Blog Business Summit Sept in Chicago (Save $100)

PodTech is proud to be a media sponsor of the Blog Business Summit

The Blog Business Summit is where I started my Social Media Career

Do you need to get training on the art and science of Business Blogging? While natural for some cultures, it’s incredibly foreign to others. I got my training in Summer 2005 at the Blog Business Summit in SF. I heard Robert Scoble, Shel Israel, DL Byron, Rebecca Blood, and many others present. The most notable? Dave Taylor gave a helpful primer that I took back to my company and deployed. A few months later, Rebecca Blood and Shel Israel came by my work to meet with me, they were impressed that we had deployed so quickly.

The Blog Business Summit (BBS) was great for me and they are continuing to educate and connect folks. PodTech is proud to be a media sponsor with the BBS, which means that we can encourage our community to go.

Maryam and Robert are both good friends with Steve, Teresa and the rest of the folks that work over at BBS, so were really like two close families.

If you’re interested in attending here’s the details:

Blog Business Summit Conference

Conference Website and Details
Sept 17-20th
Registration page
Discount code for $100: P57CHI