It’s ok to laugh at yourself, and how blogs are self-therapy

When I do stupid things, one of the best ways to self-heal is to blog it and tell the whole world. Silly and ironic, it just feels right, besides, everyone makes mistakes.

Yesterday, some of my new colleagues and I were sharing embarrassing stories so I sent them these links, it’s a Friday and I’m finally going home to the bay area, it’s been a long trip, I logged a lot of miles (SF > Boston > Chicago > SF > Boston > SF) in the last three weeks. As you know I just returned from HK and Vancouver just a few days before all this.

Here’s three very embarrassing stories about me

  • My Embarrassing Scoble Powerpoint Incident in front of Hundreds of People: After reading this my new colleague Lucy covered her mouth in astonishment for quite a while after reading this, nice.
  • A victim of my own doing and how to be a dumbass in Facebook: Why my wife sent me an email with every word in all CAPS!!!1
  • Crises Management Template: Child Relations for Social Networks (Facebook): Some PR agencies create pre-made crisis templates, I created this one for my friend Jennifer Jones, her son was abhorred when she requested he be her Facebook friend a few months ago.
  • For some reason, after publishing these events, it somehow felt better, perhaps this is why PostSecret is the 14th most linked to blog. Fortunately, I haven’t done anything really stupid, but as soon as I do, I’ll let you know. This post is set on timer, I’m flying over the rockies right about now.

    You have some stories to share? Let go and leave a comment below, feel free to be anonymous if that makes you feel safer.