EMC hosts web community; Boston comes alive

If you attended the event, please tag your posts and photos with Bloggerdinnerbostonoct07 (just link to that Technorati page)

Last night was the much anticipated Web/Blogger/Social Media/Live Web community dinner, (see guest list of about 100 attendees) the energy was high. Len Devanna of EMC volunteered to be the sponsor and did a fantastic job of hosting and organizing the event. A company whose brand is built on information recognizes the importance of how this ‘unstructured web data’ impacts storage, networking, brands, management, and knowledge can change traditional information. I have a long history of watching EMC from the sidelines, it was great to meet folks face to face.

The room was buzzing with bloggers, podcasters, videobloggers, marketers, inventors, entrepreneurs, students from MIT, and even internet uncle Doc Searls came forward to meet and greet.

I had so many fantastic conversations, and finally met some of the EMC bloggers (or employees who work at EMC and happen to blog, as one business card states) and had a quick conversation with social media practitioner and thought leader Beth Kanter. My new friend, and future co-speaker Chris Brogan was present, he’s one of the kindest souls in the industry. Who came the farthest? Mark, also known as Storagezilla, flew in from Ireland for this event.

What really helped Boston come alive? Local team Red Sox wins 7-1.

I found a quiet corner and video interviewed at least half a dozen folks, you’ll see these appear over the coming weeks. Below you’ll get a sense for the event, see all photos tagged bloggerdinnerbostonoct07, feel free to tag the photos of people you know.

Picture 1076Picture 1105Picture 1087Picture 1091Picture 1093Picture 1094Picture 1095Jeremiah Owyang, Emmit HigdonPicture 1099Picture 1104Picture 1111Picture 1109Picture 1114Picture 1119Picture 1120Picture 1080

  • Thanks for doing this Jeremiah. Great event!

  • Looks like a great event, so disappointed I couldn’t make it! Was hoping the bouncers would let the under-21 set into the event, but I got stopped at the door. Oh well, maybe next time…

  • Wonderful to meet you Jeremiah. Your enthusiastic greeting sure made my night and set the stage for a great time.

  • Dan, I’m just the silly promoter, thanks to you and the EMC folks

    Jeff, sorry you couldn’t get it, sadly, alcoholic drinks has become a mainstay of most evening tech events.

    Laura, your energy is infectious, keep at it.

  • It was great to meet you! This event was terrific, and perfectly timed, as I think it got the crowd pretty psyched for Podcamp. Bravo.

  • Jeremiah,

    It was a pleasure to meet you last night! Thanks so for so much clarity on metrics, measurement, and outcomes. I love the photo you took of me with Steve Garfield!

  • So pissed that I got sick and couldn’t come. Had to live through the tweets and photos instead

  • C.C. – You were there in spirit… Alyssa and I were giving you a hard time in your absence. Feel better

  • Thanks for the fun event, it was well-worth the train ride up from Providence. Best wishes!

  • It was great to meet all of you, I’ll return soon, I’m sure.

    CC hope you feel better.

  • Gil Roberts

    it’s fantastic how quickly and wonderfully these come together and then live on so well after the fact!!!

  • Jeremiah,

    Great event. Thanks for co-hosting with EMC. I wanted to follow-up on our chat regarding the “PR Agency/Client Social Media Partnership” seminar we kicked around. Would love to chat more about that when you’re ready.

    Thanks again!


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  • Thanks for sharing this experience with us.Its such a nice event.I should be there on that day to meet all the wonderful persons.i really missed it.