Socialism doesn’t work…we still make authority lists

It’s amazing, the internet is a tool that can free the world, spread democracy, the wishful thinking of communism and socialism, yet we still return to our human instincts to create hierarchies –against our better judgment.

We create lists “A-Lists” and point to leaders, who in turn get other information (under embargo) yet shifting the power of media from traditional to the new influencers.

Despite the nobility of such idealistic causes, I’ll just go along with it, since I’m guiltier than most. Transparency: I’m guilty at bragging too, I’ve worked hard, and it want it to be known… how human of me.

To prove my point, recently, there’s been a few lists created of bloggers, last year, it was for the overall blogosphere:

  • Technorati’s Top 100 blogs
  • This week, Techmeme, released a list of top websites and blogs (noticed I used “and”) in the tech industry. Please note that many of the top “blogs” are actually web magazines with multiple authors, editorial policy, agenda and calendar, here’s the list:

  • Techmeme’s Leaderboard
  • We continue to segment, as the power 150 releases the top Marketing Blogs:

  • The Power 150
  • Ad Age follows suit, with similar results:

  • Ad Age top Blogs
  • And now, the top Analyst blogs are released. Nathan notices that one firm is dominating the space. It’s interesting to note that most of the top blogs are from Forrester, which was highly factored into my decision for joining this team. The other analyst firms lock up their bloggers for clients to read only. I met the CEO today, he embraces this new world and supports the intimacy that these tools can bring between Analysts and Customers.

    Here’s the the top 100 Analyst blogs (using similar methodology):

  • Top 100 Analyst Blogs
  • To further the whole numbers thing, I just completed a “Social Media Scorecard” around the entire Web Strategy Brand. I’ve documented the brand on the various tools that I’m using, you can check it out here. It’s during a milestone period of my life as I transition to a new role. Sorry to disappoint for all the cavalier self-importance here, but I’m not the only one doing it.

    Update: Humorous commentary about Gabe Rivera, the creator of TechMeme, of course, seen from his own site, techmeme.