When a sage guides the young and naive

Shel’s been a fantastic mentor to me, espicially during my growth into this stage of my career.

In fact, he was one of the folks that taught me how to blog, whom I then taught the CTO of my company. His book, which he co-authored with my colleague, Naked Conversations, has an influence to me, I read every chapter, and blogged notes live. We had many dinners, meetings, and planning sessions (both casual and formal) and I was even able to hire him to do a workshop.

We’re still good friends, it’s amazing how well folks can get to know each other through the usage of blogs. Now we’re both involved in projects together, and we’re working like peers. Shel tells me he likes to guide the young, as he wants to pass on what he’s learned (he ran his own PR company in the valley for many years) and that’s part of the reason why he blogs.

While sometimes grumpy if he doesn’t get his food (partially not his fault), always honest (I learned silence can be a message) and frequently insightful (stories have meaning).

He’s told me that he’s been somewhat dreading the day when we would hit this milestone, but Giovanni told him this was the natural progression of a good influence on a young mind. Thanks Shel, you’ve been a great friend, and many more years to come will we both grow.