PhotoBlog: Silicon Valley elite swarms to the Techcrunch 9 Party

Techcrunch 9 at August Capital

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Many of the tech elite swarmed at this social and product demo in the epicenter of Silicon Valley. Yes, it’s another Techcrunch party (I’ve been to a handful of others). The event was live streamed by Ustream, Justin TV, and video blogging service Kyte was there. There were hundreds of digital cameras taking pictures, a handful of videobloggers, podcasters, and bloggers. I’m going to go to pictures (I only have a small $300 Canon) which to me tells a better story.

Look for other photos from Dan Farber, Thomas Hawk, Lane Hartwell, Scott Beale.

Social observation by Thor: It was interesting to see how folks would look at nametags before folks faces, perhaps some criteria to determine if a conversation would be worthwhile? Imagine the party with no name tags, would that change the social dynamics?

Folks on the Ustream channel said “Thank god Jeremiah is not wearing the corporate blues”, lots of folks were wearing the traditional Silicon Valley Blue Shirt and Khakis. Allen Stern did a great job of writing down what he saw from the streaming video. Jeremy Wright was on the stream as well.

Update: TechCrunch has a wrap-up post.

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