Some Conversations have shifted to Twitter

Twitter is one of the top referrers of traffic to my blog, over 2000 referrers from twitter to my blog in the last 30 days…there’s something happening there.

I’ve also noticed and increase of new users over the past 30 days, feel free to add me as a friend, I will add you back. (Update: I’m no longer adding anyone back, as it’s not time efficient for me to do this)

Twitter is becoming a major communication tool for me lately. There are more intimate conversations being held on this next-generation chat room, and it’s filled with early adopters and those who are trying to reach them.

If you’re not familiar with Twitter, my colleague Peter Kim recently did research on it, as well as recorded a podcast. I’ve also got a post up on why Twitter matters to the web strategist –it’s a quick start guide.

Here’s a few of the conversations I’ve been having in the last week

  • Just this morning we were debating the (lack of) user enterprise software debate
  • This past weekend I met over a dozen people who like the same type of music I do, and they recommended new artists to me.
  • News and information breaks on Twitter before it hits blogs
  • Last week I was on the phone with Francis Tapon, author and world traveler, he told me his secrets to getting paid to traveling the world, so I tweeted it to my 1900 followers.
  • I also share interesting links to content I’m reading, mainly around web and technology, as well as events I attend, much of this does NOT end up on my blog.
  • I’m starting to use Twitter like my link feed, why I find interesting I put on twitter, rather than on my google shared reader or my blog.
  • You won’t hear me talking about what I ate for lunch, but you will learn things about me that I’m passionate about –strategy, music, art, etc.

  • Who it’s for and who it’s not

    If you’re in the tech industry, and in marketing, you should be paying attention to what’s happening on twitter. There’s even search tools that can help you find discussions and memes. Also, if you’re trying to reach early adopters, these are tools for you. This really reminds me of the the whole blogging industry in 2005, it’s the same type of pros and cons –it’s just much smaller now. If you don’t meet these criterion, then it may not be for you, always remember to find the audience you’re trying to reach first.

    Hope to see you there, my profile is jowyang, and I’ll follow you back.

    If you’re seeking more followers and want to connect with folks (once you get a few dozen active friends, a real ‘conversation’ starts) leave a comment below with your twitter name.

    Update: I’ve tweeted to my network to add their name to this comment area if they want to connect with other folks (see my actual tweet) that are interested in social media+marketing+and are on twitter.

    [The Fabric becomes stronger as the Threads connect]

    In just a few minutes there are over 20 responses. This is testament to how rapidly things are evolving. Now the title of this post is needs to be modified: “Some conversations are moving to twitter..and back to blogs”

    Update 2: Three hours since I’ve posed the first tweet pointing people here (Have about 50 new followers, and over 160 comments on this post, dozens of replies within twitter, became the top node on techmeme, as well as direct messages), and I’m getting messages that Twitter is slowing down as people are starting to add other, the fabric is growing. This is a good test of what could happen in an emergency, as folks were using Twitter to get messages out during the South CA fires a few months ago.

    The viral activity in and around Twitter was amazing, people of like minded interests were leaving their twitter profile below, then connecting to each other at a rapid rate, it then spread the the blogosphere slowing both and my blog.

    There are echoes on the blogosphere too:

  • Why is Twitter Exploding? Because it’s A Conversation Ecosystem.
  • Jeremiah Owyang Causes Twitter Explosion
  • Twitter Traffic
  • Help! I’m Addicted to Twitter!
  • Twitter is a Conversation Ecosystem
  • My assumptions were right, there really is something happening in twitter, it’s clear it’s the desire to connect and communicate.

    Update 3: The Day After
    It’s very clear this was twitter storm resulted in meeting the objectives of getting folks to connect. I’m receiving messages and reading blog posts that many people now have added 20-100 followers or connections that they might have not been able to connect to previously, you can track the many incoming links from Technorati. Sadly, having a few hundred more contacts has flooded my mail inbox with notifications, but as promised, each person I’ve promised to follow and listen to in return. Lots of clicking to do this weekend.

    Most importantly, the value of a network is determined by it’s size, yesterday (which some are calling ‘Twitter Tuesday’) resulted in a stronger fabric across the social network. All of the boats rose with the tide.

    • Jacob Frew

      Thanks Jeremiah! Great Idea. I look forward to connecting with others.

    • I recently heard about Twitter and have to agree with most everyone on this posting that there definitely could be great potential. I went ahead and added a few fellow social media/marketing addicts that posted here and want to offer my info too.

      I look forward to some great conversations and connections.

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    • Michelle BB
    • Wow…lots of twitterers!

    • whoaaa…

      so many people to follow. so many this new record?

    • I’m interested in networking some more with others, but is the age of the original post too old to do so? I feel that in some ways the web is now become like a hurricane that moves from place to place unexpectedly, before moving on and leaving a wasteland…


      Interested in social media, wordpress, front/back end coding, etc.


      Greater Philly area. Interested in PHP/MySQL/jQuery web application development.

    • Just starting a new blog on the nexus of social media and green (sustainable) living. Will be focusing on the crossroads. Definitely starting with a Twitter counterpart: In a testing phase right now but will quickly evolve to more substantive conversations.

      Count me in

    • I was a skeptic for a while, but I fell in love with Twitter after watching the way people were using it at SXSW to make the panels and speeches a completely interactive experience.

