How’d the blogger dinner go? Apparently, I don’t exist.

How’d the dinner go? Pretty well I’d guess, but read on.

I organized a blogger dinner for tonight. Sadly, out of pure idiocy, I did not attend. Why? I had my dates wrong. I’ve been on 6 planes in the last week, (as I had a layover) and I was just in a mad rush. Apparently, they had a better time without me. I encouraged them to take some videos, and have some fun (at my expense)

Who went?

Dennis McDonald: And old friend who we used to PodCast together, and we co-authored a white paper in early 06 about Web 2.0 for the Enterprise.
Jim Long: A media pioneer
Lee Aase: Who’s blogged about the dinner, and put up a picture.

Lee’s also got some session notes from the Frost and Sullivan conference, which is why we are here.

I’m sitting in my room at the Hilton in Alexandria Virginia, saw the Pentagon, White House, and Lincoln center on the drive over. Thunderstorms in Dallas got me hung up, it’s 2am EST. No worries, I sleep in odd segments anyways.

Below: Here’s what I get for missing the dinner I organized, I’ve now been reduced to an avatar.