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What to look for in a Search Engine Optimization Company


The following is live blogging while listening to the the Best Promo Show radio show.

John Meloche and Jim Turner on a live Talk Radio Show deidicated to Marketing and Making Money on the Internet it’s called The Best Promo Sohw

They’ve giving a series of questions to ask an SEO you plan to hire, be a savvy and armed consumer and know what to look for.

Question to ask SEOs during interview process:

How long have you been in business?If someone tells you they’ve been doing it for 10 years, likely it didn’t exist then. So they may be a fraud

What is your background? Do you have a background in marketing or sales?

Do you have long terms clients? Are they satisfied? Ask them to prove it with case studies and references, and even tried keyword searches

What made your competition get the first seaerch results, what made them get the top search results?

What’s a realistic traffic uptake I can expect? Ask them to provide a breakdown of previous keywords and projected ones in the future.

Finding a good SEO
A good test is to find an SEO that comes up top when you type SEO. Duh!

Getting banned, not good
Tip: Getting banned is horrible for your domain, and you may want to consider shutting it down. Getting into the sandbox is not so bad.

Pricing SEO, what are market prices?
It varies on keywords that you’re aiming for

What really matters?
Organic is what matters, content is king

Great show, great resource

Web Strategy Reading: July 30th, 2007


What I’ve been reading, I recommend you read up.

Budgets: 2008 is year of Corporate Social Media
Over 90% of marketing departments are planning to incorporate a social media campaign.

Online Video: 57% of internet users have watched videos online and most of them share what they find with others

Numbers and traffic of the top social voting and tagging sites
If you’re going to be submitting content to these sites, and only have limited time, here’s the ones that matter the most.

Top down and Bottom up creation

Twitter is the voice of the planet, see it visualized on this 3D globe

Interactive Marketing: Kraft launches U Starvin campaign
Has elements of the will it blend campaign.

The Blog Business Summit launched a Facebook campaign
It was very successful, read about how they got the 43% return, great job

Events this week


I’m asked frequently by friends, clients, and others to invite them to events, perhaps the easiest way is for me to just publish them here on my blog. I recommend using as the best way to find out what events are going on, and more importantly, find out which one of your trusted friends are attending:

Tonight is a blogger dinner with Hugh and Loic in SF, I probally will not make it

Tuesday Mr Brown is going to swing by, he’s the top podcaster and blogger in Singapore.

Wednesday I’m going to be interviewed on a Hawaiian radio station, more news on that to come, Then Lunch 2.0 at Facebook, I’ll be going early to avoid the horrendous lines, these events are getting really popular, Facebook will be sure to be a smash.

Thursday I need to send in my slides to the Marketing Profs. I’m going to be hosting a webinar with them on the topic of audio, video, and streaming for marketers in a few weeks.

Friday? Dunno, go check

The term “MicroMedia” takes hold


Yesterday I tried to define what tools like Kyte, 3Jam, Facebook Video, and Twittergrams are. They’re bite sized versions of media, and often have mobile and social media hooks. Read about MicroMedia.

There’s been some discussion since that, Robert Scoble wrote a blog post on it, and then created a MicroMedia video in Facebook (you’ll have to be his friend to see it) with over a dozen comments. There was discussion on the need to create such a term in Twitter, It then evolved into StoryBlogging, which is a great theme that demonstrates the benefits of such media. Lastly, I wake up this morning to see it’s translated and discussed in Danish.

Global spread in just 24 hours of an idea, that’s the power of social media. Below you’ll see that Kyte gets ‘community’ and is keeping track of their brand on their comprehensive news page. They’ve even used my text as a quote. smart and savvy.

Community Events for Startups (low cost, effective, and fun)


(Left: Ning hosts a community event called Lunch 2.0 in their Palo Alto office, hundreds showed up for the cost of sandwiches)

This post is a supplement to Alex’s great piece a Adaptive Blue.

He wrote a great piece on how to be select strategic conferences for the startup to hit, read his piece on Conference Tips for Startups: Where to go and what to do once you get there. In addition to using those those conferences as a ‘direct attack’ also consider other tactics. Ever hear of guerrilla marketing? community marketing? or networking events? Those should be part of your event strategy too.

I’d also recommend that startups consider joining many of the local user groups in Silicon Valley, see this list of over 16 user groups. There’s an endless opportunity pool for meeting folks that will be your customers, your evangelists, partners, and even employees.
Many of these events are free of admission, or very low cost, so it’s an effective way to get the word out. Cash strapped startups may not have the ability to sponsor 5-20k conferences, so joining one’s community is strategic.

[The savvy startup knows their event strategy will include low cost community events in addition to big buck conferences, they’ll use both in tandem]

I’m the official Food Strategist for Lunch 2.0, a roving community event that startups and companies can host. In summary, it’s a way for you to host folks over to your place (like an open house) and meet the web community. If you want to host your own, send me an email (see top right) and read this: How to have a successful community event, like Lunch 2.0.

If you’re really wanting to connect with the most vocal, many startups attended this year’s BlogHaus event we held at CES at Las Vegas. Over 600 bloggers, podcasters, and videobloggeres attended. The cost? Free!. As long as you were a media creator. Not sure what BlogHaus was? Well don’t ask me, see this list.

So, before you drop big dollars on conferences, don’t forget that part of your strategy is to be involved I the community around you.

Who am I? I’m an event, conference, and tech junkie, view all my posts labeled events or conference. I’ve also organized large (250) and very small events for the technology industry on limited budgets.