Some Conversations have shifted to Twitter

Twitter is one of the top referrers of traffic to my blog, over 2000 referrers from twitter to my blog in the last 30 days…there’s something happening there.

I’ve also noticed and increase of new users over the past 30 days, feel free to add me as a friend, I will add you back. (Update: I’m no longer adding anyone back, as it’s not time efficient for me to do this)

Twitter is becoming a major communication tool for me lately. There are more intimate conversations being held on this next-generation chat room, and it’s filled with early adopters and those who are trying to reach them.

If you’re not familiar with Twitter, my colleague Peter Kim recently did research on it, as well as recorded a podcast. I’ve also got a post up on why Twitter matters to the web strategist –it’s a quick start guide.

Here’s a few of the conversations I’ve been having in the last week

  • Just this morning we were debating the (lack of) user enterprise software debate
  • This past weekend I met over a dozen people who like the same type of music I do, and they recommended new artists to me.
  • News and information breaks on Twitter before it hits blogs
  • Last week I was on the phone with Francis Tapon, author and world traveler, he told me his secrets to getting paid to traveling the world, so I tweeted it to my 1900 followers.
  • I also share interesting links to content I’m reading, mainly around web and technology, as well as events I attend, much of this does NOT end up on my blog.
  • I’m starting to use Twitter like my link feed, why I find interesting I put on twitter, rather than on my google shared reader or my blog.
  • You won’t hear me talking about what I ate for lunch, but you will learn things about me that I’m passionate about –strategy, music, art, etc.

  • Who it’s for and who it’s not

    If you’re in the tech industry, and in marketing, you should be paying attention to what’s happening on twitter. There’s even search tools that can help you find discussions and memes. Also, if you’re trying to reach early adopters, these are tools for you. This really reminds me of the the whole blogging industry in 2005, it’s the same type of pros and cons –it’s just much smaller now. If you don’t meet these criterion, then it may not be for you, always remember to find the audience you’re trying to reach first.

    Hope to see you there, my profile is jowyang, and I’ll follow you back.

    If you’re seeking more followers and want to connect with folks (once you get a few dozen active friends, a real ‘conversation’ starts) leave a comment below with your twitter name.

    Update: I’ve tweeted to my network to add their name to this comment area if they want to connect with other folks (see my actual tweet) that are interested in social media+marketing+and are on twitter.

    [The Fabric becomes stronger as the Threads connect]

    In just a few minutes there are over 20 responses. This is testament to how rapidly things are evolving. Now the title of this post is needs to be modified: “Some conversations are moving to twitter..and back to blogs”

    Update 2: Three hours since I’ve posed the first tweet pointing people here (Have about 50 new followers, and over 160 comments on this post, dozens of replies within twitter, became the top node on techmeme, as well as direct messages), and I’m getting messages that Twitter is slowing down as people are starting to add other, the fabric is growing. This is a good test of what could happen in an emergency, as folks were using Twitter to get messages out during the South CA fires a few months ago.

    The viral activity in and around Twitter was amazing, people of like minded interests were leaving their twitter profile below, then connecting to each other at a rapid rate, it then spread the the blogosphere slowing both and my blog.

    There are echoes on the blogosphere too:

  • Why is Twitter Exploding? Because it’s A Conversation Ecosystem.
  • Jeremiah Owyang Causes Twitter Explosion
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  • Help! Iā€™m Addicted to Twitter!
  • Twitter is a Conversation Ecosystem
  • My assumptions were right, there really is something happening in twitter, it’s clear it’s the desire to connect and communicate.

    Update 3: The Day After
    It’s very clear this was twitter storm resulted in meeting the objectives of getting folks to connect. I’m receiving messages and reading blog posts that many people now have added 20-100 followers or connections that they might have not been able to connect to previously, you can track the many incoming links from Technorati. Sadly, having a few hundred more contacts has flooded my mail inbox with notifications, but as promised, each person I’ve promised to follow and listen to in return. Lots of clicking to do this weekend.

    Most importantly, the value of a network is determined by it’s size, yesterday (which some are calling ‘Twitter Tuesday’) resulted in a stronger fabric across the social network. All of the boats rose with the tide.

