Portland Tech community comes together at Blogger Dinner: July 19th, 2007 (Thanks Jive and Intel)

Portland blogger dinner, July 19th Blogger Wall (Real world Wiki... Riki?)

Above: Click on image to see notes. I suggested that the community write on this wall, so we could keep track of who’s there, I guess it’s like a real world wiki, “riki”? Click on the image, and leave a ‘note’ so your site will be hyperlinked

The blogger dinner that I suggested would be a great community event turned out to be way past my expectations. I was expecting just 10 or so folks to want to go out to a restaurant and shoot the crap, but instead there were two corporate sponsors (who were about community) and over 50 people at a party with food, booze, cameras, videos, and live streaming. It was like a short conference.

Why do I organize blogger and community events? I’m not sure, but I think it’s part of my heritage as a community person.

The event was at Jive Software, who make a collaboration platform, and Intel, who Josh Bancroft headed up from the developer network. The food was fantastic, and there were a few very strong beers on hand and a Nintendo Wii.

The Jive folks have a great office, I’m jealous. Even Eric Rice from the bay area was watching us on Justin TV’s new Alpha Geek Channel. Stevie Nova has a write up, as well as Thomas the technical blogger (keep an eye on him, he’s doing interesting things) who interviewed me.

True or False: Portlanders don’t huddle?
In my previous visits to Portland, multiple people have told me that there’s very few tech events, despite the fact there’s a significant tech and web industry present in the area.

In the bay area, there’s 4 or more events every night. Here in Portland they don’t get together regularly. Why? The culture of Portland is very open source, organic and natural. One guest told me that it would be sort of frowned upon if one person tried to ‘force events’ in a subvert way.

I talked to four or more other P-Landers, and they suggested that notion was incorrect. That the general vibe in Portland is decentralized, and event planning can be ‘fragile’ as if a organizer can’t make it, then the whole event may not happen.

I’ve still not gotten to the bottom of this mystery, but it’s clear to me, there’s a thriving tech community, although decentralized, and they don’t all come together like in the bay area.

I find that pictures do the best job of telling community events, so here’s a few pictures I took. Want to see other events and conferences? Use the category tags to the right nav.

Picture 1073Kit waits for us.  "insta-date"Temple Glasses!Picture 1081Picture 1082Picture 1084Picture 1087Picture 1090Picture 1091Picture 1092Picture 1094Picture 1095Picture 1096Picture 1097Picture 1098Picture 1099Picture 1100Picture 1102Picture 1107Picture 1109Picture 1110Picture 1112Scoble, Josh Bancroft, Owyang