PodTech’s new Gaming Show: The Reboot by Rio Pesino

Damn Rio, you rock.

Rio sits on the other end of the floor from me, but his passion for gaming can be felt from all the way over to my side of the building. He’s launched his new show called “The Reboot” that’s about what’s happening in gaming. PodTech’s stepping up to building better content (we heard you, Andrew of Rocketboom) and here’s hopefully a very great looking show, that has useful information.

Which game do I want Rio to cover? Starcraft 2. I’ve been a big fan of real time strategy games (duh, it’s Strategy) but I don’t think my wife will let me buy it. At least if Rio covers the game, I’ll be able to experience it from a distance.

And yeah, we have a new studio at HQ, ask Robert for a tour.