Video: How to be a professional video blogger, interview with Steve Garfield (2 minutes)

Many video bloggers have emerged, but very few have been able to turn it into a profession, how’d he do it? tune into this video, and found out what motivated him.

Steve Garfield is a videoblogging hero. He’s one of the few in the medium that is able to monetize, hold an audience and continue to build great content. For the industry (I was in it) it was difficult, although there are advertising and sponsorship dollars, they’ve not shifted over from the TV audience (although it’s clear eyeballs are moving to the web).

One of the things Steve prescribes is to keep videos short, you’ll notice I have two types of videos, long form “web strategy show” videos that are 10-15 min, and “street style quick interviews” that are 2 minutes. I try to list my time codes, esp when they are short, I want to respect your time.

I really enjoy Steve’s online charisma and energy, for some reason, he presentation and delivery reminds me of the great Jerry Seinfield. That’s saying a lot, as I’ve met a lot of our famous video bloggers after working at PodTech.

I’ve been slowly posting the Boston videos to my blog, (I space things out over time) and Steve was the best, and therefore the last, yesterday he actually beat me to the punch, and posted on his blog. Be sure to see his vlog post on mediasnacking.

Steve, thanks for taking the time, we really enjoy all that you share.

  • nmw

    Yeah!! Steve!!! 😀

    I’m a big fan of Steve Garfield — mainly because I sense that his passion for his work extends PAST simple the medium all the way through to its place in the entire “media landscape”.

    And it is entirely true that I value how Steve does not “waste my time” with all sorts of stupid random nonsense (and I also feel that you, Jeremiah, also create a high “signal to noise” ration — regardless of rattlesnakes tangents and teeny tiny martini digressions ;)…

  • Yup, I agree, Steve is a pro. If I had to give a dollar every time I digressed, I’d be a poor man.

  • Jeremiah, you also need to be on Seesmic. The ultimate in short video.

  • At TedC I’m also on Seesmic as a beta tester. Interesting product, I gave Loic some feedback, wishing him all the best.

  • Yay! Steve rules! It’s always nice to see his face on video. Such a nice guy. He’s the perfect video blog evangelist.

  • I remember Steve from the VideoBlogging community EGroup from a good 3 years back or so. Even then he was one of the more active video bloggers.

    Time is a real issue – in fact with the exception of Scoble and some YouTube videos i subscribe to, i rarely listen for more than a few minutes – UNLESS, i have really been told to listen by a friend (which was the case with Google Campfire thingy).

    That applies to some extent on the shorter videos too, which i came to through your twitter post.

  • Thanks Jeremiah for the post and interview. It was great to finally meet you…

  • Great interview!
    And, you can catch him live in a few hours over at Jonny Goldstein’s talk show

  • Nice video snack Jeremiah!


  • Thanks for using an accessible video platform Jeremiah. I watched Steve’s Blip.Tv version vs. yours and your’s streamed sooo much more smoothly (no spinning beach ball of death from my Macbook).

    In my experience over 6 months Blip.Tv, although very lovely, has the worst seemless streaming of almost any platform in the top echelon of video platforms.

    I hope the seamless (or near seamless) streaming is something that video producers and video bloggers take into account when creating user experience. And just because we have slick, hyper-speedy tech doesn’t mean that 60-75% of our audience