks for your perspective on it.

  • Dave L

    Twitter is opt in, and then can be opt out. The abuse will simply be unselected from users.

  • sorry I missed it sounds cool I shall definitely be twittering more in the near future -great app

    to be honest I’ve actually found it a great way to connect with like minded people even more so than social networks .Just for the the immediacy if nothing else

  • I started Twittering, really, about 2 months ago, and find it addicting..but even more, very useful.

    I attended LeWeb3 in Paris this week and found out about meetings and gatherings asyncronously via Twitter in a way that would have been much harder, perhaps impossible to do before.

    At Leweb3, Loic was blending news updates using MSM, Seesmic and Twitter.

    It’s no real surprise, to me, that Twitter generated traffic to the blog….you have a large following…. it also suggests how blogs and websites provide longer “tracts” od thought while Twitter gives more asyncronous and peer to peer updates that a blog can’t really do well.

    Interestingly, by coming up with the “threads” analogy your describing phenomona mastering it (you have to be able to decribe something ..concept, before you can master it).


  • Marshall, really glad to hear from you. Good insights as always.

    Thread on!

  • Hi Jeremiah,

    Very interesting that you left this post as an audio comment. If seen people like Chris Heuer use Uttrz before, but usually just as a link to the site in Twitter, not as a nice clean widget on a blog page.

    Must look into it!


  • Ronna, the interesting thing is this has mobile capabilities, I recorded it by dialing a number from my cell phone, grabbed embed code and posted. 2 minutes tops.

  • Mobility and speed are definately useful.

    I could guess from the sound quality it was a mobile – some of my colleagues wouldn’t approve! I prefer to think about how people can use this sort of audio application, and the added dimension audio offers without some of the cheesiness and complications of video, and help them to do so as effectively as possible.

    Definately worth looking into!

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