Photoblog: Glimpses of Bareclona by Night

Having just returned from the airport a few hours ago (I was on 6 flights in 10 days) it’s good to be back. It’s rare I post a personal post, but I had such an amazing time in Barcelona, I feel compelled to share.

I was busy working most of the day at the conference, so I only had time to go out at night. Fortunately, Barcelona’s culture is designed for night life, after work, I have drinks and tapas, take a nap, get cleaned up, then headed out (such as the Barcelona Blogger Dinner). Coincidently, on my second night out we ended up at the same restaurant we were at the night before, although we sat outside.

The last time I visited Barcelona was on my honeymoon, so it was really great to be back, it’s always great to explore the old gothic old town, see the cathedrals and Gaudi architecture.

I’m often teased for the amount of pictures I take, as I recently broke the 20,000 mark in Flickr, I use images and video to record where I’ve been, and sharing with others brings us closer. Often, when I go to events, people will tel me “I saw your photos at X” and we’re instantly able to strike up a conversation as they share their own experience at the same place.

If I could go anywhere in the world next, I’d go to Dubai to visit my new friend Ahmed, that’s an amazing city, I could spend a month wandering around taking photos.

If you’ve been to Barcelona, leave a comment, or share a link to your photos or posts, I’d love to hear. Also, if you know of any ‘authentic’ Tapas places in the SF Bay area, I wanna know. There’s Iberia restaurant in Menlo Park, pretty good, although it’s on the expensive side.

Video: How to pour beer –German style

Although I’ve poured many a beers in my life, Axel my German friend, teaches me how to pour a beer the German way:

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  • Ro

    Ah, perfect pour! Prost!

  • Good job, you were drinking one of Bavaria’s finest: Franziskaner. Now if you get a thick Hefeweizen (ideally from Germany) there’s an additional trick. Rolling the bottle on the table with your hand to gather the remaining wheaty particles, then pouring the effective remainder into the glass.

    Zum Wohl!

  • Nice pour, Jeremiah! You’re a natural! ;D

  • @Liz

    Lots and lots of practice 😉

  • @mario oooh please post a video with this technique. Must know.

    Maybe you can do an

  • Hi Jeremiah: as a Barcelona fetishist (intent to go live there next year, just like to sign you up foor my Barcelona EMEA-experience (and some personal stuff).
    Hope you like it, and -bullocks- we should have met in BCN. Hope to get in touch anyhow, because I’m impressed by the way Forrester launched this event!

    Hasta luego,

    Evert Jan Koning, Open Merkconsultants.

  • Jeremiah,
    Love the pictures. My wife and I will be heading to Barcelona from December 14-23rd. Any suggestions of places to see. Great places to eat. etc.
    Is there a local website that highlights networking events for people in the tech industry. I would love to meet people over there.

  • The place we went to with all those folks is great, it’s near the Gothic area.

    It gets VERY crowded, so we resulted to sitting outside.

    NAME: ciutat contal

    was great!