Steve Rubel evolves his strategy to MicroMedia

Steve Rubel and I exchanged emails early this morning. I asked him for his thought on how MicroMedia was taking hold. If you remember, Rubel was one of the fanatics of Twitter when it first hit the scene.

What’s really intersting is that Steve is modyfing the strategy on his blog, he’s going to be changing his strategy to accomdiate how media is evolving (well at least this month).

Here’s how Steve is evolving:

“So, net net, what does this mean? Well, by posting less on Micro Persuasion I actually am able to give you more. I am freed of the need to write here daily. This means when I do post on this site it is more substantive and meaningful and it incorporates my learnings from the conversations I have had elsewhere.

Further, micro blogging – especially because it is mobile – makes it easy for me to converse with a good number of you in real-time. This fits perfectly into a busy schedule where many days I use my iPhone more than I do a computer. It also flows with our growing need as a society for all that is brief.”

I, on the other hand, will not be changing my strategy on this blog, but will continue to make this my primary platform and continue to grow out those other tools.

Let’s hear from you, will you be changing your media, blog, or web strategy as things move faster, smaller, and more mobile?

  • Very interesting…and Yes the way people blog definitely affects what I read on my mobile device. I don’t have an iphone nor do I use a blackberry, so I’m limited as to how much content I really can see. Since I’ve been using my mobile device a lot now, its definitely a good thing to keep in mind.

    Perhaps feedburner can offer two different types of feeds (one regular and one for mobile devices)? Or perhaps you might consider summarizing your blog post first then provide the full content? This will let your readers know right away if your blog post is relevant to them before they scroll down millions of times.

    Micro blogging…blogging for specific members of your audience–now its not just about what you say its also about HOW you say it.

    I’m sure the battle between how much and how little to blog will always be there, but at some point there has to be some sort of overlap.


  • I can understand both strategies (or rather ways to work your blog) but I think bloggers shouldn’t have to change their blogging, rather there should be a way to bring the content into the right format for mobile distribution.

    It’s like the “mobile web” with it’s wap pages which are now technically unnecessary but have a great benefit because the are formated well for mobile devices.

    As for how much or how little to blog: how little can you blog so that your blog still has enough qualified content?

  • Chris, interesting concept. Maybe a good post title should summarize for mobile reading.

    Dennis E. It’s not all consumed on mobile, I still use my browser 95% of the time on my laptop.

  • Jeremiah, you really need to learn to research. Rubel was late to Twitter, and glommed onto it because of others. He’s not an early adopter, but a bandwagoner.

    And, you have to really ask if the strategy change is because of his choice, or others.

    Stop over thinking this shit – what value is there? Jump in, go early, and then see what it does for work / corporations.

    But, then again, that doesn’t seem to do much for individuals.

  • Jeremiah, I’m just saying that if you want to make your blog accesible for the mobile world you’ll have to get some other site- oder feed-format running cause it’s a pain scrolling normal blogs on a mobile device 😉

  • Jeremy, you’re funny. I jump in all the time, this is my analysis.

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