Integrating MicroMedia into my life

(Left: Shel Israel at a Boston Ice Cream shop)

I think I won him over, as Shel is loving Twitter now, a form of MicroMedia. We’re both learning how to engage in these rapid conversations and learn by listening to the community consciousness.

I’ve been using Twitter more each week, it’s become a great way to communicate and learn about others. Why do I like Twitter but don’t use instant messaging? Because Twitter respects my time, I don’t have to respond to individuals if I don’t want to, and I can communicate to many people (over 1000 are following me) at any given time.

I’ve really started to incorporate this tool into my communication mix, at the Consumer Forum last week we used Twitter to let folks know about the live streaming of the keynotes, as well as blow by blow updates of juicy “nuggets” we heard from presenters. Other business uses? Allen Stern suggests that the API could be used to develop robust search engines, I agree, this information is valuable, we need to be able to find it and access it quickly. Thinking to the future, it’s possible Twitter could be come the platform for mobile communications, rather than relying on existing text messaging systems.

I’ve got to agree with Shel, one of the greatest uses of the tool was when he happened to find out we were both in Boston and we were able to meet up for dinner. It’s ironic, that someone who lives so close to me in the bay area is so difficult to meet up with, so we do it on the road. We’ll be sharing the stage at a few upcoming events, so stay tuned for those,.

Still not sure what Twitter is? It’s a chat room, but if you want to get advanced, read this Web Strategy document on Twitter, What the Web Strategist should know about Twitter.

My biggest grievance with Twitter? Although the team has made a recent update, the technology still seems a bit buggy, for example, last week, I received dozens of bogus emails.

If you wanted to add me as your Twtter follower, I’ll add you back.

Update: Marshall Kirkpatrick doesn’t care if you laugh at Twitter, as it’s paying his rent, so there!.