Online data storage is a feature

Mashable has finally a large list of online data storage but completely misses the most well known vendor Amazon’s S3. Hello? Anyone there?

I’m watching this service utility space online data storage, from my roots at Hitachi, where I was on point to watch this market. In the past, I said that online data storage is like ‘free checking’ an add-on that a website can offer as a secondary feature.

I spoke with some of the guys from, at the Techcrunch party, they’ve already created APIs and ways for the content to be easily uploaded, such as excel or photoshop files. Who needs a C drive anyways?

With there being over 80 folks in the ‘mostly free’ ODS space, we’ve got to agree that data storage is a feature of a website. There’s a lot of opportunities with having data in the cloud, for one, we can get intelligence for better online marketing, scary, but it’s going to happen.

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  • I like the concept of ‘data in the cloud’ because now you have ubiquitous access, but I still see a couple of problems with this system:
    – Internet is available everywhere, how do you access your data without being online?
    – What is the security model going to be, are these companies offering online storage so they can crawl and index my data like Google?
    I think these are 2 pretty serious obstacles that need to be overcome before these systems take off.

  • Thomas

    Good to hear from you, always! I guess that folks would also have a small local drive (most phones do) and that it’s expected most humans will be connected online. Scary for emergencies.

    It’s expected Google is going to crawl data you let them have access to. They and others will be providing contextual marketing to you BY LOCATION.

    “Hey Thomas, that band that you love? Well their T-shirt is on sale around the corner, it will match those jeans you bought last week”