Does the internet make the planet a better place? How much damage am I causing?

Should we be paying more attention to the damage that server farms, mechanized waste, and pollution that is cause from the internet?

There’s a lot of hype around the technology industry getting green, in fact I even put together a list of resources that can make your website green.

Former colleague, Angela Miller was an IT Strategist (yup, a Web Strategist) at Hitachi, she was on the technical side delivering against my business requirements for our websites. We acted like a team, and sometimes not, as you know how politics can impact programs. Either way, I’m glad to see her sharing about her passions for ecology and the environment.

Angela’s no fair-weather, jane come lately, Green Tech bandwagoner, she’s expressed to me several times this was her passion long before it became ‘hot’ for marketers to attach their brand to it.

So check out her blog, as she explores if IT can really be green, or Green Computing hits the big time: Google’s Climate Savers Initiative, or just learning the basics of Green Tech.

What’s next? I hope she starts an audio podcast to help educate us on how we can both deliver solutions using technology, and thinking long term. Welcome Angela to the blogosphere.

  • I host my newest blog with Dreamhost, which is a carbon neutral company, so I guess I’m on the right track. But, you (and those you’ve linked to) are right, there are a lot of other issues regarding IT and the environment that few people tend to think of, because it all happens behind the scenes.

    Whether intentionally or not, for most people, this stuff is “out of sight, out of mind.” Bringing it to people’s attention is the first step to making a change.

  • Thanks for putting the word out Jeremiah. Adam – you are right, most people don’t think too much about this stuff. But anyone from a single person in a home office to a large multi-national corporation can make small changes that have large impacts.

    The problem is weeding through the information to know what is a good change and what is pure salesmanship.

    Hopefully over time I’ll have some things to say that interest the community and give you some ideas to implement personally or professionally.

  • Angela, thanks for answering.

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  • Angela, thanks for answering.