Two Upcoming Webinars, Join Me! (And Seth Godin)

Relax from the location of your own desk or home and listen in to learn how to best use social media tools to enhance your web strategy. Here’s a few upcoming webinars I’ll be participating in, please join me.

Your Social Network Strategy: Join or Build?
My first official Forrester Teleconference

My first research report will be answering this topic, and I’ll be presenting my findings and give marketers practical steps to move forward. Many of you are already familiar with my extensive coverage of the social networking industry, and even this well read list of “white label social networks”

“The social networking industry is hot and hyped, leaving marketers confused on how to strategically engage. Marketers are being asked by their management to develop a Facebook/MySpace strategy without first looking at the bigger picture. With nearly 80 white label social networking sites available, some brands invest in building their own social network around their brand but, sadly, with no one showing up. Marketers need knowledge and strategy before jumping into a social network craze. This teleconference presents actionable steps on what to do before implementing a program”

Using Social Media to Grow Your Business

This presentation is scheduled to begin on Friday, December 7, 2007, at 1:00 P.M. U.S. Eastern / 10:00 A.M. U.S. Pacific.

Steve Mann, SAP Total Customer Experience, Competitive Program Office, Services Marketing

Jeremiah Owyang, Forrester Research Senior Analyst and Web Strategist

Seth Godin, Worldwide Best-Selling Author

Moderator: Robin Fray Carey, Social Media Today

Looking forward to seeing you online, and talking to you!

  • Ben

    yet another example of corporate schilling….
    the dramatic downturn of this blog is noted

  • Heh, nice try Ben, this is the second time you’ve pinched me.

    You know I write about just about everything in my life, so when it comes back to work all of the sudden I’m a schill?

    You also already know I promote every one of my speaking engagements (and have been before I started Forrester) so you don’t get any points this time, but keep it up, and keep me honest.

    I sent you an email last time, write me back if you want to talk. I’m listening, really.

  • Hehe… Ben misses indie rock JKO, before he signed with Capitol. 🙂

  • Funny about the guys who take nasty, unjustifiable shots. They never seem to have last names, or trackable email accounts.

  • Jeremiah, love the blog and the twitters. I would pay attention to one unknown outlier. Looking forward to your presentation next week in Seattle.

    Keep up the great work!

  • What’s a schill… Love your stuff. Just a thank you post. 🙂

  • Jeremiah, I am sorely tempted by that first teleconference. That topic is so Right-Where-I-Live right now, I can’t even tell you.

  • Beth

    I hope to see you there!

  • @TedC:

    Well, he referred to Jeremiah as “Schilling” which clearly means he’s a Red Sox a fan and means that Jeremiah is a gutsy performer when under pressure.

    Oh, and it could mean a prolific blogger, too. 😉

  • Hey Jeremiah. I enjoy your blog and observations. You can easily demonstrate you’re more than a corporate shill by recording yourself singing and dancing. Hope to see your contribution soon!

  • Rudi

    I have been reading your blog and this is the best source of information about Social Media I can find on the web so far. Too bad I am living in Hong Kong and couldn’t attend your event. Keep on the great work.

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  • As someone trying to figure out how blogs and social networks connect with people in the real world, the real world defined as one where commerce or other demonstrable action takes place, I greatly appreciate your “corporate schilling.” Keep sharing the ideas Jeremiah, we will keep reading.

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