Attention Hong Kong Web Community!

I’m coming out to Hong Kong for the week of Sept 16th -21st to speak at at the CLSA (CLSA is an award-winning brokerage, investment banking and private equity group in the Asia-Pacific Markets.) conference.

Are you a tech, marketing, or web fanatic that blogs? I’m hoping to connect with you, by organizing a blogger dinner, where we can all meet up. I’m interested in learning about you, your web projects, and or companies, and will doing blogging and video sharing with all my friends in Silicon Valley and beyond. I recently went to Singapore, and did the same, and built some great relationships.

If you’re a tech blogger and want to help me organize a meetup, please leave a comment. Last time, an organization decided to sponsor the drinks and dinner in Singapore. I organized another blogger dinner in Portland, and Jive Software and Intel hosted with their food, in their office and provided drinks.

Who else do I want to meet? If there are any governmental bodies that encourage web companies from the US to expand to HK, I’d love to meet them also. Just yesterday, I had a meeting with Singpaore’s iDA group.

If you’re interested, sign up on the wiki below, or email this post to friends. Oh, and if you want to learn more about me and my Chinese American background, it’s wrote some of the history on July 4th.

Sign up Wiki (register here by editing and adding your name)

Here’s the guest list so far
Angus Lau has offered to help, read his post!

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  • Jeremiah, Angus,
    count me in!
    we have a google group for HK bloggers:

  • I’ve created a wiki for people to sign up.

  • Thanks Angus!

    Everyone, go sign up on the wiki ok !

  • Would love to join but I need to know the exact date and time and see if I’ll be available.

  • Nice there are 10 folks signed up

    Vivien, I’m confirming dates soon!

  • Thanks Jeremiah. I’d really love to join!

  • Looking forward….hope I can join then.

  • Signed up, looking forward to meet you guys there.

  • This is great everyone, sign up on the wiki, and that’s where the info will be!

    (Thanks for leaving a comment here too)

  • Great stuff. I’ve signed up on the wiki too.

    I run a monthly industry event called, “Web Wednesday”, that now counts 140 or so members interested in all things internet.

    I haven’t checked but am sure that some of the members are fellow bloggers. The event is supported by a blog – – and an active group on Facebook (

    Our next event is this Webnesday and is held at the Bohemian Lounge, 3-5 Old Baily St, Central. Click here for more on FB –

    If you’re interested and could coordinate your trip with the last Wednesday of September (26th) we could make you the guest of honour?

    I also suggest you contact the people at the Asia Digital Marketing Assoc ( if you want to tap into their database.

  • I’d love to come, please include me, let’s exchange details as I get closer!

    I’d still like to have the blogger dinner be it’s own separate event.

  • Interesting Jeremiah, how about a next stop in Vietnam next year?

  • Jason, I’d love to (my buddy Steve Ming Yao works there, although he’s in SF for burning man right now)

    If you know of any web related conferences that are willing to have me speak, I find that’s a great way to extend a business and personal trip.

  • Dom

    Please email me if you can confirm the time & place, I will try my best to join.

  • I've created a wiki for people to sign up.