You have 5 minutes, what will you tell the world?

How is communication changing? Tell the world but be succinct

  • jax

    has the posts of late represent your new content focus?
    Is anything interesting or important now a paid service from Forester?
    I thinks you assume people care about drivel…we do not!

  • Jax


    1) I’ll respond to each of my last 5 posts. Yup, we’ve released a report on MicroBlogging (Peter Kim), this is an area of focus. The social networking digest? (That’s my market, my next two reports are on this topic). Budgeting for 2008? Clients ask those questions, so yes related. ” Social Graph for the Workplace: A discussion hosted by Visible Path” that was a client event, totally related.

    2) Yes, tons there are thousands of reports on the site, advisory for clients, workshops and consulting opportunities. email me at and I’ll put someone in touch with you.

    3) I’ll help you find related content to your job needs, send me an email, I promise I’ll respond professionally and promptly as possible.

  • Jeremiah, does YouTube video count as micromedia?


  • Yup, if it’s succint!

    The medium isn’t as important as your willingness to respect others’ time.

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  • DaveU

    Communication is no longer private. Every word may be cached, cataloged, and passed on to others, both now and in the future. Strive to make your future self proud.

  • DaveU that’s a good point, the past can come back and haunt.

    Take a look at my older posts, sheesh what a mess. It’s still good to remember. Note to future self: don’t work to hard!

  • It has been said that if we printed an infinite number of words and combinations of words, that all the great books of mankind would appear in the infinite pile. With major media going the way it is going, truth must come from the individual. Communication is becoming a great random noise from which we have to pick our truth from the pile.