What’s in your bag: Web Strategist Edition

I don’t need a TV truck, radio station, or printing press to reach thousands of people, and neither do you.

The Mobile Media Platform
In my current role at PodTech, much of my job was to be out in the field where the people are, and use social media to demonstrate how PodTech could deliver to clients. The tactic? I was a walking media platform, and at any time, anywhere, I could publish text, video, audio, or pictures to thousands of people within minutes. I could break news, live stream events, live blog, twitter from my mobile phone, send emails to the influentials, kick start conversations or most importantly, just listen to the network.

Over my time at PodTech, I uploaded close to 8,000 pictures, hundreds of videos, over 1,000 blog posts, and did at least 2 weeks of live streaming. I surprised folks by my rapid ability to post session notes, pictures and even video within 30 minutes of a conference. I want to record how life has been over the last year as things change. See all my posts tagged event or conference to learn see the output (please note most was in real-time or within 12 hours of an event).

Here’s what’s in my bag(s)

In the spirit of the popular “whats in your bag” flickr meme, here’s my response.

What's in my backpack(click on picture to see notes in flickr)

Mobile Social Media Platform Inventory (Basic Kit)

  • Backpack: I just love this rugged and stylish backpack, it should be able to hold up to my abuse, with lots of utility.
  • Laptop: Thinkpad Lenovo T60 was issued to me
  • 3G Wireless card: Important, as public WiFi is unwieldy
  • Power charger: For Thinkpad
  • Power extension cord: (in black mesh bag) important at conferences where supply is limited, and a great way to meet new friends
  • Moleskine notepad and pen: This is how I stay organized, and it’s in an easy to grab bag with pen
  • Extra DVR tapes for video camera
  • Webcam: On loan from Ustream
  • USB Extension Cord: Critical for live streaming, as the cam often goes on a tripod
  • Digital Camera (not picture): SD700IS. While only $350, my photos are in the SJ Mercury
  • Camera case on backpack: see small black pouch on front lapel of backpack, strateically situated for rapid access
  • Camera spare battery
  • Camera USB Cable: The gray one
  • Camera Lens wipes
  • Wallet: Need money, store parking passes, BART tickets, and business cards (picture of wife too)
  • Business Cards: Both mine and new contacts
  • Expense Bag: I throw all my receipts from business trips in that bag and sort out later, a good way to start organized
  • Reading material (varies week to week): Super Crunches from friend David Berkowitz, and Social Computing Framework
  • Various personal items: Gum, energy bars, breath mints, and some strange bandaids and hand sanitizer that a conference organizer handed out
  • Camera Bag(click on picture to see notes in flickr)

    Mobile Media Platform Inventory (Show Kit)
    If I’m going to do interviews for the PodTech’s Web Strategy Show, I would bring this kit:

  • Camera Case: compact, and can fit inside of backpack
  • Camera Case: compact, and can fit inside of backpack
  • Camcorder: Sony camera (DVR) for interviews
  • Xacti: Backup camera, USB
  • Battery Charger: Important to have spare battery on hand
  • Line Charger for direct power
  • Extra Tapes: DVR
  • Remote Control: For when camera is on tripod (not tripod)
  • Sling: Extra tether for camera, if going mobile
  • Picture 835
    I have this phone on me, although outdated, it gives me access to the web, text messaging, with a powerful speakerphone. Why don’t I use a smartphone? Because I’m often in front of a computer.

    What will future tools look like? Many of these will consolidate and become smaller, hopefully without the cost of quality

    Alight, I’m tagging bloggers Robert Scoble, Mario Sundar, Chris Pirillo, Scott Squid, and Thomas Hawk to open up and show me what’s in their bags, give an inventory list, your strategy.

    • Do you really bring the Power extension cord? It’s my first time hearing about it! So how heavy is your battle gear? I guess more than 4kg?

    • Excellent post. After seeing the photo, with notes on flickr I was interested to see what this post would look like.

      I appreciate seeing what you carry. This gives me ideas of what I need to carry to be better prepared.

      Currently I have an older leather Tumi bag. I like it, but there is no way I would be able to carry all the gear that you have in yours. It might be time to upgrade bags.

    • Thomas,

      It all depends on your goals, for me, it was to be a ready-to-publish multi media platform.

    • Ryan

      Yes, the extension cords are light weight, not too bad. I’ve gone to many many events, it’s important to bring power.

      I’ve made many new friends that way, people will ask to plug into your power and I always let them. (there are 3 plugs on that one extension cord)

      Weight? I guess 7-12 pounds or so (as most laptops are 5), it’s not heavy, esp if you have the right bag. I’m in good health so it’s not a strain.

    • What?! No iPod? How do you drown out the sounds of crying babies in public places when you blog? 😉

    • Jeremiah, I guess you didn’t see my post earlier this month about my new Timbuk2 Hacker Bag http://laughingsquid.com/timbuk2-hacker-bag-the-ultimate-vertical-laptop-bag/

    • Michael

      I DO have an iPod, two for that matter. However they are usually in the cars.

      Scott, I saw that before, thanks for the reminder!

    • he he, just wait til you have kids!

    • I always love the “whats in your bag” posts. It’s been years since I’ve done one.

      Thanks for sharing, Jeremy.

    • Anton Chiang


      Great post. Have you checked out the new HD Xactis? I got the HD700 a while ago when Amazon had a ridiculously low price on them, and it serves triple duties as a still camera, video camera and webcam. SD cards are getting so cheap these days. They are a lot easier to carry around than mini DV tapes, and I don’t have to mess with capturing from tape. Just a thought..

      By the way I saw you present at the Web 2.0 conference, great stuff…


    • Yep! I was agreed, I'll keep in touch to your blog. This blog is so usefully, Thanks for the posted 😉

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