Answers are in: What’s the Future of Communications

A few days ago, Robert and I had a brain fart, we wanted to see if we could try to synchronize micromedia into a virtual event, after seeing how people were using these tools for emergencies (LA SD fires) it would be interesting to try use them in a collaborative effort.

On this wiki, you’ll find the instructions we gave the community to follow, it was pretty simple, you had to use micromedia and answer the following question: “What is the future of communications”.

For some, the answer was too broad, and for others they verged to other discussions, all were great, I read and listened to all of them so far. It was very appropriate timing given all the announcements that are happening on the websphere and from being at the Nokia event. I’ll summarize some of the responses:

What is the future of communication?

GeoPerdis: It’s Simple (really great poetic riff, a must listen)
Mark: Power has shifted
Mukund: Universal inbox
Jeff: Influence through collaboration, virtual friends, mutual sharing.
Erica: We’ll ever more connected and never more alone at the same time.
Randy: Easy!
Sheila: In person!
Myself: Faster, Smaller, Mobile, Short, and Distributed
Scoble: It’s cell phones (MP3)

Many more: About 30 responses total on the wiki (10 would have been success)

Oh, and some of the links didn’t work on the wiki, you need to select a drop down to “URL” not a new page on the wiki.

If you’ve a comment, response, or want to get involved, leave a comment, this is truly an open and global conversation.

  • My accomplishment was to use the new micromedia – you wanted something profound in addition?! 🙂

    Hey – the Comm Mgr of Wetpaint (wiki whiteboard app on FB) says I won an iPhone. THAT’s what my topic was. So if that iPhone shows up in my mailbox then that IS my ‘future of communications’. But will AT&T activate it here? Any bets?

  • Jeremiah – I’m bummed I missed this. Very cool idea! Btw, did you catch any of the microblogging from yesterday’s “Is Twitter Useful for business?” I’m putting the archive up tonight on FB. It was an interesting experience.

  • Connie, there’s always next time!

    Aaron, yup I saw that tweet but I still don’t know what conference that was.

  • DK

    My contribution:

    “The problem with communication …is the ILLUSION that it has been accomplished” —George Bernard Shaw

    Therefore, the future of communication is conversation.

  • Thanks DK, someone else said the communication doesn’t matter, it’s the message. Yet we’ve got to understand how the medium is changing before we can send any message (and hear one in return)

    Connie, BTW, you did a great job, and I hope to see you integrate these tools within your own community. Part of what we (and I) do on the blogosphere is testing so we can take it to practice and do it right.

  • @jowyang – sorry, the Twitter panel wasn’t from a conference. We did it online and promoted it through the Community 2.0 and Marketing 2.0 groups on FB. It was informal but informative.

  • thanks Jeremiah. My sister said I sounded too mellow & ‘calm’. Stay tuned for the real me. 🙂

    And yes, I’ll integrate it into my 3 communities. It’s a nice touch. Thanks for providing great examples! I have a Herd of friends already! 😀
    (and my Canon camera takes movies too. 🙂 ) I may give that a go too. WordPress & LiveWriter make integration easy.

  • Thanks very much for setting this up; I learned how to find the URL for a single tweet and how to play on a wiki.

    My cats heard several new, colorful curses as I learned about getting onto a wiki quickly, when others are writing to it. 🙂

  • Cool, too bad I didn’t run into this sooner… Love all the ideas people have about the future of communications. For me the future (hopefully) will be about ‘context’. I think this is a much overlooked issue. In digital communication we often think information is contextless, but it isn’t. Social media does bring in this context and hopefully it will bring in more in the future.

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  • Connie, there's always next time!

    Aaron, yup I saw that tweet but I still don't know what conference that was.