      I’ve also found it a great way to get friends (old and new) to my various blogs. I’ve always felt a bit pushy sending out emails or even myspace bulletins when I want to tell people about a new blog post or video I’ve made, but the informal atmosphere of Twitter makes it a perfect medium to let people know about new content without being obnoxious.

      My Twitter’s

    • It’s amazing how far the Twitter community has come in just a few weeks, driven by @jowyang and @scobleizer and @garyvee and @kevinrose

      It’s changed the way I communicate significantly, and I’ve been a Web consultant since pre-Netscape.

      I disagree with others re: Twitter being a niche. It’s immediacy and convenience can connect smaller, more closely knit communities (families, “real” friends, students in a particular class, et al) in ways that email cannot. The many to many nature of it makes it incredibly useful for that type of sharing.

      I literally can see it becoming big with older users. If my Mom only followed me, my brother, and her friends, I’m certain she would find it hugely beneficial. Build it into hotmail (or jaiku into gmail) and it will take off among the non-technical. Also, I believe the Air clients like Snitter and Twhirl might ultimately succeed big-time with non-technical users.

      For the marketing/tech folks, “discovering” new ideas through following is the key, but for regular folks, keeping the following to a minimum will be crucial.

      Happy tweeting.


    • Jason Buss

      Greater Minneapolis area, interested in recruiting, social networking, and branding.

    • Always interested in connecting:

    • Look forward to connecting with you.

    • I always enjoy your posts! I love twitter and connecting as we travel the world!

    • Tanya Nichols

      Thanks for the intro to twitter! Joined yesterday.

    • I love the updates Jeremiah – I hope to see you at the TechCrunch party on Thursday night – @mwalsh

    • Thanks for the informative intro to Twitter. I am hoping to figure out a way I can help a non profit I work with using twitter to get more followers and supporters. I’m open to suggestions.

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    • i came across this post a couple of times, no twitter newbie, but still looking for interesting conversations about web2.0, social networks, entrepreneurship, seo and online marketing in general…

    • I am also late to this blog.

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    • ******************************************************************

      I’ve noticed an influx of new users, there’s clearly a change now. I consider everyone above this line to be ‘early adopter’


    • totally. and it’s overwhelming. would be very curious to see a comparison of posters vs readers — it’s become a slow synch chat!

    • Twitter is about as web 3.0 as you can get. It is a tool like no other on the web. (for now)

      tweeps, follow me here:


    • I had signed up for Twitter soon after it came out, but didn’t know many people on it, and couldn’t figure out how to take 15 seconds every once in a while to update it. Now, there are many more software clients, add-ons, and more ways to tweet, so that helps.

      But what tipped it for me was hearing about it again at SXSW and how Twitter is great at connecting people during a conference. So I started tweeting at the next conference I attended, and I get to over a dozen each year, and I found it most useful (for me) in that context! And, yes, having links to drive traffic is also a nice bonus.

    • I’ve been on Twitter for over a year now. I kind of get annoyed at people saying new twitter users are “early adopters”.

    • I agree that Twitter is becoming creating the cocktail party/coffee house effect with anyone being able to share with others– and learn as well

    • I tell (twitter?) people that I’m not an early adopter, but the canary in the cage for the mine for the masses.

      follow me, fellow strategists.

    • I have not seen a particular growth over the last weeks. There has been an incessant growth since it started – the data flow has increased to become close to unmanageable via Gtalk for a human being.

      It’s is quite simple why it appears to have such success – it does not ask people to do something they were doing differently – it allows people to do something they were doing already, or aspiring to – only on twitter and nowhere else.

    • Although I signed up quite a while ago, it’s only now I’m seeing the power of Twitter ( This blog is in my RSS, and I read it when I can. But the immedicacy and collaborative nature of the tweets during events (in particular) is not only a powerful communication mechanism, but can also potentially energize a virtual community and create momentum.

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    • Been on Twitter since Dec. 2006, and am loving the way it’s taken off. I’m an author and a student; convo on my Twitter is way random. Feel free to add me.

    • Amazing!

      This post almost a “Twitter’s 2nd sign up page” or “Twitter testimonial page”. It also like a digg topic with a longer tail.

      Everybody here sign up for “twitter’s going on”. Just great!

    • I just started on twitter right before the web 2.0 expo and am now hooked and see some great potential here. I also think it will be for certain niches, and agree with people like Leo Laporte who wonder whether this will further create echo chambers in terms of how info is fed to you.

      Regardless, the conversation is interesting.
      I’m interested in social media, social software, and am an offerings manager at IBM. I also play percussion and love to meet other drummers. Would love to connect with others who are interested in the same.

    • Marketing Consultant from Italy, interested in conventional and non conventionale marketing, strategy, social media. Twittering in english and italian languages.

    • Thanks Simon, I agree, it’s certainly very niche.

    • it allows people to do something they were doing already, or aspiring to – only on twitter and nowhere else.

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    • Todd Defren suggested Twitter to me on Facebook as a way to learn from social media/strategy/PR2.0 folks and see what they do and learn from that

      The rest as they say… well, I’m not gonna say it!

      I’m trying to be the 600th comment here, but it probably won’t come out that way…?
      Anyways, maybe if I wait a couple of seconds?

    • I am hooked on Twitter and I use it to document the complex angst driven pain that surrounds my existence. I guess I am already on the look out for the hybrid…

    • Always looking to expand my network…been a fan of Twitter since it was in private beta.