Web Strategy Show: Jim Sterne on the State of the Web Analytics Industry, and Resource Allocation (24min)

I had the pleasure to interview with one of the Web Analytics gurus, Jim Sterne, who is the host and coordinator the popular eMetrics conference that takes place around the globe. I asked Jim on the broadpicture of the web analytics industry, and he gave us some specific goals, strategy, and objectives for web analytics.

Find out how this growing (yet small) industry is getting underway, find out what you can do to get involved and get started into this industry. It’s a small niche and growing industry, so get involved and show interest.

At 14:00 minutes into it, we get into another discussion, focusing on web campaigns, and answer “How to determine where your resources go in a web campaign”. Many web marketing departments arbitrarily place resources on campaigns, perhaps focused on political reasons, but another way to look at where resources should go is by using web analytics.

You may remember the video blog, Web Strategy Show I used to run at PodTech (my previous employer), the show is designed for those who make decisions for websites, (I call it a Video White Paper) and I interviewed many of the top thought and practice leaders in our industry. These videos tend to be longer in duration, I use a tripod, and we discuss the topics in advance. This is different than my quick “street” video shots I do with my digital camera.

Having left PodTech, (a great place for content creators, as I get to take my show with me) I didn’t get a chance to publish all my tapes (there’s just a few interviews left), and put out a blog post to see if anyone wanted to publish them on my behalf. Cece, from On24.com, a webcasting and media company for some well known brands, immediately contacted me and followed-up. They have a quite a few other videos focused on IT and Marketing topics, on Insight24. They’ve even created a specific channel for the Web Strategy show.

Thanks to Cece and the very professional On24 team!

  • What Jim describes in this interview is “Information Intoxication”. People are so consumed with the volume of data, and the ways it can twisted and turned, that they have not yet stopped to ask if it is any good.

    I’ve just posted a blog on this subject:

    Fortunately, site owners are are beginning to realize that web analytics is a multi-faceted issue and there is no “magic bullet”. Every day, we talk to site owners that are recognizing the inextricable connection between data quality, site quality and compliance, and are beginning to act on that enlightenment.

    Regardless of whether the site is e-commerce or b2b, the same issue remains; if the data is dirty, the decisions made as a result can’t be trusted.

    Regarding web analysts, Jim rightly recognizes that these people are buried in the organization and their voices are routinely not listened to. What will it take to change this? The web analyst (meaning the person who understands the page tagging solution) has to become part of a larger organization.

    Making the data simpler to explain to non-technical executives is not the answer. The solution is more holistic than that.

    Avinash Kaushik (Occam’s Razor, and one of Jim’s recommended sources of info) has written a seminal blog post titled “Multiplicity – Succeed Awesomely at Web Analytics 2.0”, which outlines a framework for a multi-disciplined web analytics organization.

    Organizations have to become more scientific, methodical and organized about this level of web analytics before they can move forward in any meaningful way to measuring and making sense of social media-related data.