Seeking Formal Online Community Manager Job Descriptions

Update: I’ve reviewed many of these and boiled down the role to Four Tenets.

I’m doing some research and putting together some specs to make a job description for the Community Manager role (A role I had formally) but want to get some insight to what others are using. I have written on the topic, but also want to get feedback from the community.

If you’ve created such a role, written one, or know of an existing job description, please send it to me. My email is on my contact page. I’ll credit you for your contributions, and if this becomes published research, you’ll also be credited there as well.

If you feel like posting the job description in the comments to share with others, that’s fine too.

A while back I created the Community Manager Facebook group, I dropped a note in there as well. Lastly, I’m hunting online using SimplyHired, and found a few relevant job descriptions in the comments below.

  • Here’s Disney’s

    Community Manager

    The Walt Disney Internet Group (WDIG) offers a compelling mix of interactive entertainment and informational content and services for Internet and mobile devices for audiences around the world. WDIG is both a developer of unique new media experiences specifically designed for Internet and mobile media and a developer of new platforms for distributing content selected from broad, existing entertainment divisions and libraries of The Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS). With a portfolio of products and services designed with quality and guest safety in mind, WDIG’s integration of Disney’s unmatched breadth of content with a best-practices approach to Internet and mobile technology drives multiple revenue streams from premium content offerings, advertising and ecommerce. WDIG’s suite of properties includes,, and mDisney mobile entertainment. WDIG is an industry leader in online virtual worlds for kids and families, with offerings including Disney’s Club Penguin, Disney’s Toontown Online and the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean Online and Disney Fairies. WDIG, which is headquartered in North Hollywood, Calif., has operations in Asia-Pacific, Europe and across the Americas.


    We’re looking for a Community Manager with a dynamic personality, great leadership skills and a strong background in community for Moms (and devoted Dads). This person will be a manager of all aspects day-to-day community life on, including setting tone, enforcing rules, hiring and managing remote community contributors. This person will also participate in product development for new community initiatives.

    · Recruit, motivate and manage a team of community leaders who work remotely or on site

    · Pursue initiatives to welcome and engage parents in our online community, influencing product development to suit the community needs of moms and dads today

    · Establish and enforce standards respect and helpfulness in our community, interact directly with members to promote good feeling and settle disputes gracefully

    · Interact with editorial to promote integration between content and community

    · Report to senior staff about successes and lessons from community


    * 4+ years of experience in online community development
    * Bachelor’s degree required
    * Experience moderating group discussions
    * Experience managing community leaders


    * Friendliness, diplomacy, and imperturbability are good character traits for this job
    * Insight into the day-to-day needs and emotions of moms and dads is crucial
    * Good sense of decorum and brand appropriateness
    * Success at establishing rules and policies to create team productiveness and community good-feeling
    * Clear and effective writing and/or editing skills
    * Strong sense of product ownership and pride in work

    To expedite consideration, we highly recommend that you BOTH upload your resume AND copy and paste the text when creating your candidate profile.

    JOB ID: 123503


    manager, online, on-line, wireless, internet, development, flash, producers, producer, diversity, diverse, inclusion, games, gaming, game, marketing, creative, project, product, program, sales, research, analytics, web, Interactive, MMO, RPG, SDLC, action script, actionscript, design, MMOP, brand, OOP, new media, entertainment, design, designers

  • VM Ware’s Community Manager


    Job ID
    CA-Palo Alto (Corp)
    Palo Alto
    United States of America
    Job Status
    Full Time
    Date Posted
    Oct 2, 2007

    Job Description:

    The Community Manager guides, develops and manages communities of interest that attract and encourage conversation about VMware’s technology, solutions and programs. These communities bring together VMware’s customers, employees, and partners in a multi-channel environment, both face-to-face and online, and encourage open feedback and participation across all these groups.


