Photoblog: Macau undergoes radical transition

Today, I took the ferry from Hong Kong to Macau, and spent a few hours taking photos –one of my favorite pastimes.

The new, looming over the old

Picture 780
Macau/Hong Kong Ferry

Picture 869
Portuegese/Chinese Garden

Unsung heroes

Picture 858

The individual

Picture 797
Tower of Macau

Picture 981
Ready for growth

Picture 928
Lunch break

Picture 991
The prideful duck

Lots of Casinos being built
The birth of many casinos

Picture 950

Picture 943

Picture 832
Macau’s Venetian Hotel: Vegas copies Venice, Macau copies Vegas

Picture 971
The climb

Picture 926

Symbols in the sky

Picture 903

Picture 790
Pedicab offers green transportation

Picture 885
Beverly Plaza

Picture 893
Macau’s famous tiled streets

Picture 919
Golden Tower

This post has nothing to do with web strategy, but I’m on vacation until Oct 1st. Today, I did one of my favorite activities: exploring and photographing a foreign city.

Macau is radically transitioning, there are construction cranes on every corner, it’s aiming to be the next Las Vegas (The Venetian is just like the one in Vegas), with the amount of casinos being built (over a dozen, I’m told) it will certainly be a major destination for global travelers.

Macau is one hour west of Hong Kong via hydrofoil, you can walk most of the island by foot (I walked at least for 6 hours), and only took a taxi twice –to change islands.

I use $300 dollar Canon camera, and some of the images get processed in photoshop, I have a shotgun type of photo strategy, I take a lot of photos, and a few turn out pretty decent. Storage is so cheap, that I’d rather take a lot of photos, and capture my experiences.

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Update: I found a summary article from NYT on Macau’s Vegas aspirations.