Top 10 Viral Video Advertisements

Viral videos, the craze of internet advertisers and online media groups. If any agency ever promises you they can deliver this, they’re lying to you, as the elements need to be just right.

I’m a big believer in community marketing as opposed to ‘viral marketing’ I’d rather build a thriving communigy of customers, users, partners, and employees than risk all my resources on the potential to get a one hit wonder.

In any case, here’s a great list of the top 10 viral videos. I’ve embedded them below for your ease.

“This clip is one of the all time greatest virals ever, with more than 50 million views globally. Featuring world famous soccer star Ronaldinho hitting the crossbar no less than four times, without the ball touching the floor”

“Kylie Minogue rides a velvet bucking bronco wearing nothing but lingerie from Agent Provocateur.”

“A John West employee fights a grizzly bear off to land a fish”

“How to go surf in a country without waves: a group of young men throw a bundle of dynamite into an urban lake. Whether the clip was real or not was never really discovered, a factor that itself garnered attention.”

“The Carlton Draught Big Ad is an award-winning advertisement for Carlton Draught created by George Patterson and Partners (Young & Rubicam) of Melbourne, which used viral marketing techniques before being released on television.”

“In 2003, to launch Trojan Condoms in the United Kingdom, the “official” web site for the so-called “Trojan Games” was created with several clips by UK-based The Viral Factory.”

“Already a classic, even though it is one of the newest campaigns in this selection. Ogilvy & Mather, Toronto, used time-lapse photography to show the transformation of an normal woman into a glamorous billboard model using beauty stylists and Photoshop enhancements. The clip was released under the slogan ‘No wonder our perception of real beauty is distorted’.”

“A viral video campaign featuring a language difficulty in a European coastguard station.”DIET COKE & MENTOS BY EEPYBIRD.COM
“This campaign was never planned, neither by The Coca Cola Company nor Mentos. It started out as an experiment by Eepybird with a video showing two men adding Mentos tablets to a Diet coke. Watch to see the results. Several videos resulted, which makes it difficult to estimate exactly how many views the campaign has generated so far. But a qualified guess would be more than 50 million in total, including both the original and all the user generated videos.”

“The best virals usually lead to massive attention and, in some cases, controversy and outrage. This is exactly what happened to Mark Ecko. Having started several enterprises around the hip/hop, skater and style scene, Ecko decided to create a ideological statement on the First Amendment. He filmed a session of himself ”tagging” Air Force One and used the following hype to explain why. Did he really spray grafitti on the President’s jet? Judge for yourself by following the link below.”

  • dMix

    Interesting post, the entire dove marketing campaigned was classic

    sorry to break the mystery on the last one so quickly but theres a link on the site to the legal section, judge for yourself :D

  • migger

    The ‘dynamite in the lake’ commercial is a fake. Its supposed to take place in Denmark in the center of Copenhagen, but the event never happened – thank god.

    It did stir up som commotion and got a lot of attention – gj by the people behind the film.

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  • C.C. Chapman

    I couldn’t agree with you more!!! I hadn’t seen a few of these so it made for some great viewing.

    Anytime someone tells me they want to “make a viral video” I just want to slap them and let them know they are missing the point completely!

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  • mike mcallen

    Thanks for this. That Nike Video is amazing. Have you received a raise yet?

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  • Katie

    Is the Nike ad also a fake? I could see them doing something in After Effects and releasing it on the web. It’s no less impressive … just a different kind of impressive.

  • chris

    why isn’t “guy catches glasses with face” up here? IMO ray ban is soo awesome for doing that. it is my favorite

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  • Mark Lewis

    Whats it take to get your video talked about? How do you make a viral video? What are the triggers that can have your video passed on by mouse advertising?

  • Lightning Bug

    Interesting, a real cross section of ads. It just goes to show that you can’t simplify things to the extent you’re told.

  • caroline hobkinson
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  • Soultravelers3

    I am surprised that you did not mention the “Where the hell is Matt” videos. His first one he did on his own, but the really big hits were the two that were sponsored by Stride gum ( when they got more professionally marketed and got lots of help from Youtube like getting featured long term on the day they came out and tons of press).

    It’s had over 20 million views, so might hold a record.

    Our very first video went viral with almost a million views in a very short span of time. Considering we did not do anything but make it ourselves and put it up on Youtube it was quite a shock when most Youtube videos get about 10 views ( no matter how well done).

    I am really glad that Dove is using that classic as I have it on our website and ( as a former model) think EVERY young girl should see it and know it well!

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  • lovekills_s

    Hmm Seems good enough, But The World’s Best 10 Viral Marketing Campaigns have been sorted out again through a poll and survey, check right here:

    We’ve a few vidoes in common, but this one is revised!

  • Jonathan Shambarger

    Great Video selection. The only one I would have added would have to be “The Bionic Burger” and maybe “Will it Blend?”. Otherwise I was really Impressed with the line up. This truly is the way of advertising online in the future for the successful campaigns. I talk a lot about this stuff on my website
    I’d really like to see more top Viral Videos as they come out!


  • Viral Lingerie

    The Agent Provocateur video is a classic. Loved the QuickSilvier video. Unfortunately, it seems, like most means of advertising, viral videos have lost their novelty appeal as they become a mainsteam means of reaching people.

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