    • Jeremiah, this is great stuff. This will be a compelling set of datapoints and reference for my regular chats arguing that Twitter is a key communication medium. Thanks!

    • Twitter provides a potentially beneficial outlet for information and conversation. It just depends on how you use it. Adding your “friends” and acquaintances as you do on Linked-In/Facebook is not going to work here. You need to follow people who have similar interests as you. Yes of course there will be a sprinkling of random musings, but generally if you choose people who have an interest in social media, aviation, films, etc you will get a much richer experience.

    • Jeff Hertlein
    • Twitter is great. However, I think the next feature they need to add is a filter for your friends. Kind of like a feed reader has folders. There are some people that I want to read every tweet. Others that I want to skim over daily and then what I call firehose which is a blast of everyone I’ve followed.

      Follow me

    • Twitter is like a quick press release limited by 140 characters [used to be the limit of a short text message]. One thing of concern is the non-verification of identity. For example the guy claiming to be Bill Clinton is not real Bill Clinton there – which he has made obvious though.

      My interest is search engine, related marketing, data mining, and anything intellectually interesting.

      Anyway, here is my profile [ I reciprocate friendship.:

      Subhankar Ray

    • I was far from interested in Twitter when I first heard of it. Then, on a journalism 2.0 blog I read a recommendation to join Twitter among other social media sites. I didn’t get it. Then I signed up. Still didn’t get it. Then I found using the search box to find others interested in similar issues, or in specific geographic areas brought me into a whole conversation that had been going on the whole time WITHOUT MY INPUT. Well, I couldn’t have that. So, I followed and have been followed in return. Now, I have to force myself not to constantly check twitter. And I want all my friends to get on it. Unfortunately, not many of them get it.


      I’m interested in freelance writing, journalism, poetry, entrepreneurship, san francisco, career changing, and creativity of all stripes. Follow me at and I’ll turn around and follow you right back.

    • Liz

      I’m just dipping back into this thing called life after some time away, and I’m starting to become too obsessed with Twitter. I didn’t really get it at first, but now I’m fascinated! My interests are wide and varied and sometimes as micro as twitter. So let’s connect and see where this thing takes us! Follow me and I’ll follow you:

    • Jeremiah,
      I’m an early adopter of so many new technologies and social interactions. Twitter takes a small part of facebook that so many love, the status message, and built an entire app out of it and then shed the API for further expolitation. I love it and love your blog too. Great post.

      You are already following me, but for anyone else interested…

    • Great post. Twitter continues to be an interesting tool for me. It’s not as useful as I’d like, but it does have merit.

      If you’re interested in marketing, communications, and eclectic thoughts, I hope you’ll follow me.

    • Simply loving it šŸ™‚ I get to stalk thought-leaders based on their thoughts. It’s fun šŸ™‚

    • Thanks Jeremiah,

      I’m an occassional Tweeter and particularly interested in social media and cultural arts institutions. Follow me and I’ll follow you.

    • This is like the yellow pages of Twitter. And a great resource to connect with marketing and SM people.


      Check us out at or follow our twitter feed to get updates from our site.

    • What a wave of connections! This is fantastic. Follow away:

    • Veronica Giggey

      I missed this post last December and really missed out! I have been building my Twitter list by seeing who people mark as favorites and who people are having conversations with. Now I’m going through 515 comments to see where there is more overlap.

      I do have one question. As your list grows, do you feel you would like to be able to group your followers? At first I thought I did, because I wanted to send a message to only a few people. Later on I realized I would begin to silo my information and lose from the whole package and Twitter experience. If everyone started doing that I wouldn’t know about @jowyang’s flood disaster, @mukund’s love for Lightning McQueen, @astrout getting in trouble with his wife for Twittering too much and all the things @DougH got to do since he didn’t attend SXSW. What do you guys think? Is there room for groups?


    • I started twittering a few months so I too missed the December post…

      Twitter is so much fun and I enjoy all the new connections and conversations

      Ann Rusnak
      “The Time Diva”

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    • Cool post.
      Just wondering what it takes to “cross the chasm”. I can report back that Twitter helped me with recruiting.



