Plaxo hosts your important information…and Lunch 2.0

Picture 419

(Above: Joseph Smarr of Plaxo (and Lunch 2.0 lets’ me Check his Pulse, the theme at Plaxo’s Lunch 2.0, around 300 attended)

Lunch 2.0 was hosted at Plaxo, which has recently launched a new platform called ‘sync’ and a product called Pulse. What’s the need? Personal information from your ‘real’ network of family, colleagues, and friends you actually know have their contact information scattered about the web. Plaxo is offering a flavor of Personal Digital Aggregation that lets you or another user update their contact info and it cascades across all systems, including mobile.

Plaxo has evolved very quicly in the last few years, from fending off a nasty brand attack, acquiring hipcal, and now launching their latest platform, which has social networking components.

Many may not know how this new social network platform is different than many others (or why it’s compelling) so I’ll you respond via the comment section below. Read their post Oh geez, not ANOTHER social network…

Recently, colleague Robert did an interview of Plaxo’s latest platform, check it out to learn more about Plaxo being the Switzerland of social networking.

Below are some pics I snapped during today’s lunch, yeah they have a lot of toys and provided a LOT of great food and drink. There was a (two) DJs, lights, drinks, and lots of games and toys, see pics:

Picture 376Picture 375Picture 446Picture 460Picture 458Picture 455Picture 452Picture 457Picture 439Picture 437Picture 440Picture 442Picture 401Picture 405Dessert BarPicture 412

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, Joseph is alive, he’s pulse is quite fine.

  • Jeremiah,

    Good to finally meet you in person today.

  • Too bad we didn’t get longer to talk, next time for sure!

  • Hope to catch up with you next time bud, looks like I missed ya.

  • Great post, Jeremiah! Thanks for coming by and for documenting the event. 😉 js

  • It seems Plaxo Pulse fills a niche, because we all belong to too many social networks and read too many blogs. It’s nice to see some organization for the chaos.

  • Looks like Pulse addresses the problem of privacy by letting you control which elements you want to share with which groups on Pulse. No more worries from adding family members!

  • There were TWO djs:

    DJ Trevor (black beret)
    DJ Hong (red sox cap)

    both gainfully employeed by Plaxo. 🙂

  • Hong

    Right, sorry, I fixed the post. I must also add they were great crowd pumpers and dancers, they must be in marketing.


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