Video: Sanctuary for All, A Hi-Def Sci-Fi series exclusively for the web

In the above video, I spend a few minutes with Damien Kindler, the CEO of Stage 3 Media, the creators of Sanctuary.

Last week at Vancouver’s VidFest, there was a special screening of Sanctuary, an all digital webisode series filmed and produced exclusively for the web. I met up with Damien, the CEO of the project, (and met some of the actors, many who have ties to the Stargate series) to talk about this web native film series.

The series was filmed in hi definition, although I noticed some of the episodes are also on YouTube.

The series was filmed on green screen, and like other films and tv shows, we’re starting to imagine ways where the audience can be part of the experience through virtual worlds, and even social networks.

Sanctuary is a Sci-Fi/Fantasy series that has hints of Xmen, Buffy, SinCity and other vampire hunter series. I suggested that when they get a chance, to swing down and do a showing for the digerati in SF or Silicon Valley, hopefully they’ll get the opportunity.