    * Serve as the primary point of contact for multiple VMware communities and provide best practice guidance in the areas of content and service development, event programming, online facilitation, member outreach, etc.
    * Drive to completion, from investigation to delivery, initiatives that use community, social networking, and other technologies to increase community participation.
    * Develop and post interactive content that encourages participation and the development of member-generated content to ensure that the community is achieving its objectives
    * Drive processes that encourage member-to-member interaction, as well as community-initiated and VMware-initiated interactions between community members and VMware.
    * Lead the day-to-day operations of the hosted community in conjunction with internal community owners
    * Monitor and moderate community participation to ensure that rules of engagement are adhered to
    * Assist in the development of the Community platform and ensuring that it meets the objectives of the VMware Communities
    * Provide tracking and metrics to communicate and validate the Community interaction


    * Bachelors degree in business; MBA a plus
    * 5+ years experience in Online Product Marketing / Management, Communities or Self Service Support Programs in a high tech company
    * Overwhelming passion for today’s social networking and collaboration technologies
    * Experience building online interaction among members of a large-scale technical community around novel and complex technologies.
    * Experience with, and passion for, creating and consuming new content types: websites, blogs, podcasts, wikis, etc.
    * Specific experience identifying and utilizing appropriate content streams: transcripts, articles, surveys, web seminars, podcasts, wikis, blogs, etc.
    * Expertise in a subscription-based product or service company (preferably in an emerging market)
    * Equally comfortable making a customer presentation and creating content for the community
    * Strong interpersonal skills with a desire to work cross-functionally and in teams
    * Proven history of developing new, sustainable processes A self-starter with the willingness, and desire, to “roll up your sleeves” and get the job done
    * Preference for working in a fast paced, entrepreneurial, start-up environment

  • Would love to read your research paper once you publish it Jeremiah, I’m trying to create such a role within Nokia.

  • Why do you need this job description?

  • @stefan that’s why we’re writing it!

    See my link above for starter info.

    Nokia is a client, so you’ll have access to it.

    Dan, when you get the time. Don’t go out of your way.

  • Lots to say on this subject, Jeremiah… but for starters, Games for Change recently posted quite a visionary ad for an “Online Community Manager”. The PDF job description is still available here [link opens PDF]:

  • Jeremy,

    One question, if people go with the title of Community Manager, won’t it cause confusion if a “Community Relations Manager” exists? The person that works with schools, non-profits, etc.?

  • nmw

    IMHO there alot of people who know very little about managing communities. There are very few tech issues, and I do not think it has a lot to do with “marketing”, either. Customer support or experience with moderation might be a plus, but actually one of the primary issues will become topical and/or subject expertise (especially as we move from a world with a handful of social communities [with millions of extremely diverse “members”] to a world with dozens or maybe hundreds of communities with communities much smaller in number [maybe thousands or hundreds or even less] — but with memberships which primarily include a high density of early adopters, opinion leaders, trend-setters, etc. focused on particular topics/issues of interest)….

    Communities with no expertise are mere fly-by-nights (at best). That is why topic/subject expertise is important (and that is also why communities need to be focused in order to be successful). And this is also in the interest of advertisers, since thé more a community that is focused, the more easily it can be addressed with a specifically “targeted” message.

    To sum it up, a community manager needs to be able to decide whether a member is “on topic” or “off topic” WRT the community’s focus — and to act accordingly.

    🙂 nmw

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  • Carol

    As someone who is transitioning into this role within a tech manufacturing company, I think it would be imminently useful to include salary ranges as well.

  • Anon

    What is this American obsession with the MBA? It’s hardly the most useful qualification around.

  • Jeremiah, I’ve emailed you an old job description I wrote ages ago for a job in the Middle East. But here’s a sort of “fun” one I wrote in response to Seth Godin’s similar question, months ago – mostly to scare off wannabe community managers *evil snigger*:

    Customer service skills that do not rely on you getting to the question within 20 seconds and resolving the discussion in under 2 minutes. Establishing practices including an internal online community for the customer service moderators – an Evidence Locker, a Rap Sheet and so on. Employing customer service/moderators who are “real personalities” and can add value to the community, not just faceless “admin” roles. One of my favourites is Eyonix who is in charge of the 10 million over at Blizzard’s community. His quotable quote (not exactly normal Customer Service) is:

    “You’re full of incorrect assumptions. Please log off the internet. :)”

    Crowd control – how to inflame (if necessary) and then cool down anything from a few hundred to a few hundred thousand people at a time. Identifying swarms and providing tools and resources. Team building, training, managing voluntary work.

    Identify and report scam artists, organised crime using social engineering for perpetrating credit card fraud and identity theft, supporting the community through it’s rituals including members who meet, get married, have babies, die. Know how to deal with situations where a teenager has taken an overdose of pills and logged onto the virtual world/forums/online community to “say goodbye” to their friends.

    Ability to deal with full-on pornography – I’m not talking simply tits and bums here. I’ve seen more hardcore shock sites and hardcore porn in my life than I ever ever expected or wanted to. And I’d like to personally thank every teenage boy who thinks his penis is so great it needs to be shared with the whole community. (underage drinking has a lot to do with it).

    Security – school kids who install keyloggers on each others machines and then the parents contact the company stating that they’ve been “hacked”. Adults who do it to check up on their partners.

    Dealing with the fall out of people who use the community to CONFESS – to whatever they’ve been hiding. Mental disease is popular, being gay, having AIDS, having been abused…

    Still wanna be a community manager – apply here! 🙂
    (I run workshops on how to be a community manager at the University of Sydney and at conferences)

  • Thanks everyone for these answers and responses.

    I received a LOT of emails with this.

    I’ll be looking for patterns and common traits for requirements.

    Dan, “Why” do I need this? Because I’m researching this new role for our new industry (part of my job as an Analyst)

  • @susan to be specific, This is an ONLINE Community Manager that is likely using social media tools (Which includes forums)

  • Hi Jeremiah,
    the best example to me would be the community manager position description at posted a while ago, fun and precise. It makes you feel like you’re already sitting behind the desk…

  • For Carol – I posted on salary not so long ago. I see that it has been a popular post.

  • Just sent you an email with some of the things I’ve done (not entirely inclusive…but a pretty good representation).

    Hi Anon,

    “What is this American obsession with the MBA? It’s hardly the most useful qualification around.”

    Don’t worry…not all of us have one;-)

  • Carol

    Thanks so much Connie – extremely useful.

  • Seth Godin posted a Squidoo lens on this topic.

  • Here is ours. It’s short, but we got some great responses and we found a wonderful person to work with us.

    We need people to spend time to help other new users use the product and supporting new groups.

    We are looking for two or three people to work three hours a day using our online application.

    Looking for people who are:

    * Friendly.
    * Fantastic creative written English.
    * Fun
    * Helpful
    * Confident on computers and using the Internet.
    * Interested in a broad range of topics.

    To apply please email jobs at

    P.S. This role was covered in Facibus’ Blog – Seth Godin and Tangler are after the same person…

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  • Hi Jeremiah,
    A most interesting thread . . .

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  • Community Editor: Build a new online community with DML
    Latest News

    MD’s Blog

    Either a useful insight, or a demonstration why we sorely need you?

    Community Reward £500

    A great suggestion has come in, that we should offer an introduction reward for whoever finds us our Community Editor. Thanks for that – how about £250 when the editor joins, and £250 when they pass their 3-month review?

    In 2009 DML will be creating some world firsts with new technology, new products and a new business model. We need someone who will lead the “Community” element. You will build this community starting with our existing customer base and dealer base. The job has 4 elements:-

    * Commissioning copy and mentoring contributors
    * Creating content, writing copy
    * Community, participating, moderating & “red-coating”
    * Strategy planning, implementing and reporting

    This is a challenging hands-on management role for someone to achieve something seriously innovative, it is for someone who has already produced results, and is not for the inexperienced or “pure theorists”
    The package is half time @£72K pro rata

    Package half time job £72K pro rata, (that’s £36K PA, for 2.5 days work per week). We are looking to hire by the end of Jan09.

    The community editor will be at the helm of a lively “business-process” orientated community, and have the opportunity to contribute to shaping its direction and development.

    * Internet communities within business
    * Familiarity with the features of leading web communities (the good precedents)
    * Experience of leading and moderating online communities a plus
    * Prior content commissioning and production experience (perhaps a journalistic background)
    * Experience of participating in online communities

    there is more on the page (sorry it’s so long)

  • itjobs55

    A most interesting thread.
    For more jobs visit

  • bilutza

    Community manager is a role that more companies will adopt in the coming years. Jeremiah Owyang provide a huge list of companies who have such a champion already, and more recently gave businesses a scorecard for whether startups should have a community manager. marire sani

  • bilutza

    Community manager is a role that more companies will adopt in the coming years. Jeremiah Owyang provide a huge list of companies who have such a champion already, and more recently gave businesses a scorecard for whether startups should have a community manager. marire sani