    • I have always been a social media junkie. Whatever ways people to find each other for fun, communication or commerce are fascinating to me. I love to tweet.


    • You could count me in as well. Twitter became my link feed a long time back and I use it primarily as a personal tool to help me crawl the vast web 2.0.

    • hmm…as usual my absent Twitter id is

    • I can’t believe this list is so large. I agree with some posts that if the number of following gets too high it does in a way take away from the experience. Perhaps twitter will introduce categorization options in the future as subscribers increase. Anyway, if you are interested in Social Media, Technology, Film, or Travel add me and I’ll add you back.

    • Thanks for helping us newbies to network!

      Joining the fun

    • Yep, Twitter almost rivals my RSS feed reader as a source of timely news, and it’s more personal & easier to have a quick conversation around something.

      Interested in organizational collaboration and wiki use? Follow me!

    • Jeffrey Kemp

      Twitter convert #526. Been using for about 2 months – it’s now one of my main sources of news and trends. I can’t imagine it changing anytime soon. most of the time I read it on the go.

      Is anyone tracking the conversations? How would a marketer track their brand on twitter?

    • I’m getting pretty addicted to Twitter these days!

    • I’ve joined twitter last year, but never quite used it because most of my friends aren’t there yet. But then I figured out that lots of interesting people were using it to exchange ideas, thoughts, knowledge and such, so I’m back there and even more engaged.

      Thank you Jeremiah for this nice post full of nice people! šŸ™‚

      Btw, anyone who wants to add me and discuss about social media, technology, music, movies, screenwriting, culture in general, etc., I’m at

    • Jenna Woodul
    • Follow me and I’ll follow you back –

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    • JC
    • Hi Everyone –

      Please feel free to add me to your twitter and I will follow you back.

    • Add my name to the list! I’d love to connect:

    • Also, if you’re interested in automatically following those that follow you, register at – it will take care of it all for you!

    • Michael Stewart

      Follow me and I’ll follow back –

    • Marco Hansell

      Add me in there I absolutely love the personal and instant microblogging movement that twitter has created.

    • Jeremiah,

      A great and insightful post. Now I’ve just gotta educate my wife as to what Twitter is all about.

      Add me and I’ll follow back:

    • Here’s a post that I did on developing Twitter followers.

      Hope you like…and add to it! What are you doing?

      Always looking for more tweeple for conversations!

    • Twitter is a great resource. Thanks for posting this, Jeremiah.

      (Marketing, Web and biz; currently shaking things up at a BigLaw firm)

    • Hi Jeremiah,

      Great Post! I also posted a blog recently on how/why I use twitter:

      Feel free to Follow me on twitter:

      Catherine Eibner

    • Michael

      Twitter rocks! Social media, web 2.0, let’s do it!

      Follow me & I will return the compliment:

    • Like others commenting here, I’m looking to expand my twitter conversations. I’ve been very impressed with the discussions on social media, technology, politics, silly observations and personal tidbits.

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    • cathy wright

      Was introduced to twitter a year ago and didn’t quite get it, but now I am intrigued. Not being a geek, would love to see other conversations and communities here-like the art world etc. Definitely curious about marketing potential.

      If that resonates with you, add me in!

    • I am still trying to get hold of twitter….I need to be able to respond to particular tweets and follow conversations (I know there is a toy that does that…just haven’t had the opp. to run with it yet.)

      I look forward to joining the social computer šŸ™‚

    • Jeremiah this is an awesome idea. I look forward to connecting with everyone.

    • Jeremiah, great idea. The tools provided to find others are a bit crude. They make you work for it.

      Bio: Scalability | Technology Operations | My House | Web Infrastructure | Social Networking

      SF Bay Area

      I look forward to adding people from this comment list. Thanks!


    • Twitter is fun. I meet new interesting people and learn about a lot of different things.

      I think Friend Feed will also become very popular.


    • I added a group for Twitter users in LinkedIn. Group is Tweeple. You are welcomed to join us there and